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How to Match Colors: What Colors Work Well Together

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Are you ready to be a fashion truth-bomb? It’s possible to be safe when it comes down to color. Combining hues is part of every day life, especially when it comes to deciding what outfit to wear. You don’t have to limit your wardrobe to one color scheme. There are many pretty colors that you can add to your wardrobe. Have you ever wondered which colors go well together, ladies? You’re not the only one! It may seem difficult to match your clothes with color, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help. We have the answers to your most difficult color questions. You can explore the world of color by getting up and moving!

Did you know colors can evoke strong emotions? It is true, color psychology is real. Let’s look at a hypothetical situation. Imagine that you are preparing to give a speech in front of a large audience. Think about what message you want to send to your audience through your attire. Cool tones can bring a sense peace and tranquility while warm colors can be energized. You should also consider which colors are most flattering to you. Color is a powerful tool to express your true self. Are you unsure where to begin? Continue reading to learn more about the basics of color theory and what colors work well together.

Pablo Picasso: “Colors are like features that follow the emotions.”


Understanding the color wheel for clothes is the key to mastering the art of color theory or finding the best combinations. Let’s get to the basics. The graph above it shows the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Secondary hues can be a combination of two primary colors.

Do you remember mixing paint colors as a child? Blue and red create violet, yellow and red make orange, and blue and yellow produce green. Tertiary colors combine primary and secondary pigments. Easy, right? This handy guide uses the entire rainbow of colors, ranging from cool to warm. The most flattering combinations of colors are usually located directly across from one another, hence the term complementary colors. Although the science of color theory is complex, these principles are a good starting point.

The Color Wheel Basics for clothing

You might be curious about the role of color in styling clothes. Although they may seem oddly paired, blue and orange create the greatest contrast between each other. This rule is not always applicable to colors that are more commonly paired together in women’s fashion. Red and green can be complementary colors but it might look like you are planning a Christmas outfit. We’re all here to spread the holiday cheer.

Harmonious colors are ones that are grouped together, such as blue or teal. They have low contrast, but they work well together to create a pleasing overall outfit. There are many combinations of color that can be a delight, but let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Marc Chagall: “All colors are friends of their neighbours and lovers of their opposites.”


The core neutrals of women’s wardrobes are black, white, brown and beige. They can blend with any shade of color. They can be considered your foundation tones, allowing you to easily determine which colors will go together. These colors can be paired with more bold shades like chartreuse. What’s not love about this neutral combination? Here’s a look at how we use a few neutrals to create dynamic outfit combinations.

  • What colors go with brown?

Pairing brown with black is a great way to create a simple, monochromatic outfit. Our favorite combination is camels with jet-blacks. You can make this duet more interesting if you find it a little too bland for your tastes. You don’t just need to match colors; you should also be consistent with the tones. A warm brown wool coat can be paired with a blouse made of red and yellow. Leopard prints in brown and black tones are another way to add some sass to the mix. This feline pattern is subtle and neutral, and allows you to show your wild side.

Stylist tip: Sticking to three to fewer colors when creating an outfit is a good rule of thumb. FYI, black and white don’t count. You can always lean in them.

  • What colors go well with navy blue

The color wheel can help you determine which colors match navy blue. We mentioned earlier that navy and orange are prime examples of opposites attracting. They are natural nautical mates, especially if stripes are added to the mix. To make a bold statement, try color-blocking. An a-line navy dress with bright orange strappy heels is fresh and fun.

This almost neutral is, on the other hand, a close relative to black. It’s part of a similar family. This pair is an easy choice when you are trying to decide which colors will go together. One caveat is that dark and intense navy colors could cause mismatched looks with true black. It is important to make sure that both colors have different tones. Textures and luxurious fabrics like silk can add depth and dimension. You can now get rid of the “no black and navy” rule.

  • What colors go with olive green?

Olive can be used with almost any color, and is an earth-toned neutral that can be mixed with other colors. This trend-savvy desert star is a great choice for warm pinks, browns, and dusty blues. Do you prefer a lighter approach to matching clothing colors? When you are looking for the perfect color match for olive, white is an excellent choice. Chic sophistication is at its best when a structured blouse is paired with slim olive slacks, and nude flats.


Pretty pastels and bright colors are the best choices for adding color to women’s wardrobes. These vibrant hues are the best for making an outfit pop. These striking colors can be difficult to match together. There is a way to go too crazy with neons, and the head-to-toe pastels can wash you out. We’re here to help you find the perfect balance of colors.

“I believe that color affects people’s moods.” — Lilly Pulitzer

  • What colors go with pink?

Style tip: All shades of pink and blue can be paired together as long they are complementary. This article will answer your questions about which colors go well with pink. Do you love pink in all its shades? This one is for you. A rich combination of cobalt and fuschia is a powerful and striking combination. You can also pair baby pink with cornflower blue for a more soft feel.

A midi dress with puff sleeves and a pale blue hue, with pink flowers, is a cottagecore style. You can pair blue jeans with any shade of pink. Wide-leg jeans and square-toe heels will keep your look trendy. In no time, you’ll be pretty in pink.

  • Combining Purple and Grey: What colors go well together?

Do you need to choose the right color for purple? You don’t need to look far for a wide range of grey shades. A tone-on-tone combination of lavender and light grey can be both sophisticated and tranquil. A sharp sheath dress with lavender strapbacks will instantly make you look like a fashionista. Add a touch silver to your jewelry for a sparkling twist. Do you like your outfits to be bold? You can no longer be subdued. Instead, you should wear standout outfits made with grape and dark greys such as charcoal and pewter. The darker grey will serve as a foundation that allows bright purple to stand alone.

  • What colors match with red and fuchsia?

Fuchsia is already on our list. However, we couldn’t forget about it when talking about colors that match red. This fashion duo is a show-stopper and will make you think twice about what colors are best together. This fuchsia-red dress will make you the center of attention, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. The main look is very daring so keep the accessories minimal and the shoes neutral. Have fun making heads turn.


It’s easy to express your moodiness with rich colors and jewel tones. These deeper colors can be worn all year, but we love them most for fall and winter. You can think of natural gemstones like sapphire, amethyst, and ruby. Today’s top three choices are teal, burgundy, and emerald. These colors will give a touch of spice to your look when you are looking for colors that complement each other. Continue scrolling to see how we style them.

Georgia O’Keeffe: “I discovered that I could speak with color and shapes in a way I didn’t know.”

  • What Colors Match Burgundy? Blush for the Win

If you are wondering which colors match burgundy, a delicate blush color is the best choice. Blushing and burgundy are both part of the same color family so it’s a natural choice. Because they are on opposite ends of saturation, they work well together. Blush is youthful and burgundy has a sophisticated feel. This real juxtaposition balances both colors well. Blush is feminine so opt for lace details. A burgundy leather skirt is a better choice if you prefer to focus on the edgier details.

  • What colors go well together: Teal and blue

Do you find yourself scratching your heads trying to figure out which colors are best with teal? Let’s take a look at Mother Nature. It’s not difficult to find green and blue in nature, so it’s not surprising that they are a perfect pairing. It is difficult to love the sight of a blue sky and lush green trees. Teal green and other shades of blue work well together, rain or shine. Matching teal green sweatshirt and jogger set with midnight or cyan accents brings out the freshness.

Don’t be afraid to wear one color from head-to-toe when styling jewel tones. Tonal looks can be fashionable if you are looking for colors that complement each other. A light aquamarine blouse can be worn with teal trousers. Also, proportions are important. Do not place too much emphasis on the top or bottom. Are you unsure what that means? To define your waist, tuck your blouse in if your trousers are long and high-waisted. This is particularly important if your frame is petite. Voila! You’re now a master at tonal styling.

  • Combining Emerald and Metallics: What colors go well together?

All our fair-skinned, red-haired friends. Although emerald can be worn by almost anyone, it looks great on those with fiery hair. The jewel-toned color evokes royalty and vitality. You feel as if you are meant to rule a kingdom and sit on a throne when you wear this color. This stunning shade will shine with black or cream. It’s that simple. A touch of metallic can be a great color combination to elevate the look. A gold camisole can peek out of the top of a buttoned emerald jacket. Bottom, wear black jeans or slacks with chunky heels and booties. Don’t forget your crown, queen.

Are you ready to put your newfound knowledge of color wheel to work? To brighten up your wardrobe, take your style quiz and place an order for a Fix. Ask your stylist for color pairing suggestions to bring a variety of colors into your wardrobe. You can relax while you wait for the five pieces that you have chosen. You can test your items at home. Keep what you like, and return the rest.

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