macbook pro displaying woman in black shirt

Tips on Looking Amazing in Zoom Calls

macbook pro displaying woman in black shirt

Zoom calls have become a common feature over the past years. We may have had a taste lats summer of in-person action, but it seems that we are moving back to electronic interactions due to the recent increase in cases. It’s unlikely that this trend will last long after the pandemic. However, it is important to be prepared for any time we may have more computer contact. It doesn’t matter if you are using the camera for business communications or personal communication, it is important to look your best.

How to Look Great on Zoom

People often see you more closely on the call than they do in person. It is important to look your best. Dress appropriately, put on your makeup, style your hair, and accessorize. You will feel more confident, organized, and trustworthy. Smile, look at the camera, and then speak slowly, carefully and clearly. Here are some tips for looking your best on Zoom.

  • Skin tips

You can take care of your skin by using moisturizers and anti-aging products both day and night. Your skin is your canvas for flawless makeup. If your skin looks good, your makeup will look even better. You want your skin to look radiant and not greasy.

Use foundation to conceal any skin discoloration or brighten tired eyes. People often say they only use foundation when dressing up. It should be worn every day as it can protect your skin from harmful irritants and provide anti-pollutant properties. It can also brighten your skin in poor lighting conditions. You should choose a color that matches your skin tone, as well as one that has skincare benefits such as SPF, coverage, shine, color correction, color control, oil-control, color perfect, and hydrating. You will be a blessing to your skin for many years!

  • Makeup

Begin by shaping and coloring your brows. Next, apply mascara and eyeliner. These are the most important products for your eyes. Use a brow product, whether it’s a pencil, brow powder, or wax. This will enhance your eyes. You have many options for eyeliner: choose from charcoal, navy, deep teal or gray-green. Avoid browns, as they can make your eyes look tired.

Eyeshadow primers are essential if you plan to use eyeshadow. Eyeshadow primers can be used to remove any darkening in the eyes and ensure that your shadow stays on throughout the day without creasing. This is an additional step, but it’s important!

Avoid using shimmery colors as they can distract from the Zoom calls’ lights and camera. Use neutral colors with a matte texture. Keep in mind that lighter colors can make certain areas more prominent or highlighted. Darker colors will reduce or push back and will be best for extra flesh or puffiness. Under lights and cameras, the results can be magnified.

Use a pencil of flesh-colored to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. This is a great way to get rid of the darkness. Mascara should be black. Make sure to roll the mascara under your lashes to add volume.

Blush can be used to add color to your face by looking into the camera. You can choose a matte finish in neutral pink/coral. It is possible to use cream or powder cheek color, which will make it easy to brighten your skin. Simply smile and apply blush to your apples. Use your fingers or a brush to blend.

A soft pink, coral, earthy, or gentle red lip color is best. Avoid glitter or shimmer and avoid looking too dry. Do not distract your audience by using a bold lip color.

  • Lights

You can also use lights to make sure you don’t look down at the camera. The camera should be viewed straight ahead, or slightly upwards. Do not place your back against a sunny or bright window. Sit facing the windows if you have natural lighting. If not, try to avoid direct sunlight. Avoid fluorescent bulbs that can make your face look too harsh. You have the option of mounting a ring portrait lamp above your camera or photographer lights to either side.

You should position the lights so that there are no shadows to your nose. The lights should be placed so that you are at the 90-degree corner and you and the lights make a right triangle with your hypotenuse. You should be about 4 to 5ft away from the lights.

Many photographer lights can be adjusted to change the color to show how beautiful you look. A stand should be ordered for each light. Place the lights at the same height as your head. It is important to avoid stooping or leaning too closely to your iPad or laptop camera. Facial features will become more prominent if you are too close. It is a good rule of thumb to keep your face at least 24 inches away.

Keep in touch with others. It’s a great way to help others in many ways. Smile, have fun and be positive because good moods can spread. You can tell people if Zoom calls are enjoyable, and their enthusiasm will attract them!

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