people standing on stage with lights turned on during nighttime

How to Dress for a Nightclub for Men in 2022

people standing on stage with lights turned on during nighttime

Perhaps it’s your 21st-year-old cousin’s birthday that you are trying to avoid. Maybe you can’t let the good times pass. It doesn’t matter what, you will need to slip up to the velvet rope to impress the doorman without falling into a sleeper choke.

Nightclubs are very strict about their clothing standards and it can be difficult to leave with your pride intact after being rejected.

This guide will help you organize your wardrobe so you can tell your friends you went to a club like a cool, sophisticated cat.

A Blazer and a T-Shirt

It’s not necessary to wear a complete suit unless you are making a serious effort at Friday night kick-ons. They can be easily destroyed at clubs and are dry-cleanable only.

If you don’t have the luck to avoid a drunken sip, an accidental glass of red wine can become a costly error. Instead, opt for separates. It’s hard to beat a blazer with button-down, smart fitted chinos or dark jeans. Don’t tie the tie and don’t use your pocket squares as they can be used as tissue by drunken people.

A suit can make all the difference in a bar or club setting.

What color suit would you choose? A grey, black or navy suit is acceptable if you are going to a fancy bar. Separates in these colors will also work well. Your dress shoes should be in good condition. No tattered shoes starting your first day. If the weather permits, we’re talking about nice Oxfords, double monks, or leather loafers.

Wearing Black & White

Monochrome outfits look cool but dressing up like a floor worker is not. Black conceals sweat and other imperfections, but it isn’t very adventurous. It can also look sombre in such an informal setting.

You can add a white shirt to your black jeans and a navy or Khaki bomber jacket to replace the black jacket. To give your look more depth, you can also choose a button-up shirt with a monochromatic design like Harry.

You should also stick to a darker color palette when you go to clubs. In a darkly lit rave cave, a white blazer or chinos can be completely destroyed. You won’t be able to avoid any unfortunate stain. For summer parties, save the lighter colours.

The easiest combination? A light-coloured shirt with a black bottom. Depending on the event, you can finish this look with white sneakers or leather boots.

Wearing a Shirt

Clubs get bloody hot. Clubs are not well ventilated and often have a lot of sweaty people. No one wants to get out of six layers.

Keep things simple, cool and light. You’ll need pieces such as linen shirts, denim shirts and fitted crew neck tees.

You can choose the pattern and colour that you like, but we recommend staying away from polyester shirts. We prefer a tailored look. Tees can be worn casually so don’t go too big.

Expensive Brands

Put simply, don’t do it. Clubs are a place where many drunken people fight for space at the bar and in booths. These clubs are noisy and dark. People can quickly lose their ability to see the situation around them once they get started with cheap shots.

This setting is likely to result in the death of the Gucci bomber and Seamaster, as well as the Loro Piana super150 wool/silk-linen jacket. You don’t want to be disappointed if you wear your best gear and it is damaged in an accident. It’s dark and nobody can see you.

We recommend that you keep your personal style, but choose cheaper alternatives. You don’t have to wear your John Elliott jeans every day. Instead, you can opt for cheaper Nudies that will look as good as the Jeans but not be as expensive if they get stained.

Plain white tees don’t have to be A.P.C-branded. Don’t forget to hang the Burberry trench, or any other trench, in your closet.

Wearing button shirts with trousers in the club

A crisp button-down shirt and dark trousers or dark pants will usually get you through the strict dress code. You can’t go wrong with a plain oxford shirt, but you are free to experiment and create something unique to stand out from the crowd.

It is a must to tuck the shirt in. Some brands offer shorter cuts that can be worn untucked.

A button-down with a short-sleeve should be untucked. They are usually designed with this in view. Wear denim in a darker color if you are wearing it. Some venues will still not allow jeans. Smart wool trousers are an option in this case.

Leather boots in the club

Shoes are serious business. Closed shoes are the best. Loafers are subject to change depending on who is at the door and what the venue requires. Make sure you check before you go. Your suede shoes are not made to be worn with a dance move to the Bee Gees.

They are a nightmare to clean. After a night of chewing gum, puke, and spilled margaritas, they’ll be filthy. Let us persuade (heh) you against it. Your best bet? You can’t go wrong with polished brogues or Chelsea boots.

They aren’t too formal, but they don’t seem too quirky. They can be dressed up or down with smart chinos or denim, and you only need to give them a quick wash and conditioner the next morning.

Sneakers in the Club

Everyone loves a good pair of sneakers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into universal acceptance on the nightlife circuit. R&B and hip-hop venues don’t have as strict rules, but you might want to consider removing the sneakers if you plan on going to a few places.

Even if it was not an issue at the bar where they started, some venues won’t allow it. Your pristine white sneakers will turn into various shades of grey or green when you listen to Ed Sheeran’s disco remix.

You can save them for Sunday afternoons at your local or trendy hole in the wall bars that employ cleaners who take pride and joy in their work.

Wearing hats in the Club

You don’t have the right to wear a hat in public unless you are a bus driver, copper or other high-ranking official. Even trendy nightclubs have a ban on hats. So spending the night trying to get your hair out of your head after being told by the bouncer to take it off is not a great way to spend your night. Beanies are a no-no. A beanie will make you look bad at a club.

FAQ Men’s Night Club Outfits

  • What pants should I wear for a club?

You have the option of choosing from jeans, chinos, or trousers depending on your destination. Jeans are great for casual clubs, while trousers work well for more formal settings. Chinos are a good choice if you’re unsure what to wear.

  • What accessories can you use for clubbing?

Your accessories should be minimal. To add some interest to your outfit, choose a beautiful watch. A belt is a great choice if you plan to tuck your shirt in.

  • What should I not wear at a club?

Before you go out, be sure to follow the club’s dress code. Flip-flops and singlets are no good, but it all depends on the venue. You can play it safe and wear a semi-formal dress if you don’t know what to wear.

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