man in blue denim jacket wearing black knit cap

A Style Guide on Beanies

man in blue denim jacket wearing black knit cap

How to wear a beanie and not look like a high-school skateboarder

We are now in the grip of cold weather. With it, not only will we experience low temperatures, but also heavy rains, snows, and an unforgivable wind. All of us are excited about the winter and the holiday season. We are all ready to replace our summer wardrobes of t-shirts and light jackets with winter wardrobes of sweaters and boots.

Imagine yourself unpacking winter clothes and rediscovering your favourite pieces. While swearing that this year you will be mixing and matching more of your less-favorite items, Your collection of cardigans and sweaters is being inspected. Your wool coats, shearlings, and other protective clothing against the rain and wind. Your classic Chelsea boots or laced-up boots, which protect your feet from frostbite. Your soft, warm scarves or gloves that will not only keep you warm but also make you more fashionable. Then, at the bottom of your box, you will find a nearly new-looking, lost knit material. It is black and soft, and you realize what it is: the beanie.

It was purchased during a snowstorm a few years back. You were so content to have your ears and head covered, warm, and dry. You look in the mirror when you return home and you are stunned. The beanie protected your ears and kept them from freezing. But it made you look like a child, not a grown-up. It was taken off, dried, and you never wore it again.

The arrival of winter has been met with mixed emotions. There is excitement about all the holiday coming up and then there is the fear for the cold. The beanie is still a good option. However, it just doesn’t work for you.

You’ve given up, and decided to just freeze your ears every winter. What if we said that this doesn’t have be the case? There are many ways to enjoy winter. You don’t have to suffer (frozen) hell at sub-zero temperatures.

The evolution of the beanie

The beanie-style cap was created in Wales, the United Kingdom, over 500 years ago. It was also known as a Monmouth Cap, which was associated with Monmouth. These hats were worn by sailors, soldiers, and later, settlers who went to America.

The American 20th-century saw the birth of the modern beanie. The word beanie comes from the slang term for “head”, ‘bean”. The beanies were worn first by college students and then blue-collar workers. They kept their hair warm and protected it from the elements.

The beanie has become a fashion statement for men in recent decades. Men are increasingly buying beanie in a variety of colors and shapes. They can be worn with casual and sporty outfits as well as formal wear. A beanie can be worn with a suit, dress shoes and coat. This accessory is both practical and fashionable, and can be worn with your everyday outfits.

Are you worried that every beanie will look the same, no matter which one you choose? Are you looking for inspiration or motivation to shop for beanie? We have plenty of inspiration and tips to help you get the most out of your beanies this winter.

What kinds of beanies are available?

Beanies for grownup men are more than your childhood beanie you used to stuff your head in before heading out into the snow. There are many styles you can match with almost any outfit. Let’s take a look at the main types of beanies available before we move on to helping you find your dream beanie.

  • Traditional beanie
  • Fisherman
  • Bobble beanie
  • Slouchy beanie
  • Beanie with a Brim

The classic beanie is the most basic and plain-looking. It is usually rolled at the cuff, with a thin hem. It can be made from cotton or knitted with thin wool.

The winter accessory that every fisherman needs is the fisherman beanie. It was worn first by fishermen but also hunters in the 18th century to protect against the weather outside. It is typically made from fleece or cotton, and is thicker than traditional beanie.

Although the bobble beanie might seem childish at first, it is not to be ignored. Although the pom-pom might not be suitable for grown men, its origins may surprise you. Over the centuries, military soldiers wore helmets with pompoms to distinguish between different regiments. It’s not so childish, is it? Be careful when choosing a bobble beanie.

Slouchy beanies have been a popular trend in the last decade and are often associated with hipster outfits. These beanies are popular because they have a casual, chilled vibe. It can be difficult to wear a slouchy beanie because it is so hard to look hipster cool without looking ridiculous.

How to wear a beanie

We don’t advocate wearing a beanie that has a brim, brims should only be worn on caps. However, we will briefly mention them as they are just there.

After looking at the different styles of beanies, you might think none of them would suit you. We guarantee that there is a beanie for you.

The shape of your face is the best guideline for choosing a beanie

Let’s first analyze your face. A plain beanie is best for those with a more square or round face. It should not cover your entire forehead or ears. This will cause your face to look longer. If you have prominent features, the beanie should be worn in the same manner. Otherwise, it will draw attention to the areas you don’t want. You can wear any type of beanie, even cuffed ones, if your face is oval.

How to wear a beanie in any hairstyle: long, short, or no hair

Let’s take a look at the style of your hair now that you know your face shape. The length of your hair and the texture of your hair are important factors in choosing the right beanie. A beanie should not only keep you warm, but also compliment your outfit and make you feel good. The beanie shouldn’t overpower your hair and make your face look smaller. There is a beanie that will suit your hair no matter how it’s styled.

Long hair

Men are becoming more and more interested in long hair. It is just like women’s hair in winter, and it can become more damaged. Beanies are great for protecting your locks and hiding bad hair days. If you have long hair, the best beanie to wear is one that can be pulled down to half of your forehead. You don’t need to hide your hair in the beanie. Instead, let your hair flow out the sides to frame the face.

Curly hair

A beanie is a must-have for curly hair! To frame your face, don’t pack your long hair in the beanie. Instead, let your hair hang out to the sides or around your forehead. A loose-fitting, cuffed beanie is a better choice to avoid bulk.

Short hair

You can opt for a shorter, tighter, more fitted beanie if you don’t like long hair or your hair isn’t curly. Avoid loose-fitting or chunky knit beanies – if you don’t have hair to frame your face, the beanie could look like it is swallowing your head.

Shaved or bald head

The fisherman beanie is the most loved beanie for men who have very short hair or are bald. The fisherman beanies keep your head warm and are ideal for men who are bald.

Beanie tips for facial hair

You can wear any type of beanie if you have a mustache or a beard, provided your face is well framed. You can wear any type of beanie, with or without a collar, as long as it matches the shape of your face.

Style a beanie to suit the occasion

You should avoid wearing a beanie to black-tie events. If you are in such situations, you should consider hiring a taxi to take you and drop you off. In all other circumstances, a beanie is acceptable.

At the office

As we mentioned, a beanie can be worn in conjunction with business attire. This is especially useful for commuters who have to travel in colder weather and must stand at train stations or bus stops. Although you wouldn’t wear a beanie to the board meeting, you can still wear it on your commute to work. The beanie and winter coat are your best friends. They will keep you warm and dry even when you’re wearing a white tie and a crisp suit. You will look sharp with a white shirt and charcoal pants, and brown Oxford boots. In this instance, thin, tight-fitting beans are the best, whether they have a cuff or not.

How to wear a beanie and a casual outfit

If you’re wearing casual clothes, thicker beanies can be worn. You can wear jeans with a knit sweater, shearling jacket, lace-up boots and a cuffed beanie on your first date if you are unsure what to wear.

How to wear a beanie streetwear style

Streetwear is somewhere in between sporty and casual. You can choose any beanie you like and it suits you. If you are looking for something to wear in the Fall, wear your denim jacket and pair it with a sweater, jeans, Chukka boot, a thin, slouchy beanie and aviator sunglasses.

How do the most stylish men shop for beanies

If you’re shopping for a new beanie, or beanies, make sure you wear the same outfit as the one you plan to use. If you’re looking for a stylish beanie that can go with your office clothes, make sure you go to the shop with the same coat you would wear to work. Wear your bomber jacket or denim jacket over a knit sweater if you’re looking for streetwear-style beanie. To ensure your beanie fits well, you can also wear your shearling or camel coat, and your Chelsea or Chukka boots if you’re looking for something casual.

Last thoughts

Let’s go back to the beginning. You were having mixed feelings about beanies and being afraid of wearing anything that would make your head appear unusually small or large. What are your feelings about beanies now? We hope you find them more fashionable than you imagined and are finding new ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

These are the key points to remember before you leave for Beanies.

  1. A slouchy beanie should not be too loose. It will look ridiculous.
  2. Bobble hats can be worn with casual or sporty outfits.
  3. A beanie without a brim is not appropriate.
  4. For extra style, pair your beanie and sunglasses

You don’t have to be stylish or comfortable. They can work well together. Beanies are a great example of this. Once you find the style that suits your face and hairstyle, the rest is up to you. You can experiment with beanies with different clothing styles, as your head deserves warmth this winter.

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