woman wearing gray long-sleeved dress with black blazer standing beside statue during daytime

How to Copy Jackie O.’s most iconic outfits without breaking a bank

woman wearing gray long-sleeved dress with black blazer standing beside statue during daytime

Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s style continues to inspire us, even more than 25 years later. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was well-known for her simple, elegant, and timeless looks, regardless of the occasion. The former first lady looked elegant at all events, from family outings to official government functions. Although she was best known for her skirt suits and pillbox hats, her everyday outfits were still stylish even after her tenure as first lady.

Jackie wore designer clothes often, her favourite suits being from Chanel and Oleg Cassini. But they were never too extravagant or showy. A simple silhouette was paired with a strand or pearls, sometimes a broach. This added sparkle to a plain outfit. Jackie knew that less is more when it came to choosing an outfit.

We couldn’t pick one favorite outfit out of the many options. So we settled on five. We decided to try to emulate Jackie’s casual style even though we won’t likely be taking you on White House tours or going to distant places to meet foreign officials. You can easily recreate most of Jackie’s choices if you know where you look. We tried to keep to silhouettes and styles that are still in fashion today, but you could argue that they never went outof style. We’ve collected some pieces to help you recreate some of her favorite outfits, including the elegant pink evening dress she wore to state dinner and the classic large sunglasses she wore while on vacation. Unfortunately, you are on your own with her beautifully styled brunette hair. Jackie O. would be humbled to learn that she is still a fashion icon after all these decades.

These are the 5 best Jackie Kennedy fashion moments and how to recreate them

Jackie Kennedy’s Pink Suit with Pillbox Hat Ensemble

For so many very serious reasons, the pink suit she wore to her husband’s assassination day will be etched in infamy. She wore pink skirt suits on more than one occasion. In happier times, she wore a light pink suit in 1962. Jackie was often photographed in a sleek skirt suit with white gloves and pearls. She exuded class and elegance.

The Infamous Pink Suit: pink tuxedo suit from Dillard’s

You can channel that moment in history if you wish. The suit she wore that fateful day is very similar to this one. This tuxedo dress, a playful version of the skirt suit that Jackie wore on that fateful day, modernizes Jackie’s look.

A light pink option: Express

Although it isn’t quite the same suit as her tweed suit in 1962, this suit is a modern version of her light pink suit. The three-piece set has a similar rosy color and the midi skirt is classic in length and pencil cut.

The Headpiece: Pink tweed headband from Walmart

Although it’s difficult to find a pillbox hat these days, you can still channel the elegance of the accessory. The look is complete with this tweed headband. It adds texture and hints of pink.

Gloves: Amazon

White gloves will add a touch of glamour to your outfit. The white gloves are slightly higher than the wrist so your arm doesn’t show between the glove and your sleeve.

The Bag: kate spade quilted leather bag

Although a Chanel bag may not be within our means, there are many purses that can be copied from the classic quilted leather bag. This strap features a beautiful gold chain.

Jackie Kennedy’s Nautical Chic Look

Jackie knew that less is more when it comes to clothes. Jackie opted for a simple button-down shirt with linen slacks. A simple silver and golden choker necklace and leather bracelet give the look a sophisticated touch. Even though she is on a ferry, her look is yacht-ready.

The Blouse: Everlane

Jackie’s top is a darker navy blue than the blouse, but you can get the same elegant look with this silk blouse in a lighter shade. The luxurious fabric is casually casualized by the draped silhouette.

The Necklace: Necklace made of gorjana thick chains from Gorjana

Although this necklace isn’t exactly the same as the one Jackie wore in the photo above, the thick chain gives it a similar look. Jackie was well-known for her necklaces. This chunky chain, which is both chic and statement-making, is a tribute to Jackie.

Pants: Everlane high-waisted drape pant

A basic pair of slacks can be a staple in any wardrobe, no matter how famous or simple. Straight-leg trousers with a high waist and straight leg are very comfortable and flattering.

The Bracelet: Gucci leather cuffs with gold

Although we don’t know the meaning of Jackie’s black leather bracelet, this one is almost identical. Only difference is that the letter in gold is G, instead of D. This is Gucci. The bracelet she wears has the same sleek design as her bracelet. The classic combination of black and gold is a great pairing.

Jackie Kennedy’s Picnic Ready Mint Green Moment

You don’t have to dress up for casual picnics, but who says that you shouldn’t? Jackie wore a mint green sheath gown to this event, which was made from beautiful brocade fabric and had a fitted silhouette. Jackie looks stunning in her pearl earrings and only has a pair of pearl earrings to complete the look. We swapped the sheath out for a midi-length dress to give you more movement.

The Dress: Anthropologie

A bustier-style, midi dress is a modern alternative to the shift dress. This pattern is similar to the one she is wearing but with a longer silhouette and a different top.

Earrings from Gorjana

Jackie chose to wear simple pearl studs and gold ringlets in keeping with the pearl theme. These are hoops but they don’t feel heavy or bulky. The pearl is the focal point.

The Shoes: Lifestride white pumps DSW

These heels are much more comfortable than stilettos and have a pointed toe that lengthens your legs.

Jackie Kennedy’s Airport Outfit

Although we’ve all been to the airport wearing sweats and leggings, the times when we do wear clothes for a flight are different. The simple turtleneck and wool coat look great, but they are also very comfortable for long flights across the Atlantic. The look was complemented by large sunglasses and leather gloves.

Shades: Black tory burch sunglasses Nordstrom

Jackie may have been shielding her eyes against the flashing cameras, but these sunglasses exude 70s glamour for every occasion. These lenses are big enough to protect your eyes from the sunlight. We love them in maroon, which adds a rich accent to any outfit.

The Coat: Nordstrom

Wool coats will last you many years. They keep you warm in colder climates, and can be worn as an outer layer underneath your clothes. The jacket has a concealed zipper at the front that keeps it closed. It also creates a minimalist look.

Gloves: The End of the Land

Gloves are great for keeping your hands warm when it’s cold outside. But they can also be a stylish addition to any outfit. These gloves from Lands’ End have cashmere lining, so you’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite sweater when you slip them on. Even better? You can text or scroll while wearing the gloves with tech compatibility on your thumbs and pointer fingers.

The Turtleneck: Everlane

Jackie made basic pieces feel new and elevated, and this outfit is no exception. A simple black turtleneck is worn under Jackie’s jacket. It can be worn alone or as a layer for extra warmth.

Jackie Kennedy’s White House Tour Look

Although it has been recreated in many movies including Jackie (2016), which starred Natalie Portman as Jackie, no one can pull off the look as well as Jackie. It was the red suit she wore for her White House tour that was seen on TVs across the country.

The Dress: ShopBop

Although Jackie is technically wearing both a skirt-and-a jacket, the two blend so well that it appears more like a gown at certain angles. The style icon inspired the name of this dress from the look she wore on the White House tour.

The Pearls: Three strands of pearls Jared

Jackie once stated that pearls are always appropriate. Jackie wore three strands for the occasion. They barely surpassed her collar.

The Shoes: Black point flats with bow tie Rothy’s

Although you can’t see her shoes in the photo, there are other photos of her on the CBS tour that show plain black pumps. You can opt for pointed-toe flats, such as these, if you don’t like the idea of wearing heels. They are both comfortable and long.

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