How to style a beret

How to style a beret

A beret is versatile and works well with many styles, from rocker to retro, to modern, for both younger and older generations. The beret gives casual outfits an elegant edge, whether you wear it to school or to the movies. It looks great with jeans and a tee.

How to wear a knitted beret? Add it to a blouse and skirt, and voila! This is a sophisticated, feminine outfit that looks great together.

Although men don’t wear berets as often in summer as in winter, it is possible to do so. For a casual look with an edge, pair a beret with a plain white tee with tailored pants.

A soft wool beret is a great choice for winter. We love the contrast between the leather jacket with shiny hardware and the smooth texture of a soft wool beret. This is a look that you can rock out with on Friday nights. For rock-worthy style, pair it with black jeans and combat boots.

Fashion Tips to Avoid with a Beret

The beret is an essential accessory to any wardrobe. It can pull together almost any outfit. A formal tracksuit and a beret. Ask Missy Elliot.

Even though we appreciate the elegance of this hat, there are some things you should avoid when styling it. If you are unsure how to properly wear a French beret, here’s some advice:

  • Get rid of the stripes

A striped shirt and a beret can look great together. It’s too cliché. You shouldn’t wear a black-and-white striped shirt. Consider wearing vertical stripes or a pinstriped button-down if you have to wear stripes.

  • Do not use too much makeup

The beret is a hat that talks a lot. We think the accessory has a personality and that is why some people find it difficult to wear. It’s a kind of a fedora but it’s actually very cool. Your makeup should be simple. You only need a bold eyeliner and a touch of rouge to make your look spectacular.

  • High ponytails

This one makes perfect sense. High hairstyles are best avoided to keep your look polished and professional. High ponytails that are higher than your nape will make your beret sit awkwardly on your head, or cover a portion of your hair. You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you do this. Keep your pony low if you have to.

The Best Places to Buy A Beret

You now know how to wear one. It’s not difficult to find a beret that has been a fashion staple for the past century.

They are available in fall/winter collections by many designers. However, instead of going to each store one at a while, we recommend visiting virtual shops that have a variety of names. After all, variety is the spice in life.

ASOS offers a great selection of affordable berets for both men and women. We were delighted to discover more than one leather beret within its collection, which includes a variety of knitted and wool options.

Bloomingdales has the best selection of pompom and animal print berets. NET-APORTER offers designer styles.

Last Thoughts

There is so much more to berets that meets the eye. This is a style that almost everyone would like to wear, but many are afraid of. We hope you have learned how to wear a French beret and found it more approachable.

Berets can be worn to go to the movies, or to dress up for ice skating in the park. We hope you make this versatile fashion staple a regular part of your weekly wardrobe.

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