people standing near dress outdoor during daytime

4 Easy Ways to Elevate A Neutral Outfit

people standing near dress outdoor during daytime

Outfits that can keep people guessing and catch them off guard are what we love. The more unique and colorful they are, we are more likely to add them to our cart! Contrary to popular belief neutrals are just as appealing as more elaborate looks. It is important to style a simple black or white look with interest and flair. The best tips and tricks can make even the most basic pieces look extraordinary. Today’s post is about how to combine them to create an amazing outfit. Continue reading to see how we make neutral outfit look amazing!

The Pattern

We would recommend that you embrace patterns to make neutral outfits more interesting. A great way to elevate your outfit is to mix solid pieces with interesting designs. You can stick to classic patterns like houndstooth, plaid or stripe. You could also shop for more trendier designs. We are seeing lots of mod checkerboards this season and elevated animal skins. You can wear patterned pieces with any neutral outfit. You can pair a graphic knit top with a neutral bottom, or you could wear a pair of all-over printed pants with a solid top. There are so many options, so have fun choosing pop designs for your white, black or beige look.

Incorporate texture

To elevate neutral outfits, our first tip is to add more interest to the surface. If the entire outfit is flat, it is possible for the overall effect to look dull and boring. The outfit will look instantly better if it has texture or 3D embellishment. It is very easy to add texture to outerwear, as there are many options like faux-fur and shearling. Even if you are looking for a monochromatic look, adding texture to each piece helps to create balance.


To transform a neutral outfit into something fabulous, we can use different silhouettes. It creates an attractive look by having each piece drape at different lengths. One of the favorite combinations is a longline coat paired with a pair shorts. Contrasting the long outer layer with the shorter hemline of shorts or skirts, it emphasizes the pieces and creates an even more dramatic look. You can also reverse this neutral outfit tip by wearing a bra top with a wide-leg or maxi skirt.

Statement Accessories

A good outfit is only as good as the accessories it contains. Your favorite statement accessories can make neutral outfits pop. These accessories can be neutral but still pack a punch. A pair of great boots is the first thing we think about. A good pair of boots that go over the knee is our favorite. They are great for elevating a neutral outfit. A structured handbag, bold jewelry, or chic headwear can add an unexpected dimension to even the most basic look. You can also combine multiples of these statement accessories.

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