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What to wear for your first date

It can be overwhelming to choose the right outfit for your first date. You can feel confident when selecting the right outfit by planning ahead and taking some extra time to get ready. You can make a good first impression with some wardrobe planning and a relaxed attitude.

Plan ahead

Learn what the date involves. You or your crush will be planning your first date. Knowing what the date is going to bring will make dressing for the date easier.

You’ll be more comfortable dressing up for a classic dinner or a movie date if you wear nicer clothes. Discuss where you will be having dinner so you know how dressed you should be. Casual jeans with a tshirt or gym shirt are acceptable for a first date on a hike.

Go shopping

It’s okay to shop for your first date. Even though it is not necessary to shop, wearing something new will show that you have put in extra effort.

You can try on several options

Try on several options before you make a decision. You might be surprised at how different the outfit you imagined will look once it’s on your body. Dress up for the occasion.  Ask a trusted friend or family member to give you an honest opinion. You might want to have a few options for outfits for special occasions, in case the weather changes or something breaks.

Wear what makes you feel most comfortable

Nervous first dates can be stressful enough. Don’t add stress to the situation by wearing uncomfortable clothes. Wearing clothes that you love and are confident in will make you feel happier and more at ease.

Don’t wear tight, low-cut or see-through clothing if you don’t like them! Also, you should consider your movement. You should also consider your movement when you go horseback riding or ballroom dancing.

You should choose an outfit that is true to who you are

You want to be your best on the first date. However, unless you are going to a Halloween party with someone else, don’t dress as another person. You should wear an outfit that is true to your style.
You will feel more relaxed and your date will also be more likely to love you.

You want to impress your date but don’t try and appeal to their tastes. Do not try to be someone that you aren’t.

Your outfit should be clean

While you don’t have to buy a new outfit or fancy clothes to impress your date it’s important that your clothes look clean and neat. Make sure you do any laundry or repairs ahead of time. Be sure to remove labels and stickers from clothes you have bought. They can hide sometimes and you don’t want your date to find it while you’re out. Keep your outfit clean and neat by keeping any accessories in a bag inside your closet until you’re ready to wear them.

Practice your hairstyle

You will need to adjust your hairstyle depending on the date. To ensure your look matches your outfit, practice styling your hair a few days before your date. Don’t rush to style your hair before your date.
Makeup is something you should try on a few days prior to your date if you are planning on wearing it.
You will feel relaxed and more confident when you know how you want to do your hair or makeup.

Pre-date grooming is a good idea

While grooming is essential, it’s not enough to just do it for the sake of the date. You don’t want to look like a guy who breaks out after a shave, or a girl who looks a little reddened after a brow wax. Plan some pre-date grooming so you have plenty of time to recuperate and look your best.

You don’t have to look a certain way in order to impress your date. You are worthy to be loved for who you truly are.

Double-check the weather

Double-check the weather forecast for the date before you begin to get dressed. Even if you are going to be spending most of your time indoors, it is important to still get there. You will also need to make sure that your clothes stay clean and dry.

If it’s pouring, grab a raincoat. Or, if the weather is unseasonably warm, rethink your long-sleeved shirt or pants. Consider wearing boots if it is snowy or wet. Once you reach your destination, take your favorite pair of shoes with you. You can get an extra sweater, umbrella or raincoat for your date if you know their size. The sweet gesture will impress your date and show that you planned ahead.

Take a shower

Even if you aren’t running a 5k on your first date you will want to be clean and fresh when you meet up. First impressions can be more important than what happens later. You may need to take extra time to dry your hair before styling it.

You should allow yourself enough time to get dressed

Stress and anxiety can lead to a number of problems, such as a button falling off, a stuck zipper, or nylons getting soiled. It is better to be prepared early than to rush around because you are late. You can take your time dressing up so you are ready for any last-minute mishaps. Always have a backup plan. You can always put on another outfit if something goes wrong.

You can bring a change of clothes

Even if your plans include a luxurious dinner at a 5-star hotel or a performance by a ballet company, things can change. You and your date may have so much fun, that you decide to go for a walk or watch old movies all night. You should bring something comfortable so that you can go with the flow.

Double-check that everything is there

You’ll need to bring a bag or a water bottle for hiking in the state park. Make sure you have all the accessories that you need for a great date. In case of emergency, make sure you have your phone charged. You should always bring some extra cash in case things don’t go according to plan.

Don’t stress

While it’s normal for you to feel nervous and anxious about your first date, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the experience. Enjoy yourself and be confident in the choices you have made. Then, focus on getting to know your new partner. You may be so anxious that you cannot function, you might consider doing a relaxing activity like meditating or deep-breathing exercises before you go on your date.

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