brown leather bag in shelf

How to make money from your closet: What to sell now and what to keep for later

brown leather bag in shelf

Even casual fashion watchers know that Hermes Birkin bags, rare sneakers like the special-edition Air Force 1s sell for big on the resale and auction block. Can clothes investing be profitable? Matthew Eberhart is the VP of marketing for Grailed. He says that clothes can be a lucrative investment.

Smart resellers know when to sell and when not. Sasha Skoda is the head of women’s consignment platform RealReal and noted that party dresses are a hot item. She said that people want to be bold and make big statements, have lots of fun, and get back out on the streets. Sofia Bernardin, the founder of Re-See luxury vintage and second-hand marketplace, noted a similar demand for John Galliano and Tom Ford dresses from the 2000s. Selling is also a good idea right now. Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier corsets by Vivienne Westwood and just about anything else that embodies Y2K/Euphoria style.

Experts interviewed by us pointed out the difficulty in predicting what will sell. Kim Kardashian is a fan of JPG, but Mr. Eberhart believes fashion moves in cycles of 20 years. “So if you really think about it from an investment perspective, consider the coolest 15 years ago and then try to get ahead of it.”

There are pieces you need to keep on top of until they reach their peak resale price. There are clothes by Khaite, the Row and other pieces that Ms. Skoda suggested could be new classics. Anything Phoebe Philo designed, which she is expected to launch her brand soon, during her time at Celine. clothing and accessories that Virgil Abloh, the late designer of Louis Vuitton and his Off-White label.

Avoid trendy items when shopping for resale. Gill Linton, co-founder of contemporary-vintage website Byronesque, says that anyone with an investment eye should consider the meaning behind the items they purchase. She said, “It’s about more than hype.” “The cultural context is really crucial. Was the collection meaningful? Was it connected to the culture of the time? Did it influence the way people dress? It had an impact on other designers.” She urges you to keep pieces that Demna (the mononymous creative director at Balenciaga), designed for Vetements, or his current label. “We’re all living in Demna’s world right now,” she said, suggesting his visceral streetwear-meets-couture mashups have swayed the global aesthetic. Here are four pieces that you should sell right now and four that might be worth much more later.

Keep Them!


The New York brand has a quiet luxury and an insider appeal that makes Ms. Skoda from RealReal confident it will have high future resale value. Keep special items such as this dress or the label’s cashmere knit Bra that went viral in 2019!

Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton

Grailed’s Mr. Eberhart said that Vigil was a magician and he won’t produce any more. Abloh’s work, such as this Vuitton jacket for fall 2020, will only increase in value, he predicts. He’ll be an icon for a long time so if it’s yours, keep it. But if cash is tight, you can certainly make some money from it now.

Celine Phoebe Philo

Fanny Moizant is the co-founder and CEO of Vestiaire Collective. She recommends keeping “anything old Celine…the price are becoming more insane the longer we wait.” A pair of spring 2018 boots can be found on her site for $1,700. Mr. Eberhart said that while it is possible to get a good price for it right now, it might be worth more in 30 years.


Mayank Hajela and Ms. Skoda see New York’s brand Bode becoming highly sought after in the coming years due to its unique, distinctive aesthetic (epitomized with this jacket) as well as growing popularity. Grailed’s Mr. Eberhart agrees and says that Bode will become “magical” in the future.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Raf Simons

Raf Simon’s Riot Bomber 2001 is very collectible, according to Ms. Linton of Byronesque. He is now co-designer for Prada. His eponymous line was launched in 1995 by Mr. Simons. The aughts-era pieces are highly collectible, according to Mr. Eberhart. People have paid a lot, if not tens or even thousands of dollars, for them. Although he is impressed at how long Raf Simons’ vintage has been selling well, he said that it’s difficult to predict how long this trend will continue.

Chrome Hearts

Ms. Moizant said that “Chrome Hearts always runs fast,” and added that her teenage daughter is a big fan. This Los Angeles brand is a favorite of celebrities, including Rihanna and Karl Lagerfeld. The brand’s iconic cross logo is prominently displayed on these jeans. Vestiaire lists similar pairs for as high as $5,500.

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian have recently worn it. “You can see it on TV shows like ‘Euphoria,’ Gen Z, TikTok. It’s everywhere,” Ms. Skoda said. Gaultier pieces you don’t wear are peaking in resale values, so get rid of them now.

Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga

ReSee’s Sofia Bernardin said that Nicolas Ghesquiere, who was appointed as Balenciaga’s helm in the late 1990s, “seismically changed the way women dress.” She says that his enduring influence continues to drive the popularity and sale of his cargo pants and aviator jackets from the early ’90s, which can fetch twice their original cost.

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