man in black leather jacket standing near body of water during daytime


man in black leather jacket standing near body of water during daytime

Many of us are so obsessed with the idea of a thinned hair that we forget that baldness doesn’t make a man any less anxious about his barnet. Thick, unruly, and wavy hair can also present challenges.

Don King hair days can have a significant impact on your overall appearance. Yale University found that men who don’t like their hair are more self-conscious and self-critical than those with well-coiffed hair. A bad hair day can have a dramatic effect on self-esteem.

Be aware that there is no such thing “normal” when it comes hair. It’s just what you have. Hair that is unique to you. Its structure is what makes it special.


Do you have curly, thick, or wavy hair? The thickness of hair varies from 50 microns (a unit equal to one millionth of an meter) for people with fine hair to more than 100 microns for those with thicker hair. The number of hairs on your head also affects the thickness.

The shape of each individual shaft determines how hair behaves. Asian hair is rounder than the rest, and therefore lies straight and flat. Caucasian hair tends to be slightly oval which makes it finer with different degrees of waviness. Afro-Caribbean hair has a curly look because it is flattened and curved.

Hair density, or the number of individual shafts on the head, is also affected by the color of the hair. Redheads have the fewest hair, while blondes have the most. Wendy Lewis, author and editor of Hair Affair says that half the battle is in learning how to manage the hair you have been given. It is possible to know the best way for your hair to behave, but it can be difficult to get your hair healthy, shiny, and manageable.

This guide will help you get there. We have a plan that will defeat every kind of bad hair, no matter how curly, frizzy, thick or wavy your mop may be.


About 40% of Caucasian men have slightly curled hair. Roger Federer, David Gandy and Orlando Bloom are all well-known men with wavy hair who know how to manage the messy waves.

Wavy hairstyles can look bulky, similar to curly hair. They also react to weather conditions. For example, when it’s humid or raining, the hair becomes more prominent. If your hair is very long, additional waves may grow in places you don’t want them to. They can also get knotted or tangled.

Winkler says that wavy hair is not a bad thing. Although all styles are possible, wavy hair looks best when it is pushed back. Your barber can trim your hair with scissors or a razor if your hair is too thick.

Men’s best wavy hairstyles include the undercut, which is where the sides and back are cut very short and the hair is worn long over the top. The classic and modern side part for public schools (where the fringe falls forward) and loose and tousled (think Jon Snow and Harry Styles). Keep in mind that the longer your hair is, the more prominent the wave will be. If control is your goal, you should keep your wavy hairstyles short at least three inches.

Morgan suggests loosely tying long, unruly hair overnight to manage it. It will look natural and messy in the morning, but it will still be cool and manageable.

There are many products available for men with wavy hair. It is all about choosing the right one for your natural waves. Winkler says that a volumizing spray or sea salt is a good choice to add a little extra volume before styling your hair with a gloss pomade or styling paste. Hair products that define and enhance curls can make your hair look more wavy. They also help to reduce the look of a scientist with anti-frizz serums.

You can temporarily remove your hair waves with a pair ceramic straighteners if you are really ready to say goodbye. You should choose a model that has smaller plates if you have very short hair. This will give you more control and can make the difference between second-degree burns and smoldering looks.


It’s difficult to sympathize a billionaire complaining about the cost of maintaining his yacht. But it’s also hard to feel sorry for a man whose hair is too thick. If you are that man, thick hair can cause constant irritation. Jaymarie Winkler is a manager of Liberty’s Ruffians barbershop in London. She says that thick hair can be difficult to manage and can cause hair loss.

For thick, straight hair, shorter hairstyles are best. Winkler suggests that Caesar fringes, buzz cuts and textured crops are all good options for men with thick, curly hair. Ask your stylist or barber to trim the extra weight if the hair is particularly thick. However, it is not recommended if your hair has a lot of texture.

Allow your hair to air dry naturally whenever you can. Blowing dry can make your hair look thicker. If you must blow-dry, use a cool setting.

For men with wavy hair, you should skip volumizing mousse. Styling products that give hold but don’t add volume or stickiness are great for thick, wavy hair. Winkler recommends stocking up on pastes and clays.

Paul Morgan, Jacks of London master barber, says that a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are essential. They will prevent hair from drying out and maintain its condition. This is because dry hair will cause the cuticles (the outermost layer of hair) to remain open, making it appear thicker and more straw-like.

Conditioners can also be used to keep thick hair straightened and less bulky. Morgan says that Moroccan Oil is great for thick hair because it moisturizes and can soften hair texture with long-term use.


Guy Parsons, celebrity hairdresser and trichotomologist says curly hair is curly “because the follicle it grows from underneath the scalp is not straight.” Curly hair tends to be coarser in texture. The more water the hair holds, the dryer it will become.

Parsons says that the hair absorbs light instead of reflecting it so it doesn’t look as shiny as straight hair. It can also become frizzy in humid conditions, so it is important to use products that protect it. Many men with naturally curly hair find it difficult to care for their hair.

There are three options. You can either keep it curled (which Justin Timberlake does), or you can relax and remove the curls. Or, you could just let nature do the rest. There are plenty of people who can do curly hair, like Adrian Grenier, James Franco, and Carlos Valderrama.

Morgan advises that a flat, layered haircut is the best way to maintain curly hair. You don’t want too many thinning or texturizing. A curly undercut (short at back and sides, curly on top) looks great. Also, a curly quiff, and hair cut to jaw-length, as Aiden Turner did in Poldark, is a good idea.

No matter what style you choose, it is important to get your hair cut or shaped after it has dried. Curly hair tends to be more relaxed when it is wet and springs back slightly when dry. This ensures that you get the style and length you desire.

Morgan says that it is important to choose the right product for curly hair. He recommends using a moisturizing shampoo and styling products like Moroccan Oil Moulding Cream. He says that it can be used on wet hair, and because it is incredibly moisturizing, it is ideal for curly hair. It will define curls and provide a great hold.

Pick up the right tools if you are in a knot. A brush that is specifically designed for curly and thick hair can help keep your hair tangle-free. These brushes have flexible teeth which gently detangle hair and smoothen it down. A hairdryer with a diffuser can also be used to dry hair. This will protect hair from frizz and help define curls.

Morgan says that for a relaxed curl, you can towel dry your hair and then use a standard funnel or nozzle to straighten the hair. Straighteners can be used to get rid of the curls. Remember to use heat on curls with the help of mousses and alcohol-based sprays. This can lead to hair becoming even more dry.


Hair can behave like children. Your hair will be unique and have its own quirks and kinks. These will be things you have learned to accept and live with. However, a few cowlicks or double crowns can prove problematic.

  • Crowns are (mostly in clockwise order) hair whorls that begin at the back of your skull, just below the top of your head. However, some people have more than one crown, making it a double crown. Because they must deal with two centres of growth, these can be difficult for barbers.
  • Cowlicks are small hair strands that grow in a different direction to the rest of the hair on the head. They create gravity-defying tufts which stick up and resist most attempts to control them using products such as waxes or pomades.

Winkler says that if you have a prominent double crown, you must choose between a very long, very choppy or short style. Longer hair will make the crown less visible, while shorter and more choppy hair will conceal it.

A short, spiky or textured hair is the best way to manage a stubborn cowlick. It will work with the cowlick and disguise the hyperactive hair. If cowlicks are an issue, blow drying can temporarily alter the direction of hair growth. Weighing the hair down can also help to grow the hair longer.

It is a smart idea to wash your hair less often, as the natural oils in your hair will help you get rid of the excess oil.

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