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How to shop like the girl behind Brooklyn’s coolest vintage store

turned on desk lamp beside pile of books

We are proud to present our series where we highlight fashion industry personalities and provide insider tips and tricks. We’re talking to Hannah Richtman, founder of New York’s The Break.

She is more akin to a curator than anything else. She has curated an impressive collection of homewares, fashion, vintage, decor, and other items in her store. Naturally, her party planning philosophy is the same. Richtman loves any party that brings people together, food and fun. She is an expert in everything, from choosing the right hostess outfit (a time when to be bold, if ever there was one) to setting the perfect table (she is a master at the splurge or save dilemma). Richtman is a product of her professional experience. She knows the best places and brands to shop, as well as the timeline. Find out her top tips for shopping like an expert hostess.

A sheer dress with a bold lip and a ponytail is my favorite right now. Nipples are a great accessory. The perfect party outfit is one that you don’t even remember you are wearing. You should LIVE in your clothes! You shouldn’t pick something that is so precious it makes the experience less enjoyable. If you have the best night of you life, you won’t mind if there is red wine left on your shirt. (And if that happens, use salt!)

“Shop early and often. Shopping under pressure is the worst thing. Party season is a great excuse for taking a chance, but it’s also a good time to wear the same look over and over again. You’ll always have a look in your closet if you keep it filled with the things that you love.

For Accessories: I like to talk with my hands so I wear several large sterling silver rings. A large necklace or swinging earring is also a good choice. Just make sure you are comfortable wearing it throughout the event. My best friend is the Lobe Wonder. An anklet is a great alternative to boots. It’s surprising and extremely sexy. It’s the little things that make a look complete.

For Beauty: It’s not a good idea to rush to get ready for events, especially if your job is hosting. My go-to routine for my face, cheek and brow is the same. I only change my eyeshadow or lip color. A bold lip and dewy skin are my favorite party looks. However, I won’t use lipsticks that I don’t trust. Through hours of conversations, sips and kisses, she needs to remain in place. ”

Plan Ahead

“As soon as I decide I’m going to host an event, I start to prioritize. Make sure to have plenty of glasses and cutlery. Then, you can make a list of everything that you need, so you know what you have and what you need. You should be aware of what you eat and whether it is good for you or not. If you’re ordering online, leave extra time for possible delivery delays. Although I have spent a lot of time imagining the event, I find that deciding what to wear is almost always the hardest part.

Know Where to Save $

I’ve never regretted buying for any of my lamps. These lamps give you total control over the mood. Simple linen napkins can be washed easily and re-used. You can save money on things that are likely to be thrown away. It is easy to spend too much on flowers and food without having a plan. I find myself spending a lot on cheese every time.

Cultivate Your Personal Essentials

When I’m hosting at my home, I always have The Break’s 7PM burning in my entryway and bedroom, and 9AM in my bathroom. Candlelight is the best lighting and scent to set the mood for an evening. Fresh flowers, cheese, bread, and high-quality olive oils are all things I love. Mix of vintage and glass, and lots of wine in the refrigerator (it’s better to have more than less), if the party needs to be honest.

Engage Your Senses

How do you set the mood? Are the seats comfortable? Are the temperatures controlled in the space? What about the food? What about the drinks? You shouldn’t spend too much money or time on things that won’t make a lasting impression, or take up space in your closet or home. Although nothing will go as planned or look perfect, a great host is always flexible and helpful. It’s not all about what you place on the table; it’s about who you bring to it. You are the best thing you can do for your family.

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