Is Your Favorite Beauty Brand a Supporter of Abortion Rights?

For nearly 50 years, women in America enjoyed a constitutional right for abortion care. It was 18,050 days. This summer, however, all that changed. Although we knew that the decision to reverse Roe v. Wade was imminent, Politico published a majority opinion draft that led to Roe v. Wade’s fall in May. However, this didn’t make it any less shocking for a large portion of the nation’s population. Eighty-five percent (85%) of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in certain circumstances or all situations.

We reached out to beauty brands and wellness companies to find out how they have responded to Roe’s ruling, which ended the Constitution’s right to privacy and bodily autonomy for approximately half of the country. Three questions were asked: Have you made any public statements? Do you donate to or support any reproductive health care organization? What, if any, plans do you have to support these organizations as a company with a majority of its customers being people who can get pregnant?

These questions were asked because we had to. The vast majority of Americans who use America’s $85 billion personal-care and beauty industry are women. Many beauty companies have fought for gender equality and women’s worth over the past decades. This has often been supported by powerful marketing campaigns. It is difficult to argue that Roe’s recent overturning by the Supreme Court does not directly contradict these values. According to research, 70% of consumers think companies should speak out against injustices. 86% of these consumers want brands to talk specifically about reproductive rights. In particular, the beauty industry has been vocal over the past two years about cultural and politically-motivated movements, including racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights.

We found that most of the biggest beauty companies have not made any public statements since the Dobbs decision on June 24 on the topic of reproductive rights. They also have not taken any action other than pledging support for their employees for out-of-state travel necessary to access healthcare. Some only made these statements internally.

About-Face Beauty

Halsey founded About-Face 2021 and wrote an essay for Vogue after the Roe reversal. He said that abortion “saved their lives.” In July, Halsey auctioned five original paintings to raise funds for the National Network of Abortion Funds. The brand also posted a statement on Instagram Stories following the reversal. It stated, in part: “This is an attack on bodily autonomy and will only encourage dangerous legislation, which will most impact vulnerable communities.” This slide and another that directs viewers towards reproductive health resources are now part of the GIVING highlight on Instagram.

Andalou Naturals

On Facebook, the brand supported abortion as “health care” and a “human right”. The post read: “We are proud of supporting the movement to preserve access to abortion in the country and support our people.” Representatives declined further comment.

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair published a statement on Instagram on June 13th that stated, in part: “As a brand built around empowering people, I believe everyone should be able to access the medical care they require, including safe abortions, without restrictions.” We support our peers in the industry against policies that restrict people’s autonomy and limit their ability to make personal health decisions.

Andrew Fitzsimons is a hairstylist who founded the brand. He is currently leading a beauty industry fundraiser to support Planned Parenthood.

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair has also created a landing page under the Social Giving tab. This page will provide information and resources to women who are pregnant and require safe access for abortion, especially for those living in states that have banned it. It also includes ways anyone can support reproductive health.


Beautyologie sent a statement. It stated that they were educating consumers on how women source ingredients for their beauty products from developing countries. They also deal with many injustices daily. However, we are aware of the serious injustices American female consumers are experiencing due to Roe v. Wade being overturned. We want our customers know that we don’t tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse or exploitation. The brand posted an Instagram message in support of the Bans Off Our Bodies walkout on July 13 to draw attention to the fight for abortion rights.

Beekman 1802

Although the brand did not make a public statement, it sent the following: “We recognize that this is a personal matter and views will differ across our employees (what we call customers), and want ensure we maintain an atmosphere of kindness and inclusion for our team. We will continue to review and improve our policies and benefits to ensure that our employees have access and support in the event of other issues.”

New York-based Schenectady company provides paid time off and travel assistance to employees who are unable to get care at home. Beekman 1802 informed that it had donated an undisclosed amount and products to Planned Parenthood. The fundraiser was organized by Elizabeth Denton, a beauty journalist, and Kelly Atterton. It raised over $50,000 for Planned Parenthood.

Benefit Cosmetics

After the ruling was announced, the brand issued a statement that stated, in part, “Many U.S. employees live in states that will directly be impacted by this ruling. They risk losing access to reproductive healthcare care.” Any Benefit employee who requires safe and legal access to health care in an area where their reproductive rights may be challenged will receive travel reimbursement.

Benefit Cosmetics also stated that it supports reproductive rights and shared ways to support those who are fighting for them. You can pin the original post to the top of the brand’s Instagram page. Since 2019, Benefit Cosmetics has donated more than $500,000 to Planned Parenthood.

Beyond Yoga

A public statement was made by the brand that stated, “Supporting women’s health and well-being has always been part of our brand mission.” It is crucial to protect reproductive rights, including access to abortion. Beyond Yoga will ensure that our employees have access to the best care no matter where they live. Beyond Yoga also donated $30,000 to the ACLU in support of its work to protect reproductive freedoms.


Billie made public a statement in May after the Supreme Court’s majority opinion draft was leaked. She stated that Billie has “celebrated” and “championed women’s right to make their own choices since day one.” The brand announced that it would donate $100,000 to the ACLU two days after the draft was published.

Black Girl Sunscreen

The brand shared a statement on Instagram on June 24 that partially stated, “We are deeply disillusioned and broken by the heartless decision of overturning Roe v Wade.” A woman should have complete autonomy over her body, and that shouldn’t be up for debate. The brand declined further comment.


The retailer declined to make a public statement, and instead shared a statement for Macy’s Inc. Macy’s Inc. stated that it had expanded its benefits program to reimburse travel expenses for employees who need medical care. This was in addition to the current medical coverage options. Macy’s Inc. also stated that it “will adhere to existing laws and legal standard.”

Caire Beauty

The brand said it supports women’s reproductive rights but has not made any public statements about Roe v. Wade. It also stated that it does not support any current reproductive rights organizations.


The brand donated 20% of net sales between June 30 and July 4, to Keep Our Clinics. This campaign funds independent abortion clinics in the country. It then shared its support on Instagram. A representative for the brand said that they will be closely monitoring how the Supreme Court ruling affects the nation as a whole, and would do their best to provide resources and funding (where feasible) to the most affected.


On June 24, the brand posted an Instagram statement stating that it believes that every person has the right to choose what is best for them and their future. A representative declined to comment further.


Parent company for brands such as CoverGirl and Kylie Cosmetics, Rimmel London and Sally Hansen.

New York City-based company has increased its employee health benefits in America. Employees who live in states that restrict access to abortion care are now eligible to receive reimbursement for transportation and accommodation up to $10,000 and time off. It was told by a representative that the company is currently evaluating which partnership would have the greatest impact on donating. Coty and none of its brands have made any public statements.


Credo posted a statement on Instagram, in which it pledged support for the right of choice. It was informed by the retailer that it is actively seeking out ways to provide resources for workers who have lost access to reproductive care. (Credo only has one Texas location where abortion is legal, unless it is absolutely necessary to save the mother’s life.)

Drunk Elephant

Shiseido America, Drunk Elephant’s parent, is looking to increase benefits for employees who need to travel or have to pay expenses for certain procedures. Although there is no specific date, Drunk Elephant employees will be eligible for such benefits as part of their company portfolio. Drunk Elephant has not yet made a public statement on Roe v. Wade, but referred Americas’ statement.

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