woman wearing black sweater holding hand with man wearing gray suit jacket

Is Pete Davidson Dating Kim Kardashian?

woman wearing black sweater holding hand with man wearing gray suit jacket

The internet is now settling down after the announcement of Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement to Travis Barker, but furore has erupted again when rumours surface that Kim Kardashian is in a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. Could this be true? Let’s find out.

The couple was photographed together on October 29 at Knott’s Scary Farm. This is a Buena park, California Halloween event. Barker and the aforementioned Kourtney Kourtney were also present at the spooky event. Davidson and Barker reportedly met through Machine Gun Kelly’s mutual friend Megan Fox.

Kravis has been on many viral double dates with Fox and MGK, and the celeb couple rarely hesitates to share PDA photos and other objectively bizarre proclamations of their love. (For example, the fact that MGK carries a vial of Fox blood around his neck. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson will be influenced by these love-struck couples.)

The source denied that the two were in a relationship and told, “They are friends so they will be together occasionally.” The pair are just friends who hang out.” But not so fast. There’s more.

Rumours grew when Kim Kardashian flew from her home in New York City to attend Pete Davidson’s annual Innovator Awards. According to Page Six Kardashian was in New York City to attend the annual Innovator Awards of WSJ magazine. She also noted that Davidson may be back in the city for work obligations. NYC is one the most well-known and populated cities in the country, so it’s likely that her visit was not related to Davidson. However, we will suspend disbelief because it’s more fun!

These rumors can be traced back earlier in October to when Kim Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL), where Davidson was a returning comedian. Kardashian and Davidson teamed up for a skit that mocked the Disney couple Jasmine & Aladdin. They ended the skit with a kiss. Many thought that they could make a cute couple in real-life.

The potential marriage of Davidson to Kardashian is now a hot topic. Nobody knows why. It just works. Davidson’s awkward demeanour is a perfect compliment to Kardashian’s meticulousness in curating her looks and photos. It has a tongue-in-cheek sense and humour. This is a significant departure from Kim K’s relationship to Kanye West, her ex-husband who is well-known for taking himself very seriously.

After getting engaged to Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson was first on our radar. Davidson was relatively new to the world’s consciousness and sparked a lot of adoration. Although the couple divorced in October 2018, they were immortalized in meme form thanks to a photo of Grande licking a lollipop while gazing lovingly at Davidson.

Both Davidson and Kardashian are now single. After seven years of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce with West in February. After a few months of being together, Phoebe Dynevor from Bridgerton and Davidson split in August. A fear-inducing rollercoaster ride is the best way to bring two singles together.

We can all agree that we would love to date Pete Davidson if given the opportunity. To all these rumors, Kimberly, please do what you want.

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