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How to Look As Elegant and Stylish as Megan Markle?

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Meghan Markle has grown to be a more beautiful royal. The Duchess of Sussex is known for her exquisite evening gowns and sophisticated daytime outfits. This guide will show you how to recreate Meghan’s signature style.

Meghan Markle’s Outfit
  • Midi Dresses

A dress that falls between the knees and the ankle is called a “midi”. This style of dress is perfect for the Duchess, and boasts a subtle elegance and femininity. This versatile piece can be worn at any event as a stunning ensemble. The midi fits all body types with its flattering nipped-in waistline and flattering shape. You can add a jacket or blazer for a casual daytime look.

  • Pumps

Pumps are Meghan’s favorite footwear. Her style is perfectly matched by the pointed, closed-toe shoes. They are timeless and can be worn with a variety of outfits. You can wear pumps with anything, from a formal evening dress to pants or a coat. To experience the style boost they provide, try a pair. A classic stiletto shoe is a must-have.

  • Fascinators

A fascinator is a staple item in every Royal’s wardrobe. They are often worn by Meghan at formal events. This headpiece is best suited for smart outfits. It instantly elevates an outfit’s sophistication and class. Are you going to a wedding? You can try one. You can add a fascinator or wide-brimmed cap to your outfit with a classic, yet creative accessory.

  • Wide Leg Pants

A wide-leg pant is a must for any wardrobe. The Duchess of Cambridge loves wide leg pants and is often seen wearing them out and about during daytime. Meghan uses a combination of a shirt, jacket or coat to make this piece stand out. This gives you a sophisticated, chic look.

  • Evening Clutches

There are many handbag styles Meghan Markle can wear, from leather totes to handheld satchels. Although clutches may seem unpractical, Meghan has proven that they can be a useful staple in your closet. These bags are perfect for formal events. Meghan uses a clutch to complement her outfit, whether she is wearing a chic pantsuit or a stunning dress.

  • Belted Coats

London can get very cold in winter, so Meghan always opts for a warm and fashionable belted coat. This chic coat is perfect for all seasons and perfectly matches Meghan’s relaxed style. For a sophisticated look, the fashion icon often adds a chunky scarf or hat to this piece. For a fashionable look, incorporate the garment into your closet.

  • Boat neck dresses

After dazzling the world with her minimalist Givenchy wedding gown, Meghan continues to amaze us with her classic boatneck style. The boatneck is glamorous and sophisticated, making it a perfect choice for the Duchess. Because it draws the eyes upwards, the shape makes the waist look smaller. Meghan clearly has a style that she loves and it is helping her stand out.

  • Blazers

A blazer is a must-have for any fashion lover. While her signature look is elegant and chic, the Duchess doesn’t mind incorporating a bit of business casual into her outfits from time to time. For a casual, relaxed style, we often see her wearing a tailored jacket over her outfits. This versatile piece can be added to any outfit and gives it a cool, modern edge. It’s never been easier to dress like a Duchess.

  • Hair

Meghan is well-known for her long, wavy hairstyle. Her hair is soft and elegant, with a healthy, glossy look. To frame her face, she usually dangles her hair in the middle. This gives her a classic, sophisticated look. To achieve her style, blow-dry your hair and then curl your ends with a curling iron to create flowing waves. Apply a serum to smoothen the hair and increase its shine. Next, separate the curls with your fingers.

  • Makeup

Meghan is a master at no-makeup makeup. Her look is minimal, and she prefers glowing skin. Her beautiful freckles are exposed by a light-coverage foundation. Meghan applies a pressed highlighter on her high points and a light pink blush to her apples to brighten her complexion. Her soft pink lips are accentuated by a subtle blush and follow her natural contours. Markle finishes the look with a dark brown eyeshadow that brings out her warm brown eyes. Markle adds definition to her eyes with mascara and eyeliner in black.

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