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How to clean make-up out of clothes

women's red and white floral dress

We’re all familiar with the anxiety of trying to remove makeup from clothes after a foundation spill, lipstick smudge, or a misaligned hand-eye coordination error that leaves traces of liner. The precision of creating the perfect makeup look is important, but the frustration of foundation slipping onto a white top or black mascara smearing lashes onto a brand new dress can make you feel self-loathing.

You can enjoy a calm makeup process and not worry about permanent stains. It is important to find effective cleaning solutions before you start washing your clothes. We have some tricks and tips to help you get your makeup off clothes quickly.

It can be difficult to get makeup off clothes. These are some quick and simple ways to get rid of makeup quickly so you can avoid permanent damage.

  • Talcum Powder and Cornstarch

A great way to remove makeup stains from clothes is to use cornstarch or powder from home. Then, rub it on an oil-based makeup spot. Be generous with the application of powder and leave it on for about half an hour before shaking the garment. The stained clothing can be sent to the laundry pile and should disappear within minutes.

  • Water

The easiest way to get rid of makeup on clothes is to run to the nearest restroom sink or grab a water bottle and immediately treat the stain. Water is better to use immediately, and the longer the stain stays, the more it will stick to clothes. To ensure quick cleaning, you can throw any residues in the washer as soon as you notice them.

How to Get Stains out of Clothes without Washing

You can save your favorite top from a terrible makeup spillage, whether it be a lather or lipstick, but you need to act quickly and think fast. Permanent stains are caused by the makeup spillage that sets over time. While you may not have the most powerful tools, there are some ways to prevent the stain from setting in and save your clothes. These are some DIY methods to get rid of makeup on clothes without washing them.

  • Scrape & Ice Cube

To ensure that your makeup does not leave behind a nasty residue, you must immediately scrape off any excess makeup using a spoon or similar. The stain will be more difficult to remove if the makeup is not ground up. You can remove the stain using a sanitizer. You can dry the area with a paper towel and then blot it again.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Grab a bottle isopropyl alcohol from the medicine cabinet to quickly clean up makeup spillages on your clothes. To stop alcohol from seeping through the fabric, place a piece of paper underneath the garment. The alcohol should start to disappear as soon as it touches the stain.

How to get foundation out of clothes

Foundation formulas will determine the best ways to clean foundation stains. Powder foundation stains can be relatively easy to remove, but oil-free or oil-based liquid foundations can sometimes prove to be difficult to clean up. It can even leave a mark on your crisp white shirt, especially if you have a new white shirt.

Use Makeup Wipes to Instantly Remove Your Makeup

It’s not uncommon for foundation to get on your shirt or eyeliner to slip up on your cheeks while you apply makeup. Makeup wipes are available to help with the latter. The smears on the skin will quickly disappear, but makeup wipes can be applied immediately to your clothes’ fabric to remove it before it sets in your favorite clothes’ fibres. To avoid fabric ruin, use gentle rubbing.

Oil-Based Foundation Stains

There are many oils in foundation products, so it can be considered a grease stain. Grease fighters are a common ingredient in many home cleaning products. This can be very useful. Makeup can be removed from clothes by using grease fighters. Dish soap and washing detergent are two examples.

Before you apply the foundation, remove it without rubbing it into the fabric. Next, place it under cold water to dissolve the stain before it sets. Apply a few drops of dish soap on the stained area. Use a toothbrush to scrub it. Allow the dish soap solution to sit for between 20-30 minutes. Then, rinse the soap in the washer.

However, the problem is that any residual stains can set in the dryer and make it impossible to remove once dry. If the stain is still visible, make sure to double-check the garment before you put it in the dryer.

How to Remove Oil-Free Foundation Stains

There are foundation products that are not oil-based, and these foundation products are much easier to remove from your clothes. Water-based foundations are available that are transfer-resistant. This eliminates the possibility of your clothes or those of others getting rubbed off. Dish soap, together with alcohol or shaving cream, can be used to remove any remaining stain.

Use either dish soap or shaving cream to clean the stain. Let the product sit for a while to absorb the liquid. Rub the stain with the dish soap or the shaving cream to separate the fabric from the foundation. Rinse under cold water. If the stain persists, add some alcohol to the mixture and continue the previous steps until it disappears completely. Next, wipe the remaining foundation with a towel and give it a quick wash.

How to get rid of powder foundation stains

Powdered foundation can be spread easily around your clothes by loose particles. It’s important not to press it further. First, you should brush off as much powder as possible before washing it with cold water. Then, apply laundry detergent to the stain and rub it. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before putting it in the washer. Repeat the steps until the stain disappears.

How to get Mascara out of Clothes

Although mascara can be difficult to remove from your clothes because of its dyes, waxes, oil and pigments, it is not impossible. Because most mascaras are darker in colour, it is important to wash them immediately so they don’t spread or soak into your clothes.

A liquid laundry detergent containing enzymes and surfactant can be used to remove the mascara stain. Use a soft toothbrush to rub the detergent into your skin. After 20 minutes, rinse with hot water. Continue to wash your clothes as usual with warm water. If the stain doesn’t disappear, rinse it again and repeat the previous steps.


We can’t guarantee a flawless makeover every time, but we can tell you that there is a solution for nearly every problem. To avoid permanent damage, the best way to remove makeup from clothes is to act quickly. The best DIY solutions are those that you can do at home. It is more affordable than buying chemical-filled solutions at the store, but it is also more sustainable.

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