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How to add a Fanny Pack to Men’s Wardrobe

man in white zip up jacket holding black dslr camera

The 90s were flooded with abstract geometrics and mood rings. Neoprene jackets served as visual representations of MTV’s positivity.

We’ve seen a revival of old trends in recent years to bring back the glory days. This gave rise to the iconic bumbag. Now it’s time for you to let go of your pride and learn how to wear a Fanny Pack.

The cheesy silhouettes of fanny packs are a favourite of dads and moms. It brings back childhood memories of trips to Disneyland and garage sales with our parents. The bum bag is associated with sentimentalism, which makes it easy to understand why it has been revived.

What is a Fanny Pack?

Ask your parents this question. You’ll be enchanted by their stories of the retro fanny bag.

The bumbag is a carry-on designed to be carried with one hand. You can wear it in a variety of ways: the waistbelt, crossbody, or backpack.

Fanny packs usually have a zipper enclosure, traditional trapezoid silhouette and a zipper enclosure. The fanny packs are attached to a long length of nylon webbing that usually has an adjustable buckle.

Fanny Packs: History

Otzi, the famed mummy isn’t just known for being an archeological relic. Otzi is also a trend-setter. The original fanny bag was created 5,000 years ago from traditional calf skin.

He didn’t see the smartphone or wallet as modern-day treasures. The bumbag contained primitive tools that were crucial for his survival. Fashion has advanced beyond Otzi’s prehistoric prototype.

Through ancient Egypt and Scotland, the fanny bag would make a comeback in fashion. The bumbag was a fashionable accessory that people used in Victorian times and Middle Ages. It eventually gave way to the chatelaine purse. The original fanny pack we all love and know didn’t exist until 1960, when Melba Stone invented it.

The popularity of the bumbag soared in the 1980s and 1990s. The fanny bag has been a sought-after staple since then thanks to haute couture and tourism.

This controversial carry-on, as you probably guessed already, has seen many changes due to fast fashion. Surprisingly, it has remained on-trend throughout the years.

What to wear with a Fanny Pack

A pair of jeans and a crewneck shirt make up the traditional fanny bag outfit. This particular carry-on is not recommended for casual wear.

The bumbag is an ideal choice for trendy people who want to carry out errands or take a laid-back stroll. The bumbag’s hands-free design means that wearers won’t have to worry too much about shoulder or back pain.

Fanny packs are great for formal events and oil mixed with water. The combination of its bulky silhouette and streetwear design makes it difficult to wear with fancy dresses or tuxedos.

What type of fanny packs can you get?

We’ve seen hundreds of variations on the classic bumbag since the 1960 Melba Stone fannypack was created. It’s overwhelming for casual dressers.

The vast array of styles available offers a unique opportunity to experiment with new looks for trend-setters. It is easy to get “lost in the sauce”, which is why we have compiled a list of trendy fanny packs for you to consider.

  1. The classic fanny bag: Made of cotton, canvas, and nylon, this bumbag is simple for casual dressers.
  2. Luxury fanny packs: These include designs by Prada and Balenciaga. For additional flexibility, they often have the logo printed on the front.
  3. The delicate fanny bag: This unique belt bag is typically made from leather and has a subtle silhouette. This bag is best worn with a sophisticated outfit, rather than a streetwear one.
  4. The large fanny pack: This type of bag is great for storing more items. It is quite large and has a similar shape to a backpack.

How to choose the best fanny pack

Bags are an essential part of every outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you have a crossbody bag, a clutch or a fannypack. Because well-made carry-ons can be costly, trend-setters need to take care when making purchases.

You can be a responsible shopper by evaluating each fanny pack on five criteria: price, quality, material design, practicality, and cost.

The materials used affect the quality of your product. Fanny bags are made of cotton, nylon, leather, and heavy-duty canvas. Fanny packs should be strong enough to withstand stress because their primary purpose is to protect your belongings. Fabrics made from thin materials will often cause excessive wear and tear. It’s important to select a heavy-duty bumbag.

Other features can also affect the quality of the product. Notable assets are zippers, storage compartments and mesh webbing.

Wearability is influenced by design. You want a fanny bag that matches your style. It’s difficult to style fanny packs with bright colors or patterns.

Another important factor to consider is practicality. You don’t want to settle on a bag that’s too heavy and doesn’t have enough storage.

Fanny packs come in a range of prices, from as low as $20 up to as expensive as $1,000. Although it is easy to find inexpensive options online, don’t let this stop you from purchasing a designer item. You might be tempted to buy a more expensive belt bag if you are a frequent wearer.

How to style your fanny pack

It is time to regain the power. For so long, fanny packs were considered the ‘bottom-of-the-barrel’ accessory. The iconic belt bag is now a staple of 2022 fashion thanks to the revival of Y2K style and the ’80s fashion.

  1. Crossbody: This fashion tip is a simple way to style your fanny pack.
  2. The waist-belt technique: This styling tip will help you achieve that retro 90s look.
  3. The backpack method is a less invasive option than the crossbody. This clever hack will allow you to exude the schoolboy look.
  4. Keychains: We recommend that you replace traditional jewelry with keychains and pins.

Fashion Tips to Avoid with a Fanny Pack

Fanny packs were once considered too expensive. Because they were often paired with unflattering clothes, the early 2000s were particularly harsh on the belt bag.

  1. Low-rise pants. The excess bulk of a bag called a fannypack can be enough to make your bottoms feel heavy. Wearing low-rise jeans can lead to accidental exposure.
  2. Belts: It’s better to leave your belt at the home if you plan to carry your fannypack around your waist.
  3. Gimmicky fanny bags: Belt bags with bizarre images and quotes will be out of fashion. We recommend choosing simpler designs to ensure continued use.
  4. The “second bag” look: You must be committed to this aesthetic if you plan to carry a fannypack. Your outfit will look sloppy if you carry a clutch or purse.

Last Thoughts

You must face cheesy fashion head on to fully embrace the fannypack. It’s controversial, but it’s fun to experiment with. There’s charm in 80s and 90s fashions, from corny floral shirts to bucket hats. Bum bags are no exception. They exude retro elegance.

Let’s hope you now know how to wear your fanny pack with any type of turtleneck, trench, or other style. You’re sure to find the right fit for you from our extensive collection of OOTD inspiration.

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