woman in black scoop neck shirt standing near white wooden door

What is a bodysuit and how to wear it?

woman in black scoop neck shirt standing near white wooden door

The traditional French tuck may not be enough to highlight your waistline in some outfits. To give your body shape, you can use the “all hands on deck” approach by stuffing every ounce of fabric into your bottoms.

It’s a mess. Every fold, wrinkle and crease are clearly visible beneath the layer of denim. Headache inducing? This is a clear yes. It’s easy to get a fitted silhouette with a bodysuit.

The traditional one-piece is slim-fitting and allows you to layer other garments without adding bulk. It prevents your top from rising, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about re-arranging their outfit. Most bodysuits have a removable gusset that can be removed. This is because most bodysuits are difficult to undo. However, the silhouette it provides is well worth it.

What is a Bodysuit?

A full bodysuit is a combination of a top and bottom. A full bodysuit usually has a removable gusset or zipper that allows for easy on/off access.

Because they are slim fitting, they can be worn underneath skirts or pants to prevent bulk.

There are many options for one-pieces. Trendsetters have the option of long-sleeved or with pants versions. A simple tank-top is also available.

The history of bodysuits

The 1850s dress reform movement brought an end to the golden age of perfectly crafted corsets and pelisses as well as gigot sleeves. The bulk of everyday wear didn’t correspond to modernization in English society. Women wanted more practical clothing.

Many people considered bodysuits avant-garde, from bicycles to bloomers. Corsets and dresses were gradually replaced by the union suit, which gave rise to a feminine silhouette that exposed the arms and waist.

The bodysuit evolved throughout the 1870s. Jules Leotard, a French acrobat invented his own snapsuit for gymnastics.

Its versatility, practicality and comfort were unbeatable compared to other noteworthy garments at that time. This led to more re-takes.

It was from this that overalls became a popular choice for working-class men. Winston Churchill even had his own pair of overalls in the 1930s. Bodysuits can be considered both underwear and outerwear today. You can choose from dozens of bodysuit silhouettes, which have become a standard for high-performance sports and fashion.

When to wear a bodysuit

The versatility of the bodysuit is a major advantage. It can be worn at any occasion, from casual to formal. They can be worn as part of a fashion accessory or as a shapewear piece.

This all depends on the type of one-piece that you have. Some designs are only suitable for specific situations. A simple tank-top silhouette, for example, is appropriate for casual hangouts, errands and other low-profile activities.

These tops can be worn with a blouse for formal events, such as office meetings or extravagant parties.

The bodysuit is a versatile garment that can be worn all year. They can be worn all year round, depending on how they are cut. Because most one-pieces have a swimsuit silhouette, they can be paired with other garments. We’ll now discuss how to wear your bodysuit.

How to wear a bodysuit

A bodysuit is the best way to get rid of outfit frustration. A simple one-piece can achieve almost any Pinterest look thanks to its versatility.

Examples include the Princess Diana-style biker shorts, 90s fitness guru and the collared shirt athleisure style. It is important to have a monochrome, simple bodysuit if you are trying to achieve the OOTDS.

What type of bodysuit can you get?

Bodysuits can be made in hundreds of different styles, just like any other garment. You can style them to be sexy, conservative or elegant. There’s a bodysuit for everyone.

If you are having trouble creating a cohesive look, it is worth looking at the different options. This ‘how-to wear a bodysuit’ guide will give you a concise list of options.

  1. The tank-top bodysuit is a classic silhouette that features thick shoulder straps, a fitted body and a sleek shape.
  2. The long-sleeve bodysuit. Cable-knit sweaters are often too bulky. This one-piece cut is a better option if you are looking for a slimmer option.
  3. The strapless bodysuit: This is the perfect summer suit. It’s easy to wear and very comfortable.
  4. Long bodysuit: This one-piece is great for keeping body heat in winter. We recommend layering it under sweaters and trousers.

How to choose the best bodysuit

It’s too late to wear disposable fashion. As with any wardrobe staple, bodysuits should be treated with respect. You will be amazed at the variety of bodysuits available.

Customers should look at four factors when searching for the perfect one-piece: design, quality, flexibility, and material. It is not a good idea to buy a $10 bodysuit. One-pieces made cheaply with thin materials are often prone to ripping in a short time. However, the ones priced at $50 or less are usually made from high-quality fabrics like spandex, elasticane, and even lycra.

The bodysuit should be durable even under extreme stress such as bending, squatting or simple arm movement. Other features like zippers and gussets should be considered by customers.

An ideal bodysuit should be simple to put on and take off.

Another important factor to consider is design. You don’t want to settle on a one-piece that is difficult to style. Trendsetters should instead invest in a bodysuit with a traditional silhouette and monochrome color.

Your current style will determine which one you choose. Maximalalism and minimalism, for example, offer their own versions of the classic strap suit.

How to style a bodysuit

We’ve now covered how to wear a basic bodysuit. You can pair it with pants, skirts, or shorts. There are many outfit options.

If you feel like you don’t have the styling skills necessary, we will share some tips and tricks to help you create the perfect fit.

  1. Belts: A belt is a great way to cinch your waist. There are two options: the thicker strap and the more chunky cowboy cut.
  2. Jeans: This outfit combination creates the illusion of a cohesive ensemble.
  3. Skirts: For that classic ballerina look, we recommend wearing a skirt with a pleat or tutu-like shape.

Avoid these Fashion Mistakes with Bodysuits

We appreciate any attempt to be ‘avant-garde’ when putting together an outfit.

Bodysuits aren’t known for their ability to clash with other outfits. There are some styling rules that you should avoid with the classic one-piece. These are:

  1. The unbuttoned approach: We are fully aware of the discomfort of camel toe and wedgies. To prevent your gusset riding up, if you insist on not wearing a buttoned bodysuit, a belt is a good option.
  2. Boyshorts: The best bodysuits to wear with are thongs, Brazilian shorts and bikini bottoms. If paired with one-pieces, anything that provides more coverage can create a strange silhouette.
  3. The super-high-cut bodysuit: You can wear jeans underneath your bodysuit if you conceal the leg holes. Unattractive looks can be created by a bodysuit that is too high above your pants.
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