woman in brown scarf standing on brown field during daytime

Styling tips to flatter wide-leg pants

woman in brown scarf standing on brown field during daytime

Do you love to be fashionable but don’t know what to wear with wide-leg pants? We’re here to help. With just a few tricks, this leg-lengthening and figure-flattering style can be made very easy.

Wide leg pants have been reintroduced to fashion thanks to a revival of 1970s style on the runway. Wide leg pants are distinguished by their A-line silhouette. When it comes to choosing what to wear with them, it’s all a matter of balancing proportions so that they work for every age and shape. You want to balance the wider hemline of wide-leg pants by making your top more fitted and tailored. This will make your frame appear slimmer and more defined.

All body types will find it works equally well. The flattering look of a high-waisted, wide-leg pant on apple bodies is to create a sculpted midriff and draw the attention away from your middle. The statement hem length for pear shapes will balance larger hips. For hourglass bodies, the full hem width will highlight your midsection and balance a fuller bust. Even though wide legs can seem intimidating for petite women, a brand that makes pants for this category will consider your body to ensure that your proportions are balanced. As with all body types, it is important that your top be form-fitted.

Wide leg pants can be styled in the same way as flared jeans. Proportion is crucial to make them look good. The bottom half of an outfit should feel casual, even when tailored. However, the top of a wide-leg trouser outfit should balance the fabric of the pants. Here are seven outfit ideas.


We will be discussing different ways to wear wide leg pants throughout this article. However, the key principle that will always remain no matter what occasion or style is proportion. This is how to make this trend work. You can wear wide-legged pants to any occasion. But, it is important to think about how your body will be highlighted, and not just covered with fabric.

Your casual occasion t-shirts are the best choice. Fitted designs, such as cotton jerseys, will balance out wide legs. Tucking your tee at the waist will help you regain your curves. A French or half-tuck will give you a relaxed look. This gives you a peek at your waist and creates an hourglass silhouette. It also helps to loosely skim a midriff.

To add a jacket or cardigan, you can tuck your top under and use the narrower center of the jacket to skim your frame. You’ll instantly appear longer by creating an illusion panel on the front of you body.


The same rules regarding proportions are applicable, but layering is a great option for the office. You’ll need to add some tailoring to your upper body because of the wide pants hem. This balances the fabric’s volume and flatters your frame. While a fitted cotton shirt is the best option, oversized shirts can be styled with wide-legged pants. Taller, rectangular-shaped bodies can wear their shirt untucked and cover the waistband of the pants. To regain your body shape, you can tuck your shirt in or half-tuck your shirt into wide-legged, high-waisted pants. For a polished look, pair with trendy loafers or slim-heeled court shoes.

You can also add your best blazer and wide-leg pants to contour your upper torso. Avoid the oversized style and go for slimmer fittings. This will give you a longer torso and a sleeker finish.


Wide leg pants are a great option for those who don’t like dresses or prefer two-piece outfits over a flattering jumpsuit. This is a great alternative to long skirt outfits. Wide leg pants can be worn alone or with a pair of pants. They are feminine, relaxed, and floaty. For cruises, dressy wide-leg pants are a great choice. They’re perfect for evening events or when the sun is shining.

Wide leg evening wear pants with wide legs should be made from softer, silkier fabrics. These fabrics will have a lovely drape and some luster. For a bold outfit, go bold with bright colors. You can choose a more volume top, such as a chiffon blouse, or a sheer fabric with off-the-shoulder detailing. This will still show off a smaller part of your frame.


Wide leg pants are a great option for smart casual outfits. A wide leg trouser, although tailored, has a relaxed silhouette that makes them feel more casual than straight-leg pants. Wide leg pants have higher waists, which balance the proportions we’re talking about. They also feel smart, so they can be worn up or down depending on what life throws at them.

For a relaxed look, choose wide-leg, soft-handle pants with a tonal, fitted top or chic Breton stripes to make a stylish base layer. You can dress up your pants by adding a blazer or a sweater to make it more casual.


Wide leg pants are great when it comes down to holiday outfit ideas. You should choose lightweight, lightweight, chiffon or cheesecloth beach covers that can be worn over your swimsuit for a casual look, or layered with a more formal top for alfresco dining.

These are meant for vacation and you want to feel more relaxed so choose a drawstring or elasticated waist design. These are easy to put on and can be worn for the plane.


Black pants in any length are versatile and a wardrobe staple. A great building block for your capsule wardrobe. When it comes to what to wear to wide leg black pants, the answer to that question is “everything”. You can pair black wide-leg pants with a variety of colors or neutrals, so you can explore what to wear with your black jeans.

A new season shacket is a great way to welcome in fall 2022 fashion trends. This shirt is great for layering and although it may seem heavy at first, you can easily layer with a shacket underneath.


Wide leg pants printed with bright colors can add brightness to an outfit and bring out the trend. Although we still follow the principles of proportion balancing when it comes to what to wear with printed large leg pants, it is important to consider color and pattern balance when choosing what to wear.

One print per look is a good rule of thumb. If you choose to wear printed trousers, make sure your top is half a neutral or block color. This will allow the pants to shine while avoiding overwhelming your look. This rule is flexible if you are talking about a printed wide-leg pant that is part of a patterned cord. Together they will give you a maxi-dress look.

What are the best tops to wear with wide leg pants?

Wide leg pants require a top that reaches the hem. This means your top should balance the fabric’s fullness. As a rule of thumb, your top should have a fitted silhouette. This is because two pieces of clothing with very heavy fabric could make you look bloated and bulky.

There are many styles of wide leg pants, but a high-waisted pair will flatter all bodies. It will highlight your curves and shape your midriff. Tops that are fully or partially tucked into the waistband will help you achieve this look.

Do you prefer a loose, relaxed fit top? You can French-tuck your pants into an off-the shoulder style. This is because the collarbones and shoulders tend to be shorter than the rest of the body. It also balances out the looseness of a top or the width and length of your pants.

What are the best shoes to wear with wide leg pants?

There are no rules about what shoes will work with wide-leg pants. Fashion rules in the past required that wide-leg pants be worn with high heels. This is not true today.

Wide leg pants can be made work-appropriate by wearing a sleek, polished loafer or a simple, pointed-toe, slim-heeled court. Wide leg pants can be given a casual, dressed-down look with sneakers. You can choose from anything from Vans to plimsolls, or even a Grandad trainer.

For glammed-up evenings, you can opt for designer heels. However, they offer leg lengthening benefits. If you prefer a more casual approach, you can go for a metallic sandal or jewelled pump to get the same effect without having to worry about your feet.

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