How to choose the best cooling mattress?


It is important to consider how much spinal support your partner and you need. You should consider a mattress that has good motion control if you are very different in size, or if one of you is restless. You’re less likely to wake up when your partner is asleep, and vice versa. This will make it easier for you to have good relationships.

Consider the firmness of your mattress. Too soft could cause back pain. Too firm could make it uncomfortable to sleep on. The majority of mattresses that we tested were medium-firm. This was a good choice for our reviewer.

Take into account the bed base you have, and ask the mattress how it will match. While some mattresses can be adapted to all types of frames, others may not.

Look into the cooling effects of hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses that include springs have better airflow than those with just layers of foam. A layer of natural fibres on the outer layer will produce less heat than synthetics.

You can either check the trial period or see if you can try the bed in person. Although it might seem tedious, you will be richly rewarded by the time you spend choosing the right cooling mattress for your needs.

Your budget will also be a factor in your final decision. High prices don’t necessarily mean better products. Even though the prices advertised for the best cooling mattresses are often very high, there are many deals that offer huge discounts.

Keep in mind that not all mattress-in-a box can be resold after you return them. The 100, 200, or 365-night trial may sound appealing, but it can also lead to a lot of waste. Last year, more than 3 million mattresses were disposed of in landfills.


A cooling mattress is worth looking into if you love the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam or foam. The heat retained by foam mattresses and synthetic fibres can make them uncomfortable, making it uncomfortably clammy.

These cooling mattresses have layers of ‘airflow technology to improve air circulation. These mattresses often include graphite- or specially-formulated gel-enhanced foam layers. These are designed to draw heat away from the body, and/or absorb water (sweat). For better breathability, some have outer covers made of natural fibres like bamboo or cotton.

A cooling mattress is a better option if you prefer memory foam or foam mattresses but are prone to overheating.

However, it is worth noting that mattresses made from natural materials like wool, flax or hemp don’t require these cooling elements as they naturally regulate the body’s temperature and don’t cause excessive heat or sweating.


The manufacturers of the cooling mattresses that we tested did not recommend a mattress topper. Here’s what Musichayla, CEO of Sleep.8 UK, had to say.

“When using a mattress that has a cooling effect, it is recommended to forgo the use of a bed topper.” This is because the integrated cooling gel layer is the first layer underneath the outer cover of our Tech mattress. It allows air molecules to freely circulate through the cooling gel particles.

The mattress topper covers the mattress’ surface, blocking air molecules from passing through it and preventing cool air flow. The mattress will have a lower cooling capacity due to the topper’s barrier between the cooling gel and the air molecules.


Coolest cooling mattress for all types of sleeping positions

This hybrid mattress was just right for comfort. This mattress is designed to alleviate pressure points below the shoulders, hips, and legs. It promises better spinal alignment for all types. You can expect to get out of bed with no pain or aches, regardless of whether you are a side, back, or front sleeper.

This level of comfort is achieved by five layers of foam. One layer in the middle has 1600 micro springs and pressure-relieving foam. The support layer at the base has seven zones, and the top two layers are meant to draw heat away and improve airflow.

This mattress is great for pressure relief and heat control. It was extremely comfortable, did not wake up too hot and the aches were also relieved.

You can use it for traditional and platform beds, as well as box springs and divans. However, if you aren’t sure, you can get a year of trial with a long 365-night trial.

You can also keep the mattress forever if it is in good condition. Nectar will replace your mattress if it develops a manufacturing defect within the first ten year of ownership. After that, it will repair or replace it. You can rest easy knowing that it will last. This is part of an overall effort by the company to reduce its environmental impact. It is working to reduce its waste, from manufacturing in the UK to refurbishing and donating returns for charity.

Although the advertised price of this mattress is high, it is usually heavily discounted so you are likely to find a bargain. This makes it one of the more affordable options. Check out our updated guide to the best Nectar mattress deals to grab a bargain.

Premium cooling mattress

The Hybrid Luxe measures in at a luxurious 31cm deep and is Simba’s most luxurious mattress yet. It delivers. It is perfect in terms of firmness and pressure relief. There is also good motion control. As our reviewer experienced, any aches and pains that may arise from waking up on an old mattress might disappear.

Its ten layers are made up of three titanium micro-springs (three of which are aerocoil microsprings), which can adapt to your and your partner’s movements. These layers are sandwiched between support layers, and the brand’s trademark foam. It claims to have 30x more airflow than traditional memory foam. A mix of cotton, bamboo, and wool is the layer closest to the surface, which aids in breathability.

You will feel rested and tempered after using it. It is easy to clean because the top cover can be removed and washed.

The Hybrid Luxe is very heavy and difficult to maneuver. However, it has eight handles that make it easy to get it out of its box and into the right place. To keep it at its best, it needs to be rotated 180 degrees each season. It’s all about reducing heat-generating effects, which is what any cooling mattress should do. This was the case with the Cooling Mattress.

Simba is one the more eco-friendly options when it comes to cooling mattresses. Simba has a zero waste policy and recycles or reprocesses everything that is returned to it, including boxes and springs. Carpet underlay can be made from foam leftover from mattresses.

Although it is a more expensive option than the one offered by the retailer, you should still research the best Simba mattress deals before making your purchase.

Ideal for front sleepers

This was one of the softer options, and provided a comfortable surface for shuteye. It was also great for front sleepers as you can easily sink into it with some support. It is made up of 1000 pocket springs that are designed to minimize ‘partner disturbance,’ foam, and a gel-infused layer.

The fabric is hypoallergenic, making it a great option for people who are sensitive to allergens. It is a worthy contender because it is priced at the lower end of a foam cooling mattress.

You just need to do a 180 rotation. If you aren’t sure, you have a year to decide whether it’s right for you.

We slept well through the night, without feeling too hot. This is what you want in a cooling mattress.

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