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10 simple tips for guys how to look taller

man sitting on hardtail bike under golden hour

Although clothes won’t make you appear taller or slimmer, they can make you look taller and more toned. The flip side is that the wrong clothes can make someone look smaller and fatter than they actually are.

It’s okay to be short. Nobody chooses their height. Nobody can choose their height. A lot of our appearance is determined by our genes. It’s important to be comfortable with yourself and to find ways to feel confident about your body. Style doesn’t necessarily have to be about enhancing your body. You can use fashion to express yourself or your creativity. This guide will give you 10 simple tips to ensure your clothes work for you and not against.


Although trends can change, the trend of low rise pants for shorter men should be avoided. Why? It makes your legs appear shorter. Let’s face it, everyone has a different ratio of leg to torso. Your clothes will determine your perception of your waistline, regardless of your actual waistline. If you wear your pants down to your hips, you will see a lower perceived waistline. This is even if your legs are longer than the average person. Long legs are considered attractive in western societies. Long legs are a sign that you are fit, beautiful, and athletic. This is why high-rise jeans and shorts for women are so popular. They will give you a slimmer waist and longer legs. This is a win-win situation! You can make your legs look longer by wearing pants that are higher than your waist.


This tip is particularly powerful when combined with the previous one. A medium- or eve-high rise pair of pants and a tucked-in shirt are some of the most flattering outfits that a shorter person could wear. It looks great and is super comfortable. You can also tuck in your shirt to solve the problem with many off-the-rack shirts being too big for short guys. You can have your shirt shortened by a tailor. However, if you are in a hurry, tuck the shirt in. You can get a neat tuck by pinching excess fabric at the back and folding it in half. You can use shirt stays with button-up shirts to keep your shirt neatly tucked in all day.


You’ve probably heard this before and you should be making it a priority. If you aren’t convinced by the power of fitting, here are two photos of me in a suit. A suit that isn’t fitted makes you appear shorter and heavier than real size. You can look like a child playing dress up. The suit that fits makes you look thinner and lengthens your body, which makes you appear taller. Your appearance is more professional and mature. We recommend that you find a tailor to help you get the right fit.


You may have heard that black makes you look slimmer and that dark colors make you appear thinner. Did you know that darker clothes can make you appear taller? It is true. This is why dark colors can eliminate shadows. In lighter colors, minor imperfections such as wrinkles or shadows can be easily seen. These shadows will blend into the fabric, and are virtually indistinct with darker fabrics. This results in a more streamlined silhouette. Plus, dark colors eliminate contrast. Our eyes are very good at seeing shapes. Contrast is what creates shapes. Contrast is also all about how you view your background. Lighter colors reflect light and stand out against the background. Darker colors absorb light and blend into the background. You should not wear all black, it can be color combinations with dark greys, burgundys, browns, and dark green.


Have you ever seen a man with very thin hands and wrists wearing a large watch with a 45mm case with a chunky strap? This makes your wrist and hands look smaller and your wrist appear thinner. Small accessories are best for a small and thin man. You should also wear a larger watch that isn’t unnaturally small on your wrist if you have large hands and forearms. This goes beyond watches. Accessories are all part of the collection. Think about neckties, for example. A Windsor knot is too wide for a small man. To avoid appearing even smaller, you should opt for a slim tie with a four-in-hand knot. Tie ties shouldn’t extend past your waistline. Also many “one-size fits all” sunglasses won’t work for narrow faces. They will make your face appear even smaller. Thin men can wear skinny ties even though they shouldn’t be stocky. Smaller women will look better with delicate jewelry than large jewelry. Larger women can easily wear bulkier jewelry. Accessorizing is all about fitting your body.


Contrast is what we mean, specifically the contrast between your top and bottom halves. Contrast between your legs and torso should be avoided. Wearing a white shirt and black pants is one example. Try to reduce contrast by pairing colors that are closer together. Celebrities often use this trick to appear taller on the red carpet. This is a great way to increase your height or, at least, keep your legs from looking shorter.


Just as accessories size is important, so is pattern size. People have said that shorter men should not wear horizontal stripes as they make them look smaller and that vertical stripes make them look taller. This is incorrect. It doesn’t matter what type of pattern you choose, but how large and scale the pattern is. Whatever type of pattern you prefer – gingham or checks, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, polka dots, etc. – small-scale patterns are a good idea. Why? Because you will look smaller if you have large patterns. For the smaller, shorter man, thick vertical stripes can be a problem.


There are many options when it comes to the length of your pants, including full-length or cropped. Shorter people will look better in pants that have a slight or no break. Cropped pants are also a good option. If your pants are too long and stack up on top your shoes, you will look shorter. It can have the opposite effect if your pants are too high up on your shoes, or just a little higher than your shoes. This does not work well with pants with wider leg openings. Instead, opt for a tapered leg (which is very easy to do at the tailor).


In freezing cold conditions, it is important to put function ahead of form. Sometimes a bulky, over-sized parka is necessary. That’s okay! However, bulky outerwear can make you appear shorter. Layering up is the preferred method of getting warm. Thin down jackets are the preference, rather than the puffy ones that make you look like the Michelin Man. Wool topcoats can also be as warm as casual winter coats. Choose a slim fit parka that is not too long. For shorter people, the ideal length is mid-thigh. A scarf, hat, and gloves can make it easier to stay warm.


Please, avoid wearing elevator shoes or heightening inserts. These shoes are not good for your posture and look ugly. But if we’re talking about boots – many shoes of this kind have a 1″ to 1.5″ heel.

A flat sole sneaker that you prefer to wear everyday, will not give you the height you desire, while a work boot, or even a Chelsea boot with a minimal heel-toe drop will do. Women have more options here, as there are many different heights of women’s shoes, from flat to platform to six inches heels. Unfortunately, these options are not available for men, but you can still wear boots almost all year. If in doubt, wear your boots and not your sneakers.

These  tips should give you an idea of how to get the most out your clothes so that you can be the handsome, lean man you are. Remember, it’s not about trying be like someone else. There is nothing wrong with being short. Be comfortable with your body. Don’t be concerned about your height if you are a younger man. Worrying is a wasteful use of your time and energy. Instead, focus on the things you can control such as how you dress.

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