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How to copy Anne Hathaway’s Style

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Anne Hathaway is a budding fashion icon. If you had spoken those words five years ago, no one would have believed you. Are you truly a genius? She won an Oscar! Charming? It’s hard to believe that she and Mia Thermopolis, from The Princess Diaries, are the same person.

She proved us wrong at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Her stylist Erin Walsh helped her to create five stunning looks that were instantly recognizable. The Armani Prive white column skirt was her first and most memorable look. It featured a crop top with bandeau sleeves and a Bvlgari necklace. Next she was a retro Gucci girl wearing a textured mini-blue number and some stunning shades. After wearing a chic Louis Vuitton shirtdress and a colorful Schiaparelli pantsuit, she wore a Valentino hot pink gown.

What is it that makes these looks different from Anne Hathaway’s we are used to? Finally, she isn’t afraid of taking risks. After her role in The Princess Diaries, the star rose quickly to fame as a teenager. Hathaway was the embodiment of “the girl next to” in the aughts. Her fashion choices included romantic silhouettes, soft colours, and ethereal fabrics. With her faux royal family’s style sensibilities and grace, she quickly became the relatable lead every woman wanted to be.

Hathaway, however, was one of the first to be affected by cancel culture a few years later. The “Hathahaters” were a group made up of internet trolls who began to hate Hathaway in the early to mid-2010s. They called themselves the “Hathahaters” and criticized her fakeness and genuine demeanour. Hathaway, who was both her work and wardrobe, went into hiding regardless of whether the hate was justified. She was never able to stand out on the red carpets because she was afraid of being noticed. However, her fashion style did not inspire much attention.

Anne Hathaway, a mother of two children and nearing 40, seems to be fully in control of her life. In 2021, Anne Hathaway shared three stunning looks on Instagram to celebrate her cancelled premiere of HBO’s Locked Down. It has continued into 2022 with many notable looks worn at Cannes Film Festival and during We Crashed’s press days.

Her fashion renaissance is not without its merits. She loves to experiment with silhouettes, and she is a fan of bright colours. But her best attribute has to be her positive attitude. She is still the girl next to me, but she has evolved. She’s sexy, sultry, and can still smile big. She is comfortable in her skin and almost dares the world to say anything.

Even though the actor has access the best hair and makeup artists and stylists in the world, there are some tricks anyone can use to improve their style. There are three ways that you can take your wardrobe to the next level, just like Anne Hathaway.

Be gentle with your beauty if you are trying to be too dramatic with your look. That’s the way Hathaway looks effortless, even though she has thousands of dollars worth couture. Do not fuss about a complicated style or a long contour. Keep it simple with a light blowout and some lipstick.

Because it feels like Hathaway is wearing this look, it’s so popular. It’s a chicer, updated version of Girl Next Door. This matching set from Christopher John Rogers is joyful and youthful, and reflects Anne Hathaway’s bubbly personality. Think about the message you want to send and the ways certain patterns or colours can help you do that. Is it the old you or the new you?

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it’s important to not be afraid to fail. Hathaway is making headlines for trying something new and it is working in most cases. Begin small by trying a new style of top/bottom, then add some of your favorite pieces.

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