white and red nike athletic shoes

It’s Time For Summer Cleaning of The Shoe Wardrobe

white and red nike athletic shoes

Every cloud has its silver lining. What we have lost in mobility we now have gained in time. It’s time to breathe. Let’s take, for example, a summer cleaning of your shoe closet. We’re able to spend more time on re-calibrating our wardrobes without a busy commute or a crammed schedule. We are shoe-lovers and we want to start from the bottom by clearing out our beloved footwear wardrobes. Sometimes, creating physical space in your house can also have the side effect of making space in your head. Take some time to relax and do these little organisational tasks if you feel overwhelmed or overburdened. Then surround yourself with your favorite things, such as shoes.


Open the windows and breathe in the summer air. Then, roll up your sleeves on your cashmere sweater. Sort your shoes on the bedroom floor into piles. A solid foundation is essential for every shoe wardrobe. Start by assembling a list of essentials you want to keep and then build from there.


It can be difficult to part with your shoes if you are a hoarder. Find out when the last time you wore your shoes and when you plan to wear them again. Be a fashion editor, and you’ll be shrewd. Are you going to wear fringed sandals again? Are they compatible with your other wardrobe pieces? We believe that some pieces are sentimental or important design classics and we recommend keeping them. William Morris, the designer, had the right idea when it came to keeping what we love.


Once you have decided which shoes belong in your shoedrobe’s shoestash, clean the shelves with a damp cloth. Dust the shoes off. Some shoes may need more care depending on their material and how they are stored. It doesn’t matter if you need to wipe your shoes with a baby wipe or do a thorough cleaning of your sneakers. This will make for more joy and longer wear.


You don’t want to wear your favourite boots because the sole is worn out. You can either have them repaired by your local cobbler or you can use services such as The Restory, which specialize in luxury repairs. They will return your shoes and collect them. Fix them if you plan to keep them. Donate shoes with some mileage to charity shops or clothing banks. You can also resell designer styles online through sites like Vestiaire Collective or HEWI, which verify their authenticity and quality. This helps to fuel the circular economy and gives you a little extra cash for future shoe purchases. You will feel the warmth of knowing that someone else is enjoying your old favorites as much as you are.


You can organize your shoes in a way that suits your needs, such as by color, occasion, heel height, or style. Your shoe collection should be easy to find and maintain. You should keep the shoes that you use most often on a shoe rack. Keep more expensive styles, such as soft suede boots or delicate party shoes, in shoe boxes with clear labels. This will help you take care of your beloved party shoes.

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