woman in green jacket stands and pose on street

Steps to Get More Out of Your Wardrobe

woman in green jacket stands and pose on street

Did you ever buy something and then wear it only once? This is easy to do when you’re overwhelmed with choices and impulse purchases. It might be time for you to reconsider your shopping strategy if you find yourself in a situation where your wardrobe is overflowing and there are no clothes to match it. Over the years, we have been able to narrow down our shopping strategy to identify the items that will be worn multiple times. It’s important to not buy something that is a one-off deal. This is what we should use when we consider buying something.

Keep it neutral

Try to keep staples such as coats and dresses in neutral tones. For dresses, always choose a little black, white, denim, or khaki dress. Black is a versatile colour and we prefer it for a staple such as a coat or blazer. The everyday wear, such as tees and jumpers, is the basics. We prefer neutrals. A pink t-shirt can be fun, but we guarantee that a plain white tee will last more than a few uses. It’s much easier to keep your wardrobe simple and use muted colours than to experiment with bolder hues.

Purchase separates

Separates are a great option as you can mix and match them. You can wear a blouse or skirt made of silk in different ways, so it’s easier to mix and match. A lot of labels are now releasing matching separates that look great when worn together.

Be bold with statement pieces

You might want something that is a little more striking than your usual outfit. A jacket or coat can be worn over a dress to add some style. People will remember if you wore a bold dress, but they won’t notice if it was paired with a striking jacket. We like pieces with personality and that stand out. However, outerwear is the best way to make sure you get maximum wear.

Do not be a slave of the latest trends

Each season has many trends. You don’t have to follow every trend. A great jacket or other small accessories can help you incorporate a trend into your outfit. If you are looking to go retro, you can buy one trend piece like a pair of flared pants. You don’t have to look like you just stepped out of Saturday Night Fever. Trends will change so be mindful of your surroundings.

Don’t embellish too much

Avoid embellishing your pieces if you want them to last year after season. It can be difficult to match a garment with other pieces in your wardrobe if it has too much detail. It also makes it more difficult to identify the garment so that it can be worn multiple times. Look at celebs who wear the same outfits over and over again. They are always wearing simple, streamlined pieces.

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