woman in white bridal gown

How to Choose the Perfect Neckline

woman in white bridal gown

We face many choices as women. What is the right amount of shoes? How do I wear my ankle boots outside of the house? Today, however, we will be addressing necklines. Crew, scoop, boat, v–neck, turtleneck and halter.

Although necklines are in fashion all the time, we’re not seeing one style dominating the trends. Because they know their customers, certain stores stick to the same formula. Jacqui E, for example, loves the V-neck because it is a product they love and know their customers also love it.

  • V-Neck

Let’s get it out of the way. A V-neck will flatter a large bust. As a personal stylist, I have found that women with larger busts would prefer to appear smaller. This is what a V-neck does.

A flattering neckline is key for large busts. It should be shorter than the distance between the chin and the bottom of your bust. This will make a bigger bust appear smaller and more balanced. Because there is no skin between the chin and the boob, a high neckline such as a crew neck can make the bust look lower. Does that make sense?

The V-neck’s great feature is that it can be worn by women with a smaller waist or a larger stomach. The V-neck draws the eye up and visually points to the shoulders. A wrap style is a flattering choice for large busts and stomachs.

  • Crew neck

The round neck works wonders for small busts, unlike the V-neck which is great for large boobs. For the opposite reasons, a high neckline with rounded edges creates the illusion that your bust is larger and more round. A high neck sleeveless top is a great choice if you have a small bust and are wide-shouldered. It accentuates your bust and shows off your shoulders.

A turtleneck is the same thing as a crew neck. You should be cautious if your bust is large, but it’s great for smaller busts.

  • Boat Neck

This classic neckline is timeless and always in style. This neckline is sleeker and more elegant than its round-neck sibling and works well for small busts (especially when you add a horizontal stripe). Boat necks are great for narrow shoulders as the horizontal line that runs across the shoulder bone visually points towards the shoulders. If you have narrow shoulders, add a stripe.

  • Grab Neck

The scoop neckline is similar to the V-neck but is more flattering for larger busts. It is feminine and sexy. A scoop neck can be a great way to draw attention to your assets, especially if you have a beautiful decolletage. As long as the scoop is not too deep, even small busts will work it. The scoop should be very deep and low to make the boobs look smaller. A V-neck is better for larger stomachs and more fuller figures than a scoop. A scoop has a more round silhouette, whereas a V neck creates slimmer angles.

  • Halter Neck

Avoid halter necks if you have large upper arms. If your upper arms are a problem, the halter neck exposes the shoulders and upper arms.

Halter necks look great on people with narrow shoulders and slim arms who are lighter than their upper bodies. It draws attention to your best parts and away from your hips and thighs.

  • Strapless

Did you know that around 80% of brides will wear a strapless dress to their wedding? Yes, I am guilty of this (despite having worn a few strapless dresses before). Strapless is a difficult style that doesn’t suit most people. Big boobs, forget it. If you don’t have a good posture, toned back, small arms, and a small bust, then leave the strapless frocks to the kids.

  • Off Shoulder

The off shoulder style is definitely in fashion for summer 22. It’s a great alternative to the strapless. The asymmetrical neckline is very flattering and allows you to show off a little skin without feeling overexposed.

  • Cowl Neck

Cowl necks are feminine and create a soft drape which visually minimizes the bust. It’s important to not have too much cowl fabric. We want to reduce the bust, not add bulk.

Cowl necks are also great for those with a desire to conceal their stomach. This style is more suited for those with larger stomachs because of its interest in the neckline and drape.

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