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How to Buy a New Shoe Trend?

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Trends are fashion’s equivalent of a Louboutin red sole. The other cannot exist without the first. Fashion is driven by the excitement of new trends. However, it’s important that you tread carefully when trying to tackle a new trend. The digital age is full of information that flows and changes at lightning speed across the internet. This makes it difficult to stay critical, even for shoe-lovers. Many of them are often criticized for the excessive consumption of fashion’s latest trends.

How do you decide which trend is right for you? How do you wear that trend? It is important to choose which trends you want to stand out and which ones to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Here’s how you approach a new trend with style and purpose.


Selection is the first step in any shoe trend. Nobody wants to be a fashion victim. You will soon lose your sense of style and become a collection of cheap, gimmicky items that do not reflect who you are. Refrain from buying every shoe on the market. Only buy shoes that you love.


It’s okay to be fashionably late if trends are the lifeblood a party. Take your time when making a purchase. Trends can quickly lose their shine due to the rapid pace of fashion seasons and online over-saturation. To determine if a trend will last, let the dust settle. Trends that become ubiquitous are often signs of their death. The trend cycle, which is the time it takes to go from being worn by no one to everyone to being worn, is shorter these days. The best trends last longer, sometimes for years. Before you start to whip out the plastic, take your time.


Try any trend-led shoes on before you buy. Try them on in your bedroom. You can style them with several outfits. You can walk around your house in them, provided you have a rug. Do they feel right? Are they compatible with your existing clothes? Are they versatile enough to be worn in different ways? If you answered yes, it’s a good sing to buy.


Trends evolve over time. Designers can take a popular shoe and make changes to it each season. Take Bottega Veneta’s coveted Intrecciato-weave line. The latest version has transformed it into a bold, chunky wrap-heel. It’s possible that you will find it becomes a trend that you can’t resist as the trend develops.


You can take a break from Instagram and reflect on the trends you love. Exercising too much attention to a trend can make it difficult to see the point. You may be fooled into believing that something is for you if it’s everywhere you look at people you admire. It’s not okay to buy a trend just because it takes up too much of your IG feed. Nor should you believe that everyone else is following it. Don’t let others see a shoe trend. Instead, look at it from your perspective to determine if it is truly your style.


No matter what the trend, adaptability is key to not becoming a cardboard cutout. You can interpret the trend in your own style. You can’t go wrong if you put your personal style above the hype.

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