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When choosing the right waterproof jacket, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Sites use confusing lingo that can lead to confusion and make it appear as though a product has more specifications than it actually does.

It is important to determine the level of waterproof protection you require. There are many brands that offer coats with a degree of waterproof protection. This is sufficient for light rain, everyday activities and a quick trip to the shops. If you want to go on long walks, take off-road trips, and wear raincoats that can withstand heavy downpours, you will need a raincoat.

Sometimes, the most functional and practical rainwear doesn’t always look the best. This is why you should consider whether you are willing to sacrifice your fashion sense in order to obtain the highest level of protection.

A handy guide has been added to help you understand the terminology when shopping for waterproof jackets for women.

What is the importance of breathability? How can it be measured?

A jacket or coat that is breathable will ensure you don’t become too hot or sweaty. Waterproof jackets are particularly important because they often have finishes or are made of non-breathable fabrics. They can feel warm and make it sweaty.

Keep an eye out for:

  1. Eyelets are placed under the armholes to improve ventilation and breathability.
  2. Conceal vents are located in the back of jackets. They provide great protection against rain and offer additional ventilation.
  3. The fabric’s breathability is measured in g/m2/d. This formula is often found in product specifications. Pay attention to the number immediately preceding it. Breathability is not high for anything below 800. Medium breathability is between 800-3000, which is the standard for water-resistant, high-quality coats. It gives breathability while still protecting from the rain. High-end clothing that exceeds 3000 grams is considered high-performance and provides the best level of breathability. Breathability is measured by how much moisture or sweat the fabric lets through in 24 hours. This prevents you from becoming too hot.

We found that many brands did not provide breathability test results. However, coats with vents or underarm eyelets are good indicators of good breathability.

How do you know if a coat really is waterproof?

It is important to know the key phrases to remember when choosing the best waterproof jackets for women. First, be aware that waterproof can come in three types: water-repellent, water-resistant, and waterproof.

  1. Water-repellent: This is the area where water beads roll off the fabric’s top. It repels water but is not impervious to it like waterproofing.
  2. Water-resistant: It is made of fabric that is water resistant. This means water cannot penetrate the fabric’s top layers. It is not a hard barrier, but it does provide some protection.
  3. Waterproof: You should never let water through a waterproof jacket. However, you need to be aware of how waterproof the jacket is and what level of rain or water it has been tested for.

Look out for waterproof jacket test results when you read the specifications. This measurement is in millimeters. It refers to the water pressure that the coat can withstand before it lets in water.

A range of 1000mm to 3000mm has a low water resistance, which is why it’s not recommended for heavy showers.

A strong resistance is between 3000mm and 5000mm. This is the highest level of resistance you’ll find in both the guide coats and the main market waterproof jackets.

High resistance is what you should expect from rainwear experts.10,000mm is excellent level of rain protection, most likely from activewear/outdoor clothes labels or highly-specialized brands.

You should also be aware of the following:

Taped, sealed, or bonded seams – a seam is where two pieces are sewn together. If you see seams in your regular clothes, you would be exposed to the elements. Rainwear should have covered seams, or be bonded with glue.

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