woman in white and pink floral dress standing on green grass field during daytime

How to Take Care of Your Party Shoes

woman in white and pink floral dress standing on green grass field during daytime

When we are in the afterglow of a great party and deep in group chats about last night, shoe care is not on our top priorities. If you are like us, we enjoy a little post-party pampering (brunch and facial anyone?). It’s time for you to give your shoes the same love and care that you show yourself. After all, they worked just as hard on the dance floor as you.

If your favorite stilettos are properly cared for, they can last many party seasons. This is both good for the planet as well as your closet space. You can look after your shoes and help the planet. It’s one way to take the climate crisis under control. These tips will help you revive your old favorites and keep them shining when next year’s invites arrive.


Consider your shoes as a treat after a few “Cosmos”. Satin, silk, suede, and leather are sensitive to heat, sun, and damp. Keep them dry and cool. Balenciaga Knife mules should not be left unattended near a window. This could cause colour fade, which is worse than a broken heel. You should instead store them in a dry closet.

You can also recycle them and keep them in their original boxes. Or, you can use cloth dust bags to protect precious metalwork and embellishments. You can preserve the shape of your shoes by investing in shoe trees or stuffing the toes with acid-free paper.


Prevention is better than treatment. We try to have our shoes re-soled and heeled as soon as possible. Even if your shoes look worn out, luxury and handmade shoes are made to last. Most of the top shoemakers offer aftercare services. For professional cleaning and repairs, you can take your shoes to a local shoemaker if they don’t offer it. The old lady still has life.

Take care – Shoes could be permanently damaged by a stray smudge or lipstick.


You might want to consider wearing your Manolo Lurums if it is raining. But satin is not for the wet ground.

Also it is a good idea to have your shoes cleaned by professionals using gentle, environmentally-friendly water and stain protectors. You can soak up water from the rain with a colourfast fabric and then dry your shoes with a hairdryer on the lowest setting.


To preserve the shoe’s structure, walk slowly around your house for a few hours. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your most delicate shoes. A stray smudge or remnant of hand cream, or lipstick could cause permanent damage if you have applied makeup to your shoes.

Although they might not be the most elegant of accessories, heel stoppers can make your shoes last longer. Take care of them and change every now and then.

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