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I want to share the shops where I shop for my clothes today. These are some things that may surprise you.

1. I don’t like to have clothes made custom – Many style websites love to tell you that custom is the best option. Fashion has been my profession for more than 10 years. Most fashionable people I know wear clothes that I have bought off the rack.

Sometimes, custom can be too much and not necessary.

It is more expensive and takes longer to make. For some occasions, custom-made, bespoke clothing is a good option. You can find amazing clothes that fit perfectly straight off the rack.

2. I don’t spend a lot on clothes, but I do not buy the most expensive or cheapest.

Working in design has taught me how to distinguish between good and poor quality. Although I purchase a lot of basics at Uniqlo I wait to save enough money to spend more on the more expensive items like suits and shoes.


It’s simply impossible to produce high quality clothing at a low price. It’s impossible to make anything really great with a limited budget. It’s not marketing or trying to get you to buy designer brands, it’s math.

“Expensive items are expensive for reasons, and inexpensive things are costly for reasons,” is what I tell people. But a brand’s reputation is built upon it. Reputation is not something you can buy.

Okay, let’s move on. These are the places that I shop and what I get from each one:

Price range

$ = Great Value
$$ = Higher Quality, But Not Breaking The Bank
$$$ = Worth Saving
$$$$ = Luxury Splurges and Items That You Would Love to Pass On



The thing I love most about Mr. Porter and that many men don’t know is that they don’t just sell expensive brands. There are many brands to suit every budget. They also stock items from J.Crew, my favorite brand. It’s my opinion that it’s not just the best online shop for men but it may even be the best shop on the internet for men. Even if you live in New York City, you can get delivery within an hour if you are in a hurry. I won’t even get started about the packaging.

Website: www.mrporter.com

Price: $-$$$$

Shipping: No shipping charges & Returns in the U.S.

Can they ship internationally? Yes, 4-7 Days average. Expensive ($55USD).

What I Usually Get: Anything, including jackets, scarves and t-shirts, as well as jeans.


My “go-to” shops when I was younger were fast fashion stores like Zara and H&.M. These shops didn’t cut it as I became more knowledgeable about quality. (No pun intended). For my clients and readers, J.Crew is often recommended as a place to begin shopping. Why? Their designs are timeless, but they are still forward-thinking (translation: they’re not boring), as well as the great quality for the price. (I may also be biased because a lot my friends who went to design school with me work for them.

Although I prefer to purchase my outerwear and suits elsewhere, J.Crew does a great job with pants and shirts, especially my favorite, the chambray.

Website: www.jcrew.com

Price: $-$$

Can They Ship Internationally? Yes. Standard shipping takes 5-11 days

What I Usually Wear: Jeans, chinos. Casual shirts such as chambrays and dress shirts.


Suit Supply was recommended to me by a friend who invited me to a VIP dinner. I needed a suit and had just been asked. My old suit was too small. Suit Supply in Soho was recommended to me by a friend.

After my experience with Club Monaco, I was initially a little skeptical about suits below $1,000. Suit Supply was a great choice and has become my preferred source for suits. It is high quality and offers a wide range of patterns and colors that is quite different from the usual charcoal and navy suits found in most men’s shops.

The staff are extremely knowledgeable about fit, which is very important when it comes down to suits. They also sell everything you need, from socks and belts to bags and boots to boots. It’s easy to bring your entire wardrobe with you, including weekend wear and work suits, as well as black tie attire, without having to travel anywhere.

Bonus: They can make more adjustments in the same day.

Website: www.suitsupply.com

Price: $$-$$$

Can They Ship Internationally? They ship internationally, too.

What I Usually Get: Suits and shoes, as well as dress socks.


Uniqlo is the best when it comes to basics. I love a good, ultra soft designer t-shirt. Uniqlo has my daily basics covered. You can find T-shirts, socks and beanies, as well as occasional dresses. Uniqlo can be a lifesaver for those who live in New York City with its sometimes harsh winters. Although I do occasionally buy Uniqlo pants from time to time, I avoid their outerwear. They are always made from poor materials and poorly constructed. They aren’t very good at keeping out wind. Their down puffer pieces are great for layering. It is a great option to add to your coat with a puffer piece.

Website: www.uniqlo.com

Price: $

Shipping to the U.S. Free Shipping for Orders $99 and Above

Do They Ship Internationally? They ship internationally, however they do have locations all over the globe.

What I usually get: T-shirts, socks, Heattech basics and cashmere gloves.


Many style websites will advise you to stay away from trends and “fashion.” I disagree. You will look better than most men if you have a classic, simple style. However, it can be a bit boring and monotonous. Trends and designer fashion can give your look a more personal touch. Haven is my favorite place to shop when I’m looking to spend a little bit. It’s based in Canada and has become a popular source for high-end, design-forward brands such as Visvim, Acronym, and The Soloist. You’ll pay a premium. You can rest assured that you will not look the same as everyone else.

Website: www.havenshop.ca

Price: $$$-$$$$

Shipping to the U.S. Yes. The lowest rate is $20. Pay attention to additional duties and taxes

Can They Ship Internationally? Yes.

What I usually get there: Anything I can afford


You want a Haven alternative? Let me tell you about Grailed, my latest obsession. It’s like eBay for men’s clothes, but it was started by a bunch of guys who know what they are doing. You’ll find nearly every designer brand worth your attention at incredible prices here. To make it easier for you to shop for designer brands like Rick Owens and Margiela, as well as more mainstream brands such Ralph Lauren, they’ve divided clothes into sections.

I find the biggest attraction to the site is the fact that it was started and managed by true style enthusiasts. They focus on authenticity and making sure all items are genuine.

It’s just like every other marketplace for second-hand goods, it can be hit or miss. Grailed is a niche site so you are likely to encounter hits.

Website: www.grailed.com

Price: $-$$$

Shipping to the U.S. Shipping to the U.S.

Can They Ship Internationally? It all depends on the seller

What I usually get: It depends on what I have available. Right now, I am looking for lots of t-shirts and jackets, as well as shoes.

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