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What is French Makeup and How to Do It

woman in white long sleeve shirt

French women are effortlessly elegant and flawless because of something about them. It could be that Parisian women aren’t looking for perfection in their makeup. They rely on makeup to enhance their natural beauty. They prefer to keep their makeup simple and quick. They believe that less is more and it helps them achieve a flawless makeup look, while still being able to embrace their imperfections.

We’ve compiled some French makeup tips and a tutorial to help you understand the process. Also, we have a selection of favorite makeup products from French brands. Continue reading to learn how to create the timeless “I woke awake like this” makeup look.

French Makeup Tutorial

It’s all about finding the right balance when it comes to French makeup rules. The balance between a heavily colored lip and neutral eyes is achieved by pairing dark eyeshadow with neutral colors. French women prefer to look classy and natural. Their makeup is never drab or cakey. This is how to achieve their flawless look.

All you need:
  1. Lip balm
  2. Eyelash curler
  3. Eyeliner pencil in brown
  4. Mascara
  5. Concealer
  6. Highlighter
Step-By–Step Natural French Makeup Tutorial
  • Step 1: All in the Prep

Cleanse your face first, then apply a toner. To make your pout and face look healthy and fresh, apply a mild moisturizer and a balm to the lips.

  • Step 2: Curl your Lashes

Natural lashes can make your eyes look more beautiful. To enhance the space between your top and lower lashes, curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. Mascara can be applied to the top and bottom of your lashes.

  • Step 3: Groom your Brows

To give your eyebrows a neat, clean look, use a spoolie to apply a brow product. Brows are a key part of any makeup look.

  • Step 4: Concealer

Apply a concealer that is dewy and in a color that matches your skin to areas that require coverage. To achieve flawless, natural coverage, blend it well. French makeup is all about minimalism. You don’t even need to use a brush. This look can be achieved with your fingers.

  • Step 5: Get the Glow

To make your features stand out, gently apply a light balmy highlighter, with minimal shimmer, to your cheekbones and Cupid’s Bow, as well as your inner corners. You will also get a radiant glow from the highlighter.

Voila! This is the final look for a French girl.

Because of their differing approaches to beauty, American and French makeup styles are often compared. You can see how they differ in the next section.

American vs French Makeup Routine

The American makeup routine is focused on perfection, while French makeup trends are more relaxed. American women tend to be more focused on quick fixes than French women, who see beauty as a long-term investment. They are more concerned with skin care at a young age and don’t like spending hours getting ready for an event. Their style is quieter and less flashy.

The French prefer a simpler, more natural approach to beauty. A French woman will not talk about how many hours she spent on a hair-do. She almost always wakes up with perfect, tangled hair.

Below are some beauty tips to help you achieve Parisian chic.

Beauty Tips from French Women
  • Skin Care is First

French women believe that glowing and healthy skin is a key part of their beauty routine. It’s the French way of living. They pay attention to the preparation before applying any makeup. They also adhere to a strict nighttime cleansing routine, and use an SPF.

All of this begins at a young age.

  • Simplicity is the Key

French women aren’t known for spending a lot on too many products. They only buy makeup and skin care products that work for them. Their vanity won’t be cluttered with four types of foundation and contour palettes.

  • The Red Lip

French women are known for their bold red lips. They don’t usually wear any makeup when they have a red lip.

  • No to Contouring

For the average French woman, contouring is too much. They prefer to let their natural contours and skin shine through, even if there are wrinkles or fine lines.

  • Perfection is never the goal

French women are so charming because of their nonchalance. They don’t care about appearing too well-dressed. Their hair is not always perfectly arranged and they enjoy showing off their unique features, such as their freckles.

This was our take on French makeup and beauty.

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