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Indie brands which have the best stud and hooped earrings for any outfit

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We love all kinds of jewellery but earrings are our favorite. They instantly make us feel “done” even when we are still in our pajamas. Scroll down to find a selection of bestseller earrings from The Drop. This marketplace allows you to shop from some of the best and most innovative small businesses in the UK.

Scroll down to find out which pairs will be on your ears next time that you go out for dinner, drinks, or head into the office.

Cartilage Cartel Illusion Double Huggies

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have every piercing in the world to be able to wear multiple earrings. It’s all about the appearances, just like that expensive silk shirt you love but is actually from high street. Cartilage Cartel’s Illusion Double Huggies are the answer.

This set is available in sterling silver or 18ct gold plat and features two hoops in one. One is a minimalist metal huggie hoop, while the other has a fraternal counterpart that’s studded in clear cubic zirconia crystals for a sparkling texture boost. This clever pair makes it easy to pierce your ears if you feel the party is getting a little empty.

Anouska Georgia London Earrings Hoops

Are you constantly searching for the right earrings that go with every outfit? You want something bold and unique, but with enough personality to elevate any stack. You would think it should be easy. The answer is in Anouska Georgia London’s gold-hooped hugsgies, which are approved by Sienna Miller. They literally have your name (or initial) all over them.

These handmade hoops, which are 24kt gold-plated, look great in your helix piercings. These huggies will make you a crowd pleaser next time that you are running behind on your outfit for a picnic or bottomless brunch.

Sandy Pearl hoops

Perhaps Simone Rocha’s London Fashion Week show inspired us. Whatever the reason, we know that pearls are back in fashion. This is where jewellery brand Sandy Pearl steps in. Maisie, a jewellery enthusiast, started to distract herself from pandemic-induced anxiety in 2021. She creates gorgeous pieces that are worthy of a Regency queen. These hoop earrings are a stylish take on elevated huggies, and use responsibly-collected freshwater pearls.

Saw and Pour jewellery noodle hoops

Make your gold hoops different. These playful hoops are 24-carat gold-plated and feature an inner metal squiggle that is reminiscent of ramen noodles. Or the double hump of a camel. Oder undulating ocean waves. They can be interpreted however you like.

Florence London little hearts earrings

You can have a custom-designed ear stack, or just one stud per lobe. But there is one thing that unites all of us: more options are better, especially when you get a 15% discount on the regular price. Enter: Florence London’s little hearts studs.

Each pair can be styled as elegantly as you wish, in a variety of finishes, including gold, silver, and rose gold. We’ll be buying a pair of these earrings for friends who love jewellery, and pairing them with handmade cards to show our appreciation.

The Notable Muse Frida earrings

This pair of chunky, 18-carat-gold-plated hoops is a great example of the texture jewellery trend. The Frida earrings are subtle enough to wear at work, but striking enough to make your friends ask about them.

Anouska Georgia London True Love Earrings

You thought heart motifs were only for Valentine’s Day? Think again. Anouska Georgia London’s True Love 24-carat-gold-plated earrings is a good example. These earrings are your favorite gold hoops, but with a minimalist, heart-shaped twist. Look no further if you are looking for a long-lasting love relationship.

November Gia teardrop hoop earrings

Statement jewellery doesn’t need to be loud. Consider November’s elongated teardrop earrings. For a subtle sculptural effect, each hoop is highly polished and has thick and thin dimensions. They are available in sterling silver and 18-carat gold plate.

For minimalist chic, wear it with a neutral turtleneck and loose-fitting shirt. Add a touch of bright lipstick to make it pop.

Cartilage Cartel bamboo hoop huggies

If your beloved gold huggies don’t bring you joy, it’s high time to make a change. House of Gucci has bamboo-inspired everything. Cartilage Cartel’s design is inspired by bamboo. It’s still gold, it’s a hoop, and this sterling silver 18k-gold-plated pair will brighten up any ear party.

Ninemoo Store Marbeling Moon Earrings

Beyonce and Dua Lipa wore a Marine Serre-patterned top that was a hit, making moon-related items top of their sartorial wishlists. Ninemoo, a London lifestyle label, has the perfect accessory for filling the crescent-shaped gap with its marbling-moon earrings.

The marble-effect earrings, made from brass and resin and 14k gold-plated brass, are a great choice for those times when you need a little colour to brighten up your ears.

My Doris silver beaded lighter studs

We love lightning bolts, and it could be that they remind us of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era. These earrings were created by Katie Williamson, founder of My Doris in Suffolk. The studs are available in silver or gold beading and have a quirky, yet retro look. They are ethically made in India by family-run workshops.

Formation Co Jewellery North Star hoops

This pair of mini-hoops in 18k gold with a north star charm is a great choice for any celestial jewelry fan, regardless of whether it’s stars, moons or zodiac signs. We are captivated by the sparkling black cubic zirconia details.

This pair was designed and made by Kerry, founder of Formation Co, in her East London studio. It is ideal for those who want something elegant, but subtle.

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