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Style Your Curly Hair Like a Pro

woman in brown leather jacket beside woman in brown leather jacket

You probably get asked a lot about your hair and the things that surround it. We are eager to share this experience with you.

This is our process, along with some tips and tricks that we have learned. We hope it answers your questions and helps you style your curly hair.

How to style curly hair

Curly hair? Do you want to learn about curly hair products and how to style it naturally? Here’s what we do with curly mixed hair.

  • It’s not all about the products

Bloggers have the opportunity to test out many different products, and we’ve had great results with all of them. There is no one product that will work for you. You should look for products that are designed to curly hair, such as those that help with frizz, moisture, or defining curls.

This tip was given by a specialist in curly hair many years ago.

  • Because you can feel the curls better with your fingers, and it’s much easier than pulling a comb through them, you should use your fingers to separate them.
  • Do not dry your hair. It can cause hair to fall out. Instead, you should curl your hair.
  • Use conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Take your hair out one at a time and use the conditioner to smoothen your hair. (It doesn’t matter what I do, my hair will always look a little tangled.

Sometimes, you may need to add more conditioner if it is really tangled.
It is not an easy process and takes patience.

When your hair has silky individual strands, you can start to notice curls starting to form.

  • Apply gel/product upside-down to your head. Spread it evenly. We work the way up from the ends.
    Take your part out and let it dry.

Do and Do not do to Curly hair

Don’t shampoo every time you go to the bathroom, but do condition your hair. Hair doesn’t get greasy so no shampoo might not be for you. Sometimes, just rinse out half the conditioner. This helps with frizz later.

Blow dry half of your hair and let it air dry until it dries completely.

Frizz is something you will deal with and find that moisture butter or frizz oil can help. Sometimes a few drops of good old body lotion can suffice if you are in a pinch.

Have a silk pillowcase.

Make your hair in a bun at night. Wraps and the “pineapple” style have been tried, but our hair is still tucked in.

Don’t get super frequent trims. Curly hair grows slower or “out” rather than “down”, as we all know. The curly hair specialist also said that curly hair should be cut every six weeks.

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