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How to Review Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe (2022 Edition)

blue red and orange textiles

Dressing up for winter is all about covering up and protecting yourself from the cold. Long gone are the days of short-sleeved tops. Instead, embrace chunky knitwear and cashmere scarves which perfectly combine thermal protection and fashion.

Fashion is constantly changing, it’s true. Fashion aficionados are constantly tempted to update their wardrobes and keep up with fashion trends. There are wardrobe staples that will not go out of fashion, and trend-led pieces may only last for a few seasons. A functional winter capsule wardrobe allows you to choose a few high-quality pieces that will last the test of time, rather than overloading your wardrobe with fast-fashion, unsustainable pieces.

It is possible to invest in higher quality, long-lasting items by focusing on a small number of versatile items. This reduces the number of items needed over time and encourages more eco-conscious shopping. We have created a winter wardrobe that is minimalistic, stylish, and warm. This list includes essential winter accessories and jackets. It will inspire you to create a range of outfits for your capsule wardrobe.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Thick Outerwear

These essential winter necessities are why we started this list with fashionable, but functional outerwear. Winter cold is a natural phenomenon, but with the right jackets and coats you can keep it from becoming too much. It’s important to have thick outer-layers for winter. They will provide insulation and protection from freezing winds, heavy rain, and other cold weather. We’ve compiled a list with timeless and essential outerwear that can be paired easily with this minimalistic wardrobe.


This jacket is a must-have winter wardrobe item. A reversible Spanish Merino shearling jacket that will provide warmth and style. Two sides are featured – one made of smooth suede, and the other with sheep’s fur. Shearling is sheep’s skin that’s been recently shorn. Shearling is elegant on the outside, but soft and supple on the inside makes it a great addition to any winter capsule wardrobe. The black shearling jacket from Reiss can be worn with a wide range of outfits and is versatile and neutral. The soft, warm Merino wool makes it a winter staple that provides warmth and protection against harsh weather.


The puffer jacket is synonymous with warmth, protection from the cold and winter elements. Puffer jackets are characterized by a quilted design and synthetic insulation. They provide warmth without sacrificing style. But it’s their versatility, durability, and timelessness that make puffer jackets a great choice for capsule wardrobes. These quilted winter jackets are versatile and can be worn up or down with many different bottoms. Balmain’s puffer jacket is particularly stylish, with its stunning monogram-print and embossed gold-tone buttons. It also features a funnel neck for extra insulation. Although it is a bit pricey, this jacket will be timeless and an excellent investment piece.


Rainy weather will only increase with the beginning of winter. A raincoat is a must-have. A raincoat is an easy way to keep from getting soaked, especially on sunny days. It also provides protection against the wind and keeps you dry. The classic, vanilla-coloured raincoat is available in a classic design and a neutral color for versatility and timelessness. It is also made from 100% polyester, which is well-known for its water resistance. This will ensure that the wearer is kept dry and protected from the elements.


A felt coat can feel like manna in heaven on cold winter days. Felt is a lightweight, durable fabric that is extremely insulating. It is why a wool felt coat should be a staple in every winter wardrobe. Michael Kors’ black mid-weight belted wool blend felt coat is comfortable and relaxed. It can be paired with any base layer. This coat is spacious enough to be worn over blazers and chunky knitwear. It can also be used as a layering piece.


Another essential winter wardrobe item, a parka, is practical and warm. It’s perfect for keeping out the cold. A parka is a classic winter style with a built-in jacket, pockets, and faux fur lining. FatFace’s khaki parka is available in both a neutral and camouflage-green (as well navy), which can be paired with many items. Its simple, straight-forward style makes it easy to wear, while remaining timeless.


The iconic Teddy Bear coat is a result of this! The Teddy Bear coat is a timeless winter staple that’s both stylish and warm. MaxMara’s teddy coat is made from luxurious camel hair and silk wool. It feels soft and snug, and it is very comfortable. Its classic cut and neutral camel colour make it an ideal winter wardrobe addition.

Chunky Knitwear and Blazers

It is essential to have a variety of warm fleeces, chunky knitwear and stylish blazers for cold days. It is possible to create many looks that are both elegant and well-suited for the elements by using a handful of top-quality items. This list includes everything you need to have a winter wardrobe that lasts.


Blazers are a staple for women’s fashion. A blazer is one of the most versatile and timeless pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. It can transform casual outfits into chic looks. Balmain’s stunning, double-breasted Balmain blazer is a statement piece that can last many years if it is properly cared for. The blazer can be styled in black with gold-tone buttons.


Although a capsule wardrobe can be minimalistic, it’s important to have a range of textures and styles that you can mix and match. Reiss’s textured blazer in oatmeal offers softness, simplicity, and comes in a lighter shade. This blazer is a little more casual than the Balmain one, but it’s still as versatile and eye-catching.


Merino wool is a great option for adding warmth and style to your wardrobe. Merino wool is a natural fibre that Merino sheep grow. Its natural ability to regulate body temperature as well as its natural moisture-wicking properties are what have earned it a positive reputation. The elegant cardigan made from Merino wool cream ribbed is a layering piece that can be worn with a variety of other items. It also adds warmth to your winter capsule wardrobe.


Both fleece and hoodies are essential winter wardrobe items. A capsule wardrobe should have a combination of both. While fleece can be made from synthetic fibres like polyester, high-quality fleece is typically made from pure cotton. It offers superior insulation as well as softness. Two fleece hoodies caught our attention.

The first is an off white, fleece hoodie made of 100% organic cotton. It has a timeless design that ensures comfort and style. The second, a vintage black hooded sweatshirt that can be worn with your favorite pair of jeans.


A cashmere turtleneck is a must for winter capsule wardrobes that are built on style and insulation. Cashmere is made from fibres from pashmina goats and cashmere. It’s renowned for being luxurious and durable and feels amazing on the skin. This cashmere turtleneck offers warmth, winter protection, and the pop of colour every wardrobe deserves.

Base Layers and Tops

Base layers and tops make up the core of any capsule wardrobe. A base layer that is insulating can make the difference between feeling warm and cold. On the fashion side, a neutral-coloured base layer can be worn with almost any other item. We’ve compiled a list of top-quality base layers that are both essential and versatile.


It is essential to keep the neck warm during winter, especially when you are exposed to severe droughts. This stylish, seventies-inspired knitted roll neck has ribbed detailing at the cuffs and is ideal for keeping your neck warm. This timeless design makes it a winter essential! For a variety of looks, pair it with blazers or chunky cardigans. You can also get it in camel and rich red shades.


The bodysuits are easy to tuck in and have beautiful lines. The Maison Margiela bodysuit is in a neutral beige to keep with the capsule wardrobe’s principles.


There are many bodysuits that can be used all year, from thinly knitted to long sleeves. However, this Merino wool turtleneck is made to withstand the cold and harsh winter months. The black Michael Kors bodysuit is made from a superior material known for its insulation qualities. It’s a flattering addition to a minimalistic wardrobe.


As part of the overall design, the pussy-bow blouse includes a large “pussycat bow”, which is usually tied under the neck. The classic symbol of feminine elegance, the pussy bow, dates back to 19th-century France. The safari brown, pussy bow long-sleeve blouse by See by Chloe is a wardrobe staple that’s both stylish and timeless. It pairs well with jeans or trousers and can be worn as a winter-appropriate and sophisticated outfit.


While a blouse is essential for formal occasions such as dinner parties and work, it’s also important to have a casual option that you can wear for everyday use. This zip neck overshirt is ideal for this purpose. The over-shirt has a relaxed silhouette with a gorgeous texture feel. It is perfect for days when comfort is important, but without sacrificing style. This over-shirt is perfect to wear under a bodysuit, but thin enough that it can be worn underneath a thick sweater. Layering is key to winter wardrobes!


White is timeless because it can be paired with every shade and has a chic appearance. Wolford is well-known for making high-quality garments. This Wolford bodysuit is no exception. It is made from a fabric that provides warmth and comfort that’s perfect for winter. This item is both elegant and comfortable, making it a great addition to our winter wardrobe.

Jeans, Trousers & Leggings

A winter capsule wardrobe should not be complete without a selection of bottoms. You can create a range of fashionable outfits for every occasion with a selection of wool trousers and denims. This is our winter must-have list!


While many people consider linen to be cool, it is actually made of hollow fibres and can regulate body temperature. It keeps the wearer comfortable in the summer and cool in the winter. These linen-wool pants make a great winter item. Their natural insulation capabilities and chic design give them the versatility you need in a capsule wardrobe.


Comfortable blue jeans are a must-have! It is hard to find a more popular clothing item, and its utility is unmatched. These jeans can be worn in many different styles and are a timeless choice.


Black faux-leather leggings offer the perfect combination of style and comfort. They should be a part of every capsule wardrobe. Faux-leather leggings are a more sophisticated option than traditional leggings. They cater to the leather-look trend, and can be used as a way to add ‘leather” into your daily wardrobe. It’s easy to style leather leggings if you treat them as a pair of jeans. The classic black color and leather-like texture give leather leggings a sophisticated and stylish edge.


The flared trousers have a sophisticated, wide-leg silhouette and thick, warm fabric made from grain de poudre virgin wool. They are also winter-ready. The trousers can be styled with a stylish bodysuit or fitted turtleneck, thanks to their neutral black colour.


The Milano Pant is a modern take on classic cigarette-style pants. The Milano pants are tailored and elegant, making them ideal for formal events where one wants to be at their best. Givenchy’s red Milano knit trousers are a great addition to your winter capsule wardrobe. They also add an extra layer of colour and elegance.


As we said with the tops: While smart, elegant pants are great for formal events, we sometimes just want to throw on a pair loungewear pants and feel totally relaxed. The loungewear pants, which are in keeping with the athflow trend, can be paired with a comfortable body suit, white sneakers, and a teddy bear jacket for those times when you need to get outside.

Winter Dresses & Skirts

Winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be full of dresses and skirts – especially not when it is cold outside! A few good-quality dresses and skirts can be styled well for a variety occasions. Choosing thicker, more protective materials makes them great for winter, especially if they are paired with tights or stockings.


Jumper dresses combine the warmth and femininity of a jumper with the elegance of a gown. Fabiana Filippi’s sophisticated design is made from a warm blend of cashmere, silk, and virgin wool. For a stylish and snug look, pair it with knee-length boots and a thick jacket.


Midi dresses can be worn for any occasion, formal or casual. A midi dress is a great choice for busy women who are always on the go. It can easily be transformed from day to night with just a quick footwear change. The knit dress is made from a white, breathable cotton mix that feels soft and warm and looks chic.


Tweed is a softly woven fabric made from high-quality wool. Although tweed was originally popular among British gentlemen, Coco Chanel made tweed fashionable for women’s wear in 1920s. Tweed dresses are both stylish and practical and can be used in winter. It can be worn with either a bodysuit or a tailored shirt with white sleeves. Black tights and boots are also options.


High-waisted skirts look elegant and sophisticated. Add tweed to the mix, and you’ll have a stylish item you can be proud of. The Gucci skirt is exquisitely rendered in soft yellow, which can be matched with a wide range of colours. It is the classic design and traditional tweed fabric, however, that make this a great capsule wardrobe item.


The pencil skirt is a timeless item that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Since the 1950s, pencil skirts have been a staple in every wardrobe. They are designed to highlight the waist and curve the hips. Manning Cartell’s design is in a soft, beige color and a warm cotton-nylon blend. This will be a great addition to your wardrobe during winter.


A classic maxi skirt is elegant and timeless. A long skirt is a stylish addition to a minimalistic wardrobe because it can be matched with any top or shoe.

Winter Wardrobe Essential Accessories

Accessories are essential for winter. They can be used to keep you warm and also elevate your outfit. You can feel as well-put together and warm as you are with just a few high-quality accessories. Our list includes timeless bags and cosy hats, as well as winter essentials that no capsule wardrobe should be without.


Even with layers of thick jackets and warm sweaters, it’s still possible to feel cold even when you have a warm beanie. The cashmere beanie, made with the best Mongolian baby goat cashmere, provides superior insulation.


Blanket scarves are gaining popularity in fashion. The versatile piece can be worn as a blanket or over base layers. It is also able to be draped over a blanket indoors. Although this Loewe piece is not cheap, it will last a lifetime if added to any wardrobe.


It is well-known how painful it can be to feel cold fingers and hands in winter. These gloves look great and are practical as well. They are made from soft brown leather and warm cashmere. The gloves are a must-have for winter.


Belts can be used to hold clothes up and highlight the waist. They are also stylish and functional. A durable leather belt is a great way to dress up a boyfriend jacket, add style to oversized shirts and highlight high-waisted jeans with eye-catching details. This leather belt can be found in neutral shades that match almost everything on the list.


Every woman needs a reliable tote bag to store her belongings. Saint Laurent is known for producing high-quality items with Parisian sophistication. This leather tote bag in dark beige from the brand is no exception. The bag is perfect for our winter capsule wardrobe, as it fulfills both functionality and style.


A gold chain adds elegance to any ensemble, no matter what it is. This gold chain is easy to match with other pieces in the winter capsule wardrobe. It’s an investment piece that will never go obsolete.

Winter Shoes

The shoes define the outfit! Shoes are the key to any outfit. A pair of heels can transform casual jeans into something more formal. Converse trainers can be worn with casual jeans to make them look smarter and more dressy. A good selection of winter-appropriate shoes will complement your favorite looks while keeping your feet warm.


This season, lug-sole shoes are a hot trend. These rubber soled boots are very comfortable and easy to wear, regardless of whether they are trendy. These boots are stylish and offer extra warmth protection.


A #outfitoftheday may require smart, comfortable shoes that can be worn every day without tiring the feet. The biker boots look more stylish than your typical Chelsea boots, but they are just as winter-appropriate. They are made of thick black leather with a rubber grip and look great.


A good pair of white sneakers is a must-have for any wardrobe. Sneakers are versatile and can be worn with any outfit. We chose a pair of sneakers with a chunky rubber sole for a timeless look that can withstand winter’s wet.


It is important to be ready for any type of weather in winter. A pair of snow boots can be laced up to keep your ankles supported, dry, and warm on snowy days. The pair of snow boots, with soft faux fur trimmings and all-white front lacing, will fit well into the winter capsule wardrobe. They can be paired with leggings and jeans alike.


High-heeled pumps can elevate any outfit. However, the classic pumps can leave your feet exposed to the elements in winter. Casadei’s asymmetrical, high-heeled pumps are chic and offer more coverage thanks to their thick leather exterior and unique design.


Stiletto boots, which are knee-high and high in the heels, can be a great way of elevating an outfit while keeping your legs warm under a thick layer leather. This capsule wardrobe’s distinctive croc-effect boots add a unique touch of individuality to it.

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