woman wearing green short shorts near body of water with camera at daytime

How to Style Shorts that Flatter Your Body Shape

woman wearing green short shorts near body of water with camera at daytime

Your summer wardrobe’s hero is the shorts. Shorts can be worn up or down and are a great summer staple that can be used with endless combinations. Let’s face it, not all shorts can be described as equal. Find out the best shorts for your body and style.


While your shorts may be able to walk, they can also talk. Try a pair in a fun conversation-starting pattern to find out. A printed short is a great way of adding style to any outfit. This fit is recommended for petite ladies. Prints will always draw attention so we recommend it.

Stylist tip: Mix patterns with similar colors to create a look that shouts summer fun.


A pair of linen shorts will give your legs more room to breathe. The pair of A-line tie waists are great for apple-shaped  or athletic shapes. These shorts are easy to wear and can be paired with a contrast color. Brights and neutrals will make your legs look longer.


Move aside, Daisy Duke! At this point, cut-offs are very universal. If your legs are the main focus of your outfit, you can wear them shorter to show them off, or longer so they reach just above your knee. No matter what is your body shape, cut-offs are an excellent casual option to wear all summer.


Chinos, the most structured shorts style, are perfect for petite and athletic figures. The appearance of a more structured silhouette is created by a rigid fabric. You can balance your look with a flowing top and easy-to-wear slides.

Stylist tip: Chinos are the best type of shorts to wear in a professional setting. If you have summertime shorts in your workplace, consider a pair that falls just below the knee or mid-thigh.


A minimal pattern and a longer length are better for thicker legs. Bermudas are ideal for pear-shaped women. hourglass-shaped gals. This style is best for hourglass-shaped gals. A blouse that skims your shorts’ waistline will show your waist. A blouse with a tie front makes it flattering.


Yes, cargo shorts. They are very versatile. These pants are perfect for all body types, but they’re especially great for those with thicker thighs. They have a slimming silhouette and are practical thanks to the thick waistband and mid rise.

Stylist Tip: Add some feminine elements to your look like a chic peasant shirt and experiment with textures with accessories.

You aren’t sure if you should wear shorts, but you might still like to incorporate cargo. You can incorporate cargo in different ways, such as with a blouse or dress.

You can wear whatever style you like, no matter what your fit. Your attitude is the key to any look. So, if you love it, wear it! Wear it! Do not let yourself down (pun intended).

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