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Style tips and trick on how to wear shorts for the guys

Every guy wants to feel comfortable when it comes to the warm weather. Every guy who has stylish partner wants to look fashionable and comfortable.

This means that you should wear as few clothes as possible in the spring and summer while still looking appropriate for where you are going. It is important to know how to wear shorts. Good news! We have a plan.


Many men believe that shorts are not appropriate to wear. While some of these are old-fashioned, there is a lot of concern about dressing appropriately for a particular venue.

Art of Manliness’ simple guidelines on when shorts are appropriate for me appeal to my sensibilities.

  1. If there is a good reason (temperature environment, location)
  2. If you are not attending a formal event/ceremony, or conducting business

You can make a big presentation even in a casual office setting (when you’re back in the office).


The fit is the most important aspect of making sure your shorts look fashionable, not lazy. There are many different styles and lengths of shorts, according to people all over the internet. Many menswear websites will tell you that a 9-inch inseam is the best. This is a bit conservative for 2022, however. For a while, we have been Team 5-7’s Shorts and we are sticking with it.

You may have grown out of the wide-sleeved silhouettes of your youth when it comes to shorts. Imagine tents made of fabric with large cargo pockets and tails hanging from the sides. This is not the way a man should wear his shorts!

Primer Mag’s graphic is a great tool to identify what you aren’t looking for. Look for well-fitting, tailored shorts. However, this doesn’t mean that your shorts need to be painted.

When we refer to tailored, it doesn’t always mean slim-fitting. It means that everything must fit correctly. In other words, it should fit exactly as it was intended. Wearing shorts two sizes too large is not acceptable. No matter what cut, fit is crucial. As long as the fit is right, you can wear shorter shorts that are looser than usual.


These guidelines are great, but how do you make a short-sleeved outfit look fashionable? Summer style can be improved by learning how to put together a complete outfit. Below are some style ideas.

1. Shorts made in an unusual color, fabric or pattern are a great choice

You can buy as many colors and as many styles as you want once you have found something that you love and makes you feel rich.

They’re not a replacement for your regular chino shorts, but they are a must-have summer wardrobe item for men! This style can make an outfit look more stylish than it is humdrum.

You might consider adding a pair of hi-vis, brightly colored, stripes or corduroy to your thigh-baring collection. Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Pine will be happy with a t-shirt or breezy blouse.

2. As part of a matching two-piece set, wear shorts

Serge Ibaka is a great example of a match-making shirt and shorts set that you don’t have to be a part of the NBA. Or, on a tropical vacation. Really! Because it’s so simple, this trend is a favorite of us. There’s nothing you need to worry about other than what shoes to choose!

3. Wear shorts with a monochrome ensemble

It is easy to make your shorts look more stylish by simply wearing one or more colors from head to toe.

This is the easiest way, you don’t even need to go shopping to make your outfit more thoughtful and intentional than simply pulling out a t-shirt out of the bottom of your drawer.

4. Wear jean shorts and/or cut-offs

In 2022, jean shorts and cut-off shorts will be back! It’s not easy to grasp, I know. Let me tell you, it’s not that hard to grasp also.

  1. Cut a pair of dark or light tailored pants for your first attempt. Stop just below the knee. After you have tried them on, you can cut again but can’t increase the length.
  2. Don’t be too savage, shorts in jeans are already a fashion statement.
  3. Stretch chino is the best choice if you are afraid of denim.
5. Wear shorts and a button-down with a shorter sleeve

This is a simple one. You can wear shorts with a polo or a t-shirt, but a button-up shirt with a shorter sleeves will make you appear more polished.

Are you required to wear a big-ass cap like Kelvin Davis of Notoriously Dapper? We don’t think so, but we promise that you won’t be able stop trying new styles.

6. Pair shorts with a sweater


There are many options available when it comes time to choose the right pair for you.

  • Sneakers – Slip on Vans or simple canvas sneakers are great.
  • Boat shoes – Be careful with your accessories, before you make them a background detail in Wedding Crashers
  • Espadrilles – We love Espadrilles casual shoes!
  • Penny loafer
  • Driving moc – These slip-ons give you a little bit of a dad look if that’s your thing


  • The best drawstring chino-shorts for women: Old Navy, $30

The compromise candidate. If you want to appear more polished but not have to fuss with buttons, a drawstring short in linen, twill or another easy-breezy fabric is the best choice.

We loved this pair from Old Navy for many years. However, they sell quickly each season. You can also find this style, which is just as good but slightly more expensive, from Madewell.

  • Bonobos, $89 Best 5’&7” Chino Shorts

Bonobos is the best brand for classic chino shorts. They have a tailored style available in five- and seven-inch inseams (and longer, but let’s not forget those), in a range of colors.

  • Best athleisure shorts: Olivers Apparel, $75

The athleisure brief is a great addition to any summer outfit. You might want to invest in a pair of comfortable and breathable shorts, especially this summer, when coworkers see you from the waist.

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