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5 easy steps to build your confidence and take bold action towards your goals

person doing one stand

Many people believe that reaching our goals requires a series of big leaps of faith and scary moves. This illusion is created by the “highlight reel” world that we live in today. While it is possible to take huge leaps at times, the magic of this illusion comes more from the small steps you take every day. This is where the magic happens, whether it’s the small steps you take to reach your goal or the habits you create to build your confidence.

These are stepping stones that help us reach that bold, big action that propels us towards our goals. It is possible to build up to it. It takes practice.  What are some stepping stones that you can use? Every day, make one promise to you. Confidence in ourselves and in our abilities is rooted in self-trust, intuition and confidence. Trusting people who don’t keep their promises is not something we can wish. So why should we trust ourselves when we are constantly breaking our promises to ourselves? You need to trust your ability to make the right decisions and you will be able confidently to take the necessary steps to get ahead.

  • Keep your promises to yourself

You can build trust in yourself by keeping one promise a day, regardless of how small or large. This could be as simple as getting up at a particular time to get dressed, getting ready for work, and getting your laundry done. You can’t fail to follow through if you promise yourself you will do it. Although it may seem easy, these little promises to yourself each day will add up over time. You’ll be amazed at how quick you make decisions.

  • Always try new things

Our favorite confidence hack is to try new things frequently. You’ve probably thought “it would be cool if that” before. Follow your curiosity and try it! It can be daunting and nerve-wracking to try new things. Although no one enjoys being a beginner in anything, this gives you the opportunity to try a new skill or hobby and to feel proud that you tried it. You will find a new hobby that you enjoy and a skill you can use to improve your skills. If you don’t like it, then you now know and can cross that off your mental curiosity list. You put yourself out there and that’s something you should be proud of. Give yourself time to feel it after you have tried it.

  • Make a confident speech

Everybody needs a little bit of encouragement from time to time. Sometimes, it’s us who need to be the ones giving ourselves that boost. A confidence mantra is a great tool. As a quick confidence booster, you can repeat this phrase to yourself. It speaks directly to your insecurities and limiting beliefs. When we speak our mantra, we prefer to see ourselves in the mirror as if it were a conversation with a friend. By looking in the mirror, we can really cement our mantra in our mind. Mantra helps to get excited about taking the bold steps necessary.

  • Set up a feedback loop

It’s common to hear that even a smile for 10 seconds can make you happy. Our physiology can have an enormous impact on our mental health. Both directly impact the actions we take every day. You can try the Wonder Woman pose to feel more confident. This physiology will give you confidence. You should also ensure that your thoughts support you. Here you can either say your confidence mantra, or list three things that you are grateful for. You’ll find that you naturally change your physiology as a result of this. This feedback loop (physiology supporting you mindset supporting your physiologically) will be maintained if you do both of these things regularly. So you can feel confident throughout the day.

  • Make a plan

To make it easy to reach your goals, create an action plan. Knowing the steps that will get you there is the best way to boldly take action towards your goals. Make sure to include both large and small tasks, and give due dates. This will help you to know if you are on track for reaching your goal. This plan is particularly helpful if you feel overwhelmed. The plan will show you exactly what you should do, so you don’t have to think about it. It makes it easy to achieve your goals. Here are some questions to consider when creating an action plan.

  • What do I need to have done every day/week/month/year?
  • Are there any extra steps that I should take?
  • Do I have the skills to achieve this goal? If so, describe how you will develop these skills in your action plan.
  • Does my family need to support me? What is the best way to find that support?
  • Are there any other resources that I can use to achieve my goal? How do I get them?

It takes effort and time to build confidence. These habits may seem simple but they can have a huge impact on your confidence. You’ll feel more confident to take bold actions toward your goals… and in life!

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