shadow depth of field photography of man in black shirt standing near trees

How To Wear Beanie Without Looking Strange

shadow depth of field photography of man in black shirt standing near trees

It can be difficult to navigate the cold-weather headwear landscape. Beanies are the only acceptable option for men, and they aren’t held in high regard among fashion followers. They are not wrong either. These woollen warmers often get lost in the fashion conscious of the public. David Beckham, along with his legions style followers, spent the majority of the 2000s proudly sporting a look that read, “I have a turd inside my hat”.  As is the case with many things in style, it’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. With that in mind, let’s defend one of the most misunderstood accessories of winter.

You may have been wearing the wrong hats if you have ever said, “Hats don’t fit me.” Beanies are great for menswear’s love of utilitarian wear, and there are many styles that will match any face shape.


Sarah Gilfillan, stylist, founder of SartoriaLab (a London-based personal styling service for men), says that a beanie is an essential part of your winter wardrobe. But before you go out and buy one, consider the details. They can make all the difference in whether the style is right for you.

Avoid designs that make your face look like Harry in Home Alone if you have a square or round face. Gilfillan suggests that you choose a beanie with no turn-back cuff. Instead, use ribbing and looser styles to add height to your face. Also, don’t pull it down too low on your head. Bobble hats are another option, but avoid anything too outrageous. You don’t want Kevin to see you.

A beanie is a great option for someone with a longer face. Gilfillan suggests that you consider a turn-back cuff. This could be in a contrast colour or with stripe detailing. To avoid adding height, wear a more snug fitting style that fits tightly on your head.


These are the best beanies for men to keep your ears warm and stylish. These winter hats are a sure-fire way to keep your ears warm and comfortable.


This is what most people think of when they hear the term “woolly hat” – and for good reason. This style is extremely versatile and has been embraced by hip-hop royalty, workers and all others. This is the grandaddy of beanies for men.


Although it may be the go-to cold-weather headgear for hipsters, don’t let this stop you. The fisherman beanie is a great addition to a workwear-inspired look. This tiny woolly hat has a turn-up design and sits on the top of the head just above the ears.


Although a pom-pom may not be the most beautiful of decorative details, it is a common one that has its origins in the military. Napoleon’s infantry, the Scottish Highland regiments and the British Army used pom-poms to distinguish between companies. Today it is possible to still wear one without looking like a carol singing singer. Avoid neon colours, bright patterns, and any bobbles larger than a small one.


Newton’s third law on headwear states that for every good hat there is a bad one. These are the top things to watch out for when you’re looking for beanies for men.


In the noughties every man and dog wore a large, slouchy beanie. It was, evidently, not a good look. As he is often, David Beckham was instrumental in spreading this fad. Beckham, as he is often, was instrumental in the spread of this fad. He was frequently photographed wearing his baggy beanie at airports around the globe. This left us all wondering: What was he trying to smuggle through customs.


A 13-year old boy wearing a large Limp Bizkit T shirt and baggy jeans may think it’s sick. The rest of us should just leave it alone. This headwear nightmare should not be worn unless you are a badly rendered computer character called “Otto” in a Nintendo 64 snowboarding video game.


Beanies are not an exception to the rule in menswear. If you happen to stumble upon a ski shop that has a fleecy hat with a blue furry mohawk and are unable to resist the temptation, quickly turn around and walk out of the store. This is common sense.


These are some tried-and-true styles for beanies for men.


Even if you have to dress up a bit more than usual, that doesn’t mean your head has to be colder. Traditional cuffed beanie are the best choice here. However, a bobble cap can also work as long as it is subtle and neutral in colour. You don’t want your office to look like a Belisha beacon. You should also consider texture mixing. You don’t have to look like an office drone by adding another piece of knitwear to your commuter outfit. For something more casual, you can pair your beanie and a wool overcoat or flannel suit with a knitted roll neck.


Bhode offers some amazing beanies for men who want something stylish enough to wear to work and warm enough to take on the commute. This UK brand is known for its soft lambswool beanies. They are committed to quality and innovation above all else. Is it a classic rib knit? Or a textured style that is left to be decided?


Acne Studios might be a good choice if the idea of spending more than $100 on a woolly head hat makes you shiver. Acne Studios has a longstanding reputation due to its minimalist, Scandinavian aesthetic and high quality materials. You can expect these traits in abundance when it comes to the brand’s beanies, along with its instantly-recognisable straight-faced emoji detailing.


Asket will always deliver stylish basics no matter what your needs are. Beanies are no exception, with their merino wool taking hits all the right places. This brand is affordable and high-end, but it’s well-known for offering a mix of timeless and trendy products for every season.


Danish streetwear/casualwear crossover label Norse Projects perfectly encapsulates everything there is to love about Scandinavian fashion. The brand’s seasonal collection is timeless but contemporary and the beanie is a staple piece. The classic turn-up and fisherman beanie are prominently featured in Norse’s collections. They can both be recognized instantly by their distinctive white-on-black, woven branding patches.


Moncler’s beanies may not be cheap, but they sure do look great. Moncler’s Italian alpine sportswear label has a reputation for being one of the most popular on the slopes. Its hats are among the best around. This headwear is made from the finest wools, and accented with Moncler’s iconic tricolour branding and signature felt tag.


The popularity of the beanie has fluctuated across most menswear categories. Its appeal is still very strong in streetwear. Beanies are a streetwear staple, along with trainers, hoodies and baseball caps. Anything goes when it comes to colours. Graphics and branding are key to achieving the right look. The labels you wear is a big part of streetwear culture. You’re half way there if you stunt like the children who camp out outside Supreme and Palace drops. You can wear raw, relaxed-fit jeans, a hoodie, under a coach jacket, and then just top it with one of these brands.


Noah might be the label that will change your mind if you think streetwear is a little too sexist. Brendon Babenzien, former Supreme creative director, is the brand’s creator. It is best described as streetwear for grown-ups. Noah’s Clobber is an option if you are nervous about wearing something too heavily branded or with too many eye-catching graphics. It always includes a few chunky knit beanies.


Streetwear, as we know it, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Shawn Stussy and his California-based surfwear label. Perhaps not. Stussy, which was established in 1980, is often credited as being the brand that started the movement. Its logo is easily recognisable. You don’t need to look far if you are looking for a beanie that has street heritage.


One of the most prominent labels in streetwear is A Bathing Ape, often abbreviated or stylised as BAPE. The founder, Nigo, a Japanese fashion designer and DJ, is one the most well-known names in streetwear. His clothes are known for generating a lot of hype. BAPE is well-known for its striking graphics and bold camo prints, as well its iconic ape head logo. Beanies are a key item of BAPE and Nigo, the former head honcho, can often be seen wearing one.


Since long, men’s fashion has been obsessed with workwear. The key accessory to the look is woolly hats. However, there are two ways to do it. A fisherman beanie is best for this rugged outdoor style, but a traditional turn-up beanie could also work. You will want something that isn’t too branded in a block color. Style it with heavy-duty jeans, work boots, and a flannel shirt. These key brands are available for you to use, whether you are a Yukon tree feller or just looking for Dalston’s half-pint of craft ale.


Carhartt is the most well-known brand in workwear. This American brand has been around for over 100 years. It has outfitted everyone from mud-covered farmers to European cool kids. You can expect rugged quality, great looks, and lots of heritage appeal.


Although ASOS may not be a very well-known workwear outlet it does have the tools. ASOS stocks many own-brand beanies. However, its fisherman styles are especially useful for the workwear look. It’s difficult to complain about the wide variety of colors and prices available.


Let’s face it, when the cold sets in, a small fisherman beanie won’t cut it. You’ll need to do everything to keep the chill away. These are special cold-weather fabrics, fleece lineds, and brands made for outdoor use, not Instagram. Layer up with your parka, snow boots, and thermals and you’re ready to face the elements.


Canada Goose is the best-known brand of outerwear that can withstand harsh conditions. Although the beanies of the company may seem a little expensive, if you want to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures, it is well worth spending extra. You can think of Canada Goose branding and superior protection against the cold.


The North Face, a California-based outdoor specialist, has been involved in many polar expeditions. You can trust them when it comes time to keep you warm in winter. North Face gear looks amazing! Even if you only plan to walk your dog, a North Face beanie will still work.


While companies like Canada Goose and The North Face may now be outfitting the arctic explorers, Woolrich was the one who carried the torch in the early years. This Pennsylvania-based outerwear brand supplied clothing for the American Civil War and Richard E. Byrd’s Antarctic Expedition in 1939. This is the place to go if you are looking for warmth and quality, as well as heritage.

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