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How to earn with Instagram: follow our advice

There are already more than one billion Instagram users worldwide. This is just under one-seventh of the global population. This begs the question: Why don’t you get more photos likes? You should think about that for a second, because Instagram is more than just likes.

Marketeers who are savvy use the picture platform to increase sales and generate income, from the super-influencers to your friend’s start up. It’s a viable career choice for some of us. It’s also a side hustle that pays $1 million per post if you are Kylie Jenner.

Even though you may not be able reach those lofty heights, there are still ways you can make your Instagram posts work. You can reach a new audience willing to share their hard-earned dollars.

Jen Kaye, designer and owner of the business, says that Instagram is an important part of her profession. “It helps to broaden our audience as well as keep our customers informed about new stock and promotions.”

You don’t think so? We didn’t think so before too. It’s not just limited to the US. Instagram users account for 80% of the world’s population. This means that your posts can be seen by anyone around the globe.

“My Instagram is my life, and I post almost every day across all my social media accounts.” Zack Smith, microinfluencer and entrepreneur, “I get paid to endorse clothing brands like New Look and boohoo.”

It’s true. These days we’re all addicted Instagram, so it makes sense that you could be making money from the hours spent scrolling through your phone. We’ve assembled a group of professionals from micro-influencers to creatives, and small business owners to share their best tips on how to make real money with Instagram.


Zack Smith, just 23 years old, is paid to promote brands such as boohooMAN and Palmers on his Instagram. Zack Smith also owns an event company and PR firm. His 40,000 plus followers provide a ready audience.

Sponsorships are a great way to let people know which companies you work with and which companies paid you to promote products or items. Uploading photos at specific times of day and using the relevant hashtag is all that’s required.

It all depends on how many followers your have. A higher number of followers means more money per post. Follow people you interact with. It’s not worth following people who don’t like your comments or posts. “I am very selective. My stories are not liked by many of my followers. But my pictures get a lot of response. It’s a mystery to me.”

Instagram now offers a new tool to refine your feed. It allows you to ask your Instagram followers questions like “What would you like to see more of?” This helps you market and grow your following.


Your ratio should be right: “I have 44k followings and I follow 4k because it looks good for my business, so ratio is important as an influencer.”

Take control of your time. “I believe the best time to post is around 6 o’clock Friday, when everyone will have finished work and are using their phones. To remind me, I keep a schedule in my phone.”

Avoid over-tagging: “Never use too much hashtags, it will make your page look amateurish and unprofessional.”


Hings was published by Chris McQueer, a Glaswegian short story writer. He has been praised by Irvine Welsh and Limmy. McQueer has increased his online promotion with the publication of HWFG, his latest book.

“Instagram is very important to me as a writer. Because it allows me to show my personality, which is very important for authors who are often seen as old, faceless recluses, Instagram helps me. It is a way for me to be different.”

“I don’t believe the ratio of followers is very important. However, it does get a lot of attention. I have never felt less about someone because they follow more people than me. If you follow everyone, your feed will get clogged up with irrelevant shite. Instead, follow only people you are interested in and admire.”

Asking questions is a great way to increase engagement. The Instagram Stories tool is great and can help you increase sales if used properly. “I have done some giveaways of books in my Stories. It was like ‘Share this photo and follow me to be eligible for a signed … book.’ I will also post snippets from my readings occasionally. Daniel Piper is a brilliant writer who uses Instagram well. He should teach writers lessons, he’s a genius with it.”


“Take a day off. Sunday evenings are prime time to post. Everyone is glued to their smartphones. This is when I post any promotional stuff, such as pictures of my new novel, upcoming signings, and so on.”

Know your audience. “A lot of people take my books on vacation, so I’ll repost their best photos of it in exotic locations. This obviously increases visibility and also increases sales.”

“Hashtags are great for building your account. They work well for make-up artists and photographers. My girlfriend posts a lot of make-up Instagram photos, and it’s a great platform for her to be seen by brands and other artists.”

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