woman in white dress sitting on chair

Girls, avoid these 7 fashion sins, please!

woman in white dress sitting on chair

While I love to experiment and take a style risk, there are certain things I avoid. These fashion sins can sometimes subdue an outfit’s impact by removing its polish – which is often what you don’t want as you head out the door.

Below is a list of easy-to-follow tips that will help you look amazing every day. These are the things I swear by and use them to help me with my wardrobe. You can also leave me suggestions in the comments.

Too many things are being accentuated

It’s important that you only accent one part of your body if you want to emphasize it, such as your legs or your decolletage. Although I love to show off my best features, it can sometimes make your look less balanced if you don’t have a counterpoint. To balance a plunging neckline, I will usually choose a more conservative hemline. A mini skirt is the same. I will usually choose a button-up shirt or a shirt that has a high neckline for my focal point. I want to keep my outfit from looking too overwhelming. This is how I approach every outfit.

Wearing ill-fitting clothes

Even if you spend a lot on designer clothes, if the garment doesn’t fit properly then it’s lost its appeal. Tailoring can make or break an outfit. It doesn’t matter if something isn’t fitting properly, make sure you get it adjusted. These little things will make you look sharp.

Paying little attention to details

Although they may seem innocuous, a stray thread or a loose button here can make your outfit look a little less neat. This can be avoided by taking care of your outfit immediately you notice something amiss. Fix any loose threads or buttons, and ensure you get rid of lint and fabric pills.

Take into consideration every aspect of your look, from your shoes to your accessories

Scruffy looking shoes

Your shoes are one of the first things that people notice about you, so make sure they look great. Make sure you have your shoes resoled if the soles are worn down. Make sure you have the heel cover replaced if it has become worn. To protect suede and leather shoes from the elements, spray them with a protector spray. Staining shoes is the worst thing that can happen to an outfit.

Don’t wear wrinkled clothes

Avoid buying clothes that require constant pressing, such as silk or linen, if you don’t have the time. You should be willing to spend some time making sure everything is perfectly pressed if you love luxe fabrics.

Comfortable clothes that you don’t like

You can tell when something isn’t right when it’s obvious. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking in painstakingly designed shoes or an uncomfortable top, it’s time to find something else.

One designer, top-to-bottom

Fashion is all about being able to mix-and-match to create a look that you love. It’s much more fun to create a look that reflects your personality than to copy the style of the model in the window. Fashion is about being your own fashion designer and not following trends.

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