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How to Dress up for the Bar

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This article will help you find the right outfit to go out, regardless of whether you’re going to school with a large college bar or just a casual drink after work on Fridays. It can be difficult to find a bar outfit that looks good in a world full of jeans and crop tops. It can be nerve-racking when you see the dress code printed in bold and underlined. You’re probably not a freshman in the bars so it’s unlikely that you care about what others think. While we don’t think you should dress up like you’re going to the red carpet, but we do want you to feel confident in your fashion choices. You don’t have to look like everyone else.

  • Mix fabrics: Satin or leather fabrics can make us think of more formal looks. So if you want to wear your leather skirt with casual fabrics, the trick is to pair it up with a casual one. It could be cotton, linen, or your favorite jeans. You can use denim for all occasions, including night out in your local town.
  • Light colors: You can make your evening outfit more casual by wearing your most expensive clothes in lighter shades like white. A white silk camisole top paired with a dark-colored denim skirt looks great but is not too dressed up.
  • Sneakers: We love to wear white sneakers when an outfit seems too formal for the occasion. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes with your most expensive dress.
  • Bright accent pieces: Summer months are associated with colors, which tend to be more casual. Therefore, if you wear a black outfit, adding a color will make it look less sophisticated. You can give up elegance for a more exciting look that will make everyone love your outfit.

These are some examples of what you can wear to a bar with different levels of casual.

1. Trendy Take on Casual Bar Outfit

Tan with white is a great way to make it feel cool and playful. If you are looking to make it more sophisticated, black with tan instantly makes it look elegant.

A pair of brown leather pants and a white top is a great pairing. To complete the monochrome look, add a brown accessory and some silver jewelry.

2. Cute Bar Outfit

A pair of knee-high boots and a skirt is a great combination. The combination can feel a bit too formal, so either the skirt or the boots should be made from a more casual fabric (like cotton skirt). You can keep the black look going by adding a bag or a bright top. The deep blue is both night-time appropriate and bright. Add some gold jewelry to complete your look.

Pro tip: Make sure your boots are comfortable. You want to be able to move from one bar to the next at a moment’s notice.

3. Jeans for Casual Bar Outfits

Jeans are a great choice when it comes to what to wear to bars. It’s all about styling, even if you don’t want to be boring. This doesn’t mean you have to layer feathers and layers like a Kardashian. An outfit for a casual bar with jeans can be simple, but still unique. A leather top or bustier can make your jeans look trendy. This combination can be paired with your favorite black boots and a black belt. You can instantly make your outfit stand out with a bright accessory. Bags can make any outfit look completely different! For the final touch, add some glam jewellery and you’ve got the perfect bar outfit.

4. A Dressy Bar Outfit

An all-leather look may seem a bit too Gigi Hadid when you’re out at the bar on a weekend. You can style your favorite leather skirt with a ruffled top, which adds a playful, vibrant tone to your outfit. To make your outfit stand out, but still blend in with the dress code, add a white bag and white sneakers.

Don’t be afraid to dress up, as it’s not you who’s too dressed, but everyone else. We can assure you that if you feel confident in your outfit, you will soon be the trendetter at the bar. Everyone will wish they had worn the outfit that they really wanted.

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