grayscale photo of mans face

The Only and True Guide on Growing a Beard

grayscale photo of mans face

In the past decade, beards are making a comeback. More and more men are sporting them. Perhaps you have tried growing one, but it didn’t grow faster or more.

There is no magic potion that will make your hair grow faster or thicker. It’s impossible to grow your hair faster if it isn’t in your genes. Your DNA determines your facial hair growth propensities and patterns. Your hair will not magically change color overnight. A beard won’t suddenly grow if your hair isn’t growing fast enough. It’s just how it is.

You can make your hair grow faster and improve the health of your facial hair. This will give your beard the perfect look and texture. You’re trying to maximize the potential of your body for facial hair growth. Many men have habits that prevent hair growth. Follow these tips to get the look you want.

1. Always be patient

Every person’s facial hair grows at a different rate, thickness, and range (all over the face or just in your goatee). This is something you cannot do much about.

With a little patience, most men can have any style of facial hair. Some men will have a full beard while others may only have a slight goatee. It doesn’t matter what style you choose (or settle for), it will take time to achieve it.

2. Sleep Well, Eat Right, Exercise

A few things can help promote hair growth.

First, the majority of hair growth happens over night, when cell turnover is at its highest. Your hair won’t grow as well if you don’t properly recharge and rest. A side effect of not getting enough sleep is decreased blood flow. This means that nutrients are reaching their destination (your hair’s follicles) less efficiently. A lack of nutrients can lead to a decline in the health and growth facial hair. Your budding beard and health will be grateful that you get 7-8 hours sleep every night.

You can also get lots of sleep by exercising and eating healthy foods, such as whole grains, oils, and vegetables. Your hair will grow faster and be healthier.

3. Increase testosterone

Your physical health can not only improve the blood flow and nutrients that your hair needs, but it will also increase your testosterone, which is a hormone linked to hair growth. The hormone testosterone acts as a catalyst for hair growth. DHT, which is a hormone converted from T, promotes hair growth. In general, testosterone equals more facial hair, and therefore better growth. Learn more about naturally increasing your testosterone here and you might have a better beard.

That said, boosting your T won’t overcome poor facial hair genetics and bring you from baby-bottom-smooth to world-class-lumberjack. Optimizing your T will improve your beard genes. If you have a naturally smooth face, it might be possible to see a slight increase in facial hair growth. However, this won’t make your beard grow thicker or more dense.

4. Take care of your skin underneath

Well-cared skin is the key to happy hair. Although you may not associate good skin care with the male set, it is important to wash your face every morning and evening, and exfoliate 1-2 times per week. You should also regularly moisturize your skin (your favorite lotion will work) to keep it hydrated. It will encourage facial hair growth and improve your complexion. Win-win!

5. Choose a Beard Style

After about a month of growth you will be able to tell if your beard will be dense and full or thin and sparse. You should trim your beard if your beard looks sparse or patchy. You’ll have more options if your beard is thicker.

You want to choose a beard style that fits your face shape when choosing a beard design.

  1. Oval Face. There are many options for beard styles available for oval faces. You can have short, long, or full beards that look great on your face.
  2. Round Face. You should choose a hairstyle and beard that will add length to your face if you have this shape. You can achieve the desired effect with a longer beard.
  3. Oblong/Rectangle Face. Avoid hairstyles or beard styles that make your face look longer or skinnier, such as the Beaker effect. For those with rectangular faces, shorter beards are best. It shouldn’t be too short. If your full beard is very thick, you can let it grow out. The thickness will add width to your face, making it appear more oval.
  4. Square Face. Avoid beard styles which make your face appear wider. It’s a good idea to keep your beard and hairstyle short.
  5. Diamond Face. Diamond-shaped faces have broad cheekbones and narrow jawlines. A full beard can increase the width of a diamond-shaped jawline. A haircut that increases the width of your forehead will make your diamond-shaped face look more oval.
  6. Triangle Face. Triangular faces have a broad jawline that narrows slightly at the cheekbones and narrows further at the forehead. Men with triangular faces should avoid having beards. A beard can make your already large jaw appear wider, and your forehead appear narrower and more pointed. You can add stubble to your facial hair if you prefer.

A barber can help you create a custom beard by taking a picture of your desired style. This is the easiest way.

6. Make sure you are using the right products for your beard

No, you don’t need fancy beard oils or shampoos. You should shampoo your facial hair the same way you would your head. You can use whatever product you like, but make sure your beard is completely rinsed. Do not let any product linger on your mane, drying it out and ruining it. Shampooing your hair will ensure that the hair and skin are clean. Cleanliness is the key to beardliness

You should use beard oil to moisturize your skin. But, don’t purchase it unless you are absolutely sure you want to. Make your own beard oil for a fraction the price. MIG Soap’s Man Face is my favorite, as well as anything from Beardbrand. Oil can keep your hair and skin hydrated which promotes healthy growth.

7. Keep Your Beard Healthy

After you’ve got your beard just the way you want it, keep it looking great with a regular grooming regimen. Thad Forrester, master barber, recommends these routines

  1. It should be washed at least twice a week.
  2. After getting out of the bath, moisturize your beard with beard oil
  3. Everyday, shape and brush your beard
  4. Trimming should be done 1-3 times per week. Keep your hair tidy by looking for long stray hairs.

It is very easy to grow a beard. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, let it grow. Do not believe any sales pitch about a beard growth regimen, supplements, or one magic bullet. Do you want your silver bullet? Wait for your silver bullet to arrive. That’s it.

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