three gray, green, and white scarf on top of table

How to Style an Infinity Scarf

three gray, green, and white scarf on top of table

Infinity scarves can be versatile and quick to elevate an outfit. However, infinity scarves can also be considered a fashion faux pas.

Although they are easy to style, once you know how to wear an Infinity scarf, you can still get the wrong look. Many people who purchased the accessory in 2010 will have it hidden somewhere in their closet.

Fashion is fun because old accessories can be reborn. They are made from new materials and styled in new ways to give life to an item that was once forgotten. This is what this guide will show you.

What is an Infinity Scarf?

You want to know how to wear an Infinity scarf? Let’s get started. Knowing what something is is the first step to rocking it.

Infinity scarves are neck accessories that can be worn to keep your neck warm. It can be worn on cold days as an accessory to your t-shirt or jeans.

Infinity scarves are made of the same fabrics as regular scarves but instead of one long panel of fabric they are knitted in one loop. It can be worn around the neck and not fall off. This makes styling your scarf simple–just wrap it around your head.

This accessory can be worn in many ways. We’ll show you how to put an infinity scarf on the top of your head. We’ll be covering more information about this versatile accessory before we move on.

We’ll be giving you a brief history of this accessory in the next section. This will help you to understand its origins and its place within the modern wardrobe.

The Infinity Scarf: History

Infinity scarves are a relatively recent invention. The infinity scarf was popularized around 2010, but it fell out of fashion within a few years. However, it was worn by celebrities in modern fashion. Some of them did, however.

The infinity scarf’s history is brief. Let’s take it back to Ancient Rome, when the first mentions were made of the traditional scarf. A scarf was a popular accessory for summer, but in Aristotle’s time it was more of an accessory than a tool. A scarf, also known as a “sudarium”, was used to remove sweat from the body and was attached around a man’s belt.

This same material has been transformed over the years into something that keeps heat in. We are now showing you how to wear an Infinity Scarf.

An infinity scarf is a more fashionable choice than a traditional scarf. However, it can also be convenient.

Wrappable accessories are a smart option for fashionistas who don’t want loose ends hanging down and bulking up your coat’s front. They can also be worn inside so that it doesn’t hang out.

How to wear an Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are traditionally used for warmth. However, they can be made of any material and weight. They add dimension to outfits for work, while thicker knitted scarves keep the heat in during the coldest days.

Knowing when and how to wear an Infinity Scarf is important. An infinity scarf is a less formal item that can be worn over more formal outfits. Example:

  • Mini dress + crochet infinity scarves = Please don’t
  • Mini dress + long jacket + infinity scarf = OK, provided you don’t take off your coat!

On casual Fridays at work, what do you wear? A T-shirt, vest and jeans? You can wear it all day. The scarf is bohemian in style and adds a flowy feel to long, billowing gowns.

For a casual fall look, pair with ankle boots and a jacket for weekend walks in the park. Choose a thicker knitted infinity scarf as the weather gets colder. It can be worn over a large jacket, coat or parka and is a great winter accessory that you can grab and go.

How to wear an Infinity Scarf

There are two options when it comes to wearing an infinity scarf around your neck.

  1. Hang it loosely.
  2. To create a bundled look, wrap it twice.

If you don’t like the look of a mess of fabric all over your outfit, then we wouldn’t recommend this first option. You can wrap the scarf twice around your neck to create a look similar to the one you get when you wrap a scarf. However, the scarf won’t hang from your neck so you can tuck it into your coat.

You don’t have to wear it around your neck, but infinity scarves can be worn anywhere. We love to wear it as a top. It can be wrapped around your shoulders and stretched down to your hips. This creates a cute crisscross design that looks great with leggings, jeans, or ankle boots.

It’s easy to use an infinity scarf as your shawl. Just slip your arms in the loop like a vest. If the scarf is long enough, it will wrap around your shoulders and drape over your back.

You can wear it as a snood. Place your hair in a low bun and wrap the scarf around your head. You can also wrap the scarf around your neck once, and then pull the back up over your head to make a hood.

What type of Infinity Scarf can you get?

There are many types of infinity scarves that you can choose from, perhaps more than regular scarves. The style is more fashionable than it is warm and can be found in a variety of fabrics, including those with fringe, pompoms and tassels.

You’ll also find everyday knits made from fabrics like polyester and cotton, but every now and then you will come across a faux fur or fur infinity scarf. These are more elegant than the average scarf and can be dressed up in much the same way as a fur shawl.

Fur is a luxurious fabric that can be styled down. Keep the rest of your outfit simple. A black all-black outfit will work.

Last Thoughts

Infinity scarves are making a comeback, even though they were once considered obsolete. There are likely to be a few options in your local department store.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide and are ready to put your knowledge into practice to create infinity scarves at home.

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