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TikTok advices to shave down there with a beard trimmer? Wow or Nau?

person holding gray metal tool

As I age, shaving my body hair becomes more difficult. Although I hate shaving, I have come to enjoy it. I especially like the part where there is internalized misogyny. Even though I get red bumps after folding my body in half to use a five-blade razor in the shower. TikTok members who prefer to be at least partially hairless are also there. I know this because I watch them constantly figure out other shaving options like sugaring, waxing, and creams.

A men’s facial hair cutter was one of the options that caught my attention recently. I have had a cheapo, drugstore-brand trimmer in my medicine cupboard for at-home undercut trims for years. But I didn’t know that TikTokers had repurposed it to remove body hair. It was apparently without any irritation. I have seen people using (or hearing them talk about) it to remove hair from their legs, arms, and bikini lines. I decided to test it on my dark, coarse body hair. It was paired with sensitive, pale-white skin.

My six-year-old, generic beard trimmer was too sensitive for me so I decided to upgrade to Meridian’s The Trimmer. I was gifted it by the company. Although it was specifically designed for men’s pubic grooming this trimmer is more like a regular beard trimmer. It vibrates with small, comb-like teeth and comes with several longer attachments. It is extremely compact and looks great for “men’s” products. Similar options for trimming include the Bushbalm Francesca Trimmer and King C. Gillette Cordless Beard Trimmer. Manscaped also offers The Lawn Mower.

Mona Gohara M.D. from Connecticut was my first stop before I donned the skivvies to start my journey. Use a gentle cleanser and exfoliate. She tells Allure that she believes this is a good idea before any hair removal or grooming. Before you trim your hair, ensure that it is completely dry. According to Gohara, I washed my hair with Billie’s cream-gel body wash and a scrub called Frank Body the Original Coffee Scrub. To avoid excess water in my hair, I lay down in a robe after every shower.

In my tub, I used the trimmer to trim my pubic area, legs, and armpits. You should note that the hairs in the first two areas of my head had only been growing for a few days. I hadn’t touched the latter in at least a week. Although it wasn’t a major turning point for me, I found a lazy, amazing alternative to shaving that I could use on those days when I can’t do the chores.

A razor can be more comfortable than a close shave. But a beard trimmer is much more comfortable.

Because a body hair trimmer doesn’t give you as smooth a shave like razors, I think it is a mistake. A beard trimmer leaves you with just the tiniest bit stubble, instead of a smooth, clean surface. You might not be able see your lighter-colored body hair. It was not as smooth as I would have liked after using it in traditional shaving, but it’s okay for situations that aren’t intimate.

“This is normal, as trimmers don’t cut hair as close as straight-up razors. A trimmer won’t cause skin irritation, if any. They are designed to cut hair and not remove it from its root. This is inherently gentler and less sharp,” Dr. Gohara states.

You sacrifice comfort for a closer razor shave. But with a beard trimmer you can sacrifice that close shave for comfort. It is up to you to decide which one is best for you. Dr. Gohara also agrees with me. A razor is the best choice if you like to be naked. Dr. Gohara states that a trimmer is the best choice for big-, medium- or small-bush energy. She also notes that the comb extensions included with beard trimmers offer greater customization possibilities. It’s like a flip phone to a cellphone: Both do the same job, but one has more bells & whistles. You can choose your adventure.

I have used both methods quite consistently so I am now combining the two. Because I prefer a close shave on my legs and armpits, I will continue to use a traditional razor. I have found that my bikini line is more comfortable with waxing when needed. My lovely lady garden is my favorite thing about my trimmer. It’s so easy. It will also be available for last-minute body hair removal emergencies.

Dr. Gohara advises that you keep your trimmer clean and it is as simple as changing your razor cartridge. She suggests that you use the handy brush included with your trimmer to clean out the gunk from the comb. “A little organic disinfectant spray will seal it all.”

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