Many of us have not worn much eye makeup in the past year. Even though we still use it, it’s not making my eyes pop like it was when we were younger.

Kelly Schultz, owner and founder of Julu Beauty, explains that the size of our eyes is set when we are born. It remains constant throughout our lives. “As we age the tissues around our eyes lose their support and begin to sag. This can cause the eyes to appear smaller.” Schultz says that making our eyes appear larger will make us look younger.

Here are some expert tips to help you make your eyes sparkle.

  • Rest and moisturize

To keep your eyes looking fresh, get enough sleep every night. Lucy Chambers, a makeup artist, says that it is best to sleep on your back. Although it may sound absurd, this is exactly what can happen to your skin – fluid drains, causes puffiness, and emphasizes wrinkles.

Apply a hydrating cream under your eyes. Schultz suggests that you put your eye creams in the refrigerator overnight to reduce swelling. Schultz also recommends using retinoids at bedtime to smooth out fine lines and prevent wrinkles.

To reduce dark circles, you might consider Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes before applying concealer. Use concealer to cover dark circles, which can make your eyes appear sunken. Chambers states that dark circles are usually a greenish/blue color so it is best to use something peachy. Dark circles can be made more visible by using a pale concealer with the wrong tone.

  • Prime and Shadow

Eyelids may become more hooded as we age and our skin may get oilier. Therefore, it is important to apply an eyelid primer. It provides shadow with a firm base to stick to, so it lasts longer. Apply shadow next, preferring powder over cream. Schutz advises that shimmer and pearl eyeshadows should be avoided as they will draw attention to thin skin. Avoid cool tones. Chambers stated, “Softer, warmer colors tend to look more flattering.”

One earth-neutral shade can be used on the entire lid, from the crease to the end for a day look. Two-color is better for evening. Schultz recommends applying one to the top of the lid, then blending it into the crease. To lengthen your eyes, apply a lighter shade to the inner corner.

  • Line it up

Liquid liner is best avoided as it can be too harsh and difficult to apply correctly. A fine-angled brush or eye pencil dipped into matte shadow will give you a natural look. Consider only covering the top of the lid as the eyelids and face tend to lose definition with age. Schultz says, “You want soft definition at lashes that will give you the appearance of lifting your eyes.” Chambers prefers a dark brown or warm grey liner to a black one. It gives the eyes definition, but it is not as harsh as black.

Chambers also likes to rim the upper lashes’ waterline. The waterline becomes more prominent as we age. Chambers says that liner can be applied here to make the eyes pop.

To make your eyes appear larger, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. As long as you’re gentle, lashes can be curled every day. Apply mascara, preferably waterproof or water-resistant. Chambers recommends using a dark brown mascara or an expresso over black mascara. She says, “Try it, I guarantee that you will see a big difference.”

  • Take  care of your eyebrows

As we age, our eyebrows may start to recede. Schultz states, “The brow length decreases and gives the appearance of a smaller eyes.” Chambers adds, “It doesn’t help that many of us who grew up in the 1980s or 1990s pluck our eyebrows so thin!” The current trend for thicker eyebrows is too much for older women. The eyebrows should frame the eyes and not dominate them. They should be natural and not too thick.

While your hair color doesn’t have to match your brows, it is not necessary that you wear it brown. Chambers recommends that blondes go 1 to 2 shades darker than their hair, while brunettes should go 1 to 2 shades lighter. Schultz says, “If your brows are thinned from age, fill them with a pencil, or powder in neutral shades that match the root color of the hair.”

A final tip: If you are wearing readers, make sure you take a look at your eye makeup while you’re still in the house. Chambers says that readers magnify our eyes so if you wear them, it could show that you haven’t properly blended your eye makeup or make small mistakes appear bigger.

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