man lying on bed beside short-coated black dog

Is It Possible to Actually Buy Better Sleep?

man lying on bed beside short-coated black dog

Do you ever lie down at night and try to fall asleep? It is so difficult sometimes. In those instances, where counting sheep won’t work, you might be willing to give up all your cash in exchange for a quiet night of sleep. Even though it is not something you can buy, a full night of sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, the cost of obtaining it could be thousands.

The bedtime industry has grown to be multi-billion dollars. We retreat to safe, comfortable spaces as social media makes it easier to attain ultimate self-care. Our beds are adorned with Egyptian sheets, REM tracking devices and white-noise machine, as well as lavish candles. It is exhausting to try and get perfect sleep.

There is some value in the products being promoted to us through podcast ads, Instagram influencers, and colorful subway banners. In the hopes of selling better sleep, money is being spent on research into mattress technology, snore-solving devices, and ambient tracks (like Headspace’s “Cat Marina”). These are the most current sleep aids on the market today, along with their estimated costs.

Smart Snoring Solution

This device is intended for your partner and the benefit of your relationship. Nora is quieter than anti-snoring nose strips or anti-snoring neck straps. The wireless microphone is placed on the nightstand of the snorer. Nora uses an “Expander”, which is basically an inflatable pump and an inflatable device that goes underneath your pillow, to gently adjust your head. This will stimulate your neck and throat muscles, and open your airways. The device costs $329.00

The Snoozy Sleepcast

You can swap your nightly Netflix to something more mindful. Headspace, a popular meditation app has recently begun producing “sleepcasts,” nighttime audio series that promises to sweet-talk listeners into a peaceful sleep. Subscribe to an annual subscription and you’ll be able to fall asleep to soothing voices over soothing ambient sounds. This app offers more than just your standard campfire, rainforest, and waves at the beach sounds. However, it also includes those sounds. You can also choose from “Midnight Laundrette”, “Hummingbird Bungalow” or “Cat Marine”. The combination of purring, boat motors and cat sounds will inspire some amazing dreams. It costs $95.88 per year.

The Millennial-Friendly Mattress

Sweet sleep begins with a solid foundation. In the last few years, millennial-focused companies have revolutionized the mattress market. They have cut out the middleman and put mattresses in boxes, and have convinced a generation that cool mattresses are possible. Casper was not the first company to do this, but they are the one you will most likely remember.

Casper is a podcast or Instagram influencer that you may have heard of. Casper’s clever content marketing strategy has made them a cultural icon for comfort and sleep. Casper, like many direct-to-consumer brands of mattresses, sold only foam mattresses for a long time. They launched two new hybrid mattresses to meet customer demand. They combine the comfort of foam with the support and durability of steel coils. The mattress costs $1775.

The Personalized Pillow

Pluto uses the Gen X-savviness and creativity of Casper to create customized pillows. The startup will identify the best cushion for each customer by asking them to complete an online questionnaire. Susana Saeliu, founder, says that the startup’s proprietary model and pillow designs are more scientific and take a scientific approach to creating and personalizing pillows for customers based on their body stats, sleep patterns, and preferences. This algorithm is constantly improving with customer feedback and more orders. The prices start at $85.

The 25-Pound Blanket

Wrap a blanket around your body to feel the soft comfort of a cocoon. Deep touch pressure stimulation is achieved by the use of blankets weighing 10-20 lbs and being covered with fuzz. Your eyes will soon close when you have less stress. It’s much more difficult to reach for your phone if you have a ‘toddler’ on your back. The prices start at $200.

The Lulling Lamp

Casper made a quick jump from bed to bedside tables recently. Glow lights, which are described as “magical light for better sleeping,” dim slowly when it’s time to go to bed and then mimic the rising sun each morning. You can customize the bedtime/wake up ritual using an app companion. It can take between 15 minutes to hours. Instead of reaching for your phone every time you wake up at 3am, grab the Glow and gently shake it to activate a dimming light that adjusts to your bedroom’s brightness. It costs $140.

The Sleep Tracker

Your eight hours of sleep make you feel well rested for tomorrow. You wake up craving a large cup of coffee. Your body goes through three stages of sleep each night: light, deep, and REM. Fitbit’s tracker tracks your sleep quality using motion sensors. It costs $200.

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