square brown and white gift box

Ideas for Christmas Gifts that Promote Mindfulness and Well-being

square brown and white gift box

We all need to take a break from the stress of a year. These gift sets will help you relax and restore your sense of calm, no matter if you are shopping for someone close to you or just a colleagues. These thoughtful gifts, which include soothing scented candles and sumptuous bath oils, will help you feel refreshed and ready to face the new year.

  • ESPA Good Times Roll’ Pulse Point Collection

Price – $22.50

This stunning collection of PulsePoint Oils by ESPA is ideal for anyone who’s constantly on the move. It includes a roll-on blend of essential oils to suit all moods and concerns. Each blend contains the right combination of ingredients to provide the right amount of energizing, and soothing to help you get the boost you need. The Pulse Point Oils are protected in a vegan leather pouch so they will always be there for you.

  • Molton Brown Ylang Ylang Three Wick Candle

Price – $60.00

The Molton Brown Ylang Ylang Three Wick Candle is presented in a bright, hand-blown glass holder. It not only brightens up the home with a soothing glow but also releases tranquil scents such as ylang-ylang and bergamot to create a sanctuary filled with warmth and serenity.

  • ESPA Bath and Body Oil Collection

Price – $32.00

A hot bath is the best way to relax. These essential oils are part of ESPA’s Bath and Body Oil Collection. Each bottle is formulated with the finest natural and aromatic oils and will transform your bath into a luxurious and indulgent experience. The therapeutic oils help to restore balance in the mind and body. They also nourish the skin and hydrate the body.

  • Aromatherapy Associates: The De-Stress Edit

Price – $33.00

Aromatherapy Associates’ De-Stress Gift Set will make you feel calm from head to foot. This set includes five stress-relieving products, including a De Stress Mind Rollerball that can be used on the move to increase positivity. It’s perfect for last-minute Christmas preparations! The perfect spa night ritual at home, all five products contain high-quality aromatic ingredients.

  • Bloom and Blossom the Mothership Gift Set

Price – $29.00

With The Mothership Gift set from Bloom and Blossom, you will have soft skin and a better night’s rest. The Wonder Worker Multitasking Balm and Pyjamarama Oil are rich in Vitamin E and Shea Butter. They will moisturize your skin and work together with the All Night Long Calming Night Spray to give you a restful night’s sleep. The soothing Sleep Spray is made with 99 percent natural ingredients and contains Frankincense, Linden Blossom and other relaxing herbs that promote rest and relaxation.

  • ESPA Winter Spice Candle

Price – $27.50

This ESPA Winter Spice Candle will transform your home into a festive haven. The candle embodies all the festive sweet and spiced scents of Christmas such as Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger and Sweet Orange. It will put you in the festive mood and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

  • Urban Apothecary Coconut Grove Luxury Bath & Body Gift Set

Price – $70.00

This Coconut Grove Luxury Bath and Body Gift from Urban Apothecary is bursting with the uplifting scents citrus mandarin, lime, and tropical coconut. It also contains bergamot and crushed coriander. The set includes a Coconut Grove Candle and Luxury Soap. The Luxury Hand & Body Wash are also available.

  • Aromatherapy Associates Relaxing Room Fragrance

Price – $25.00

This rich and warm blend of West Indian Bay Geranium and Myrrh will brighten up your home. Aromatherapy Associates Relax Room Fragrance helps to relax your whole family after a hectic day. It uses essential oils that soothe and calm the mind.

  • NEOM Time to Go to Sleep Christmas Set

Price – $50.00

The Time to Sleep Christmas Set from NEOM allows you to take some time to get those Z’s in with this set. The set is part of the Scent To Sleep range. Both products are infused with essential oils and natural fragrances that will help you sleep better. Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body butter, which is formulated with English Lavender, Jasmine and other natural fragrances, melts into your skin, leaving it feeling moisturized and stress-free.

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