person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

Naomi Elizee’s Telfar-Filled Closet

person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

“I like to say I’m the liaison between PR companies and stylists for shoots that I’m producing. Let’s suppose a stylist says, “Naomi! I want Chanel look number five.” It’s my job to give them that look, and to ensure that you can see clothes when you open the magazine. I am one of the editors that calls them in. Apart from that, my job includes keeping up to date with the latest trends and coming up with story ideas both for as well as for the magazine. We have to submit ideas after each season. Are we ready to take on this psychedelic print scenario? If it’s fall, would we like to do a huge puffer story? What will people wear to this event? I’m also building relationships not only with the PR people but with industry professionals, being constantly on the ground representing Vogue. I am currently trying to find a Worldnet for Sweden. It is hard work. It requires a lot logistics. It involves a lot moving things around. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it if you love what you do. It’s possible to make a significant impact on the lives of so many people, especially designers. It’s a very special thing.”

“I remember it was just a random moment like, two years ago, I was going up into the office, walking into the doors that used to have the big Vogue sign on the office doors. Just recently, I had an out-of-body experience that made me realize, Holy sh*t, my dream has become a reality. Vogue is my current home. This is something I have always wished for, but I never thought I would be able to make it happen. In my childhood bedroom, I had a large inspiration board. It has the Vogue masthead on it, which has been there since I was 13 years old. It was something I knew from the beginning that I wanted to achieve, but I got discouraged along the way. It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to find my way back and live the dream I had always imagined. Everyday I am so grateful.”

“It’s a wonderful space to share our struggles and show others that life is not always easy. It is hard work. You are constantly being discouraged and put down. It’s a great way to learn as much as possible from people who listen. It’s a great way for me to meet my peers and those I admire. It was an honor to have my first interview with, who is also one of my mentors. Her interview was so rich with information that I knew I wanted to do this job.

My mom is a boss woman. She would always put on her suit when she got ready for work. It was so clean and crisp. She would then get a little more creative on weekends. My father and she always went to a party. This would be the whole time. She would let me be part of the process of getting ready. This is what really got me interested in fashion. I used to grab Elle, Teen Vogue and Vogue magazines every time we went grocery shopping. She asked, “Do we really need $30 worth magazines?”  I was like, “Yes.”

Everyone has their struggles. Everybody is going through it. People will often approach me and say, “You’re doing so amazing work.” In my head, I reply, “I had a complete meltdown before I came here. I have social anxiety. But thank you so much.” It keeps it real.”

“I’ve curated a very hodge-podge, eclectic collection. Every day I wake up wanting to wear something new. My closet is a mix of all my style interests. It’s dependent on what day it is. Because I don’t want my style to be limited, I don’t like to limit myself to one style. Sometimes, I just want to get up in a classic, simple outfit. For example, an oversized black trouser with simple white tank. Some days I wake up thinking, “Actually, this is my goal. I love mixing colors. I like mixing patterns. People should look at me and say, “This girl looks like she’s a highlighter.” It’s all just random and ever-evolving.

My personality is reflected in my clothes. I wear the clothes and not vice versa. It’s fun for me to have fun with it. Fashion is an extremely serious industry but it’s also very fun. Sometimes, you have to have fun and let go. You can wear what you don’t like if someone else does. You still look good. It’s easy to wear and makes a big statement. You can also let your personality shine through. I recently purchased this Conner Ives gown. I love that I can wear it to work casually or for special events. Over the past four to five years, I have been able learn what I love and what I don’t like.

My boyfriend says, “You’re always shopping,” and I respond, “It’s market analysis.”

I love to nurture and just follow young designers’ careers. Edvin Thompson, Emma [Chopova], and Laura [Lowena Irons] are just a few of my favorite designers. There are many more, but these are my favorites. These are the ones I am most interested in shopping for. They have some truly unique and special pieces, so you can always get a great deal.

Most worn items:

“Definitely my Marni green striped cardigan, my Margiela cutout jeans–because they’re just so good and I wear them almost every day–and my Sies Marjan thong sandals. I have so many Telfar bags that I wear them all the time.”

“Three years ago, I was walking in Williamsburg back from a workout, and I noticed that there was this stoop sale–like a whole blow-out clear-out–and it was crazy designer stuff at a crazy discount. I thought, “What is the deal?” I was like, “Who owns this place?” They owned a grand piano. What’s the deal? These are the Celine and Phoebe Philo platforms I found that I am still obsessed with. They were less than $100, but it was my moment. It was also my stylist friend,’s place. We really got to know each other in that moment. It was a divine intervention. Everything worked out in my favor. It was amazing to find so many wonderful pieces. We formed an amazing bond because of the way she allowed me to visit her home and be able to talk to her. This was the moment I started my career in fashion. It sparked my curiosity in vintage pieces, and inspired me to start looking for them. It was that experience that sparked my current shopping obsession.

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