woman in pink blazer wearing silver heart pendant necklace

Which Necklace Length Should You Choose?

woman in pink blazer wearing silver heart pendant necklace

Do you want to know how to choose the right length necklace or chain? What lengths of necklaces with pendants or chain necklaces are best for you? Are you simply unsure of the best lengths or types of necklaces for you?

It can be difficult to figure it out. We also know how important it is to get it right if you want to make an impact on style and look put together.

We created this length guide to help you choose the right pendant or necklace for you.

Scroll down for a table that will help you determine which length necklace or pendant will best suit your neckline and outfit.

Let’s get going…


There is a chart that shows the most common lengths for necklaces, pendants, and chains for women (the first picture in Google Search). This will help you to see where each length might fit on a woman’s body.

Remember that we all come in different sizes and shapes. We recommend that you measure yourself in front of the mirror to determine what size will work best for you.

A side note: You should always think about what is best for you when it comes to jewelry. This includes your personal style, build, colour, and so on. We also love people who break jewellery rules as they please!


The most popular length for necklaces is the standard (or princess) length. They can be worn in most situations and are usually 45cm (or 18″) long. This is the length you should choose if you are looking for a pendant or necklace to wear every day.

For lower-cut clothing, this length will sit over the neckline. It will also be visible above the collar of crew necked or other high-necked clothes. A pendant that is this long will be positioned in a pleasing V shape, which will frame your eyes.

A matinee necklace, usually 55 cm or 22 inches in length, is a good option if you’re taller or have a bigger frame.


It is easiest to measure an existing necklace, including a necklace with pendant or chain necklace, to determine if it suits your outfit. You can use a tape measure to do the trick.

You can measure your necklace from an existing necklace, or use string, ribbon, or a soft measuring tape to determine what will work best.

It will be easier to figure it out if you stand in front of a mirror. To get an idea of the lengths you will need, you might need to use a safety pin to keep them together.

Have fun trying on a variety of outfits. To find out which necklaces will go well with different outfits, you can test them all and see what is missing in your jewelry collection. For more ideas on how to mix and match your jewellery and your wardrobe, check out our 15 Top Jewellery Style Tips.

Remember that pendants are more likely to hang in a V-shaped shape than those with soft curves. To determine where the bottom of the pendant will rest on your body, you should consider the length of the pendant.


It’s a great way for you to improve your jewellery skills. Knowing what size necklace or chain will work best with the outfits you are wearing is key. To get an idea of the best lengths for which situations, check out our handy table on necklace styles. You can also check what looks good in real life by looking in a mirror.


Choker – close to neck – This length might not suit you if you have a bigger frame or don’t like tighter necklaces.
Standard (or Princess) – The collarbone. This is the most common length. This necklace will flatter most women and go well with any outfit that suits wearing a necklace. A necklace with a pendant that forms a V shape is likely to look great paired with a sweetheart, surplice, or v-neck.

Matinee – Between your collarbone and your bust. It can also be worn with many different outfits, such as business or casual wear. This length is great for wearing over collared shirts with higher necklines. This length is a good choice for taller people with a longer neck than the standard (princess length).

Opera – At the bust, or a few centimetres lower. This length is great for high necklines such as turtle necks and boatnecks. This length is also a great choice for evening wear. You may be able to wrap an opera length around your neck multiple times depending on your height and build to create a double stranded collar, or choker.

Rope’s length varies depending on how it is worn. A rope is any necklace that is more than an opera size. To form a double-stranded necklace, rope necklaces should be wrapped around the neck several times. They can also be folded in half and the looped end looped through to make a lariat.

Layering necklaces vary depending on the selection. Layering necklaces are necklaces of varying lengths, which are worn together in a group. You can wear them with many different necklines. It’s up to your discretion to choose what looks best and how to combine layered necklaces.

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