person with black manicure holding white textile

How to make press-on nails to look natural

person with black manicure holding white textile

Although press-on nails are often criticized for appearing fake, we believe there are many pros to them.

These nails might be reserved for those times when you are unable to make it to the salon. However, fake nails can instantly give you longer nails and allow you to embrace the latest trends in nail art without causing damage to your nails.

Jennifer Lopez is a good example of this. When creating the most elaborate manicures for Lopez, Tom Bachik is her go-to manicurist. Take Lopez’s Superbowl Halftime Show crystal glasses nails and her New Years 2020 Versace logo manicure. You might be converted if you see J.Lo’s press-on nails.

There is a learning curve involved in applying press-on nails. Fake nails should look stylish and not corny. To make sure they look great, take a while to align them with your natural nail shape. Then, file them down and adhere them to ensure that they don’t fall off.

All things considered, press-on nails can look seamless and last for up to 2 weeks if applied correctly. We have some tips to help you get the best look.

Gina Ewards is a celebrity nail artist and KISS brand ambassador. She shares her tips and tricks on how to apply press-on nails and how to make them last longer.

Choose the right size press-on nail

You can feel like Goldilocks by choosing the right size press-on nails. There will be some that are too large, others too small, but there will always be those that are perfect. Edwards explains that brands often emboss numbers on each nail according to its size.

Edwards suggests that you should measure the nail from the left to the right nail groove in order to achieve the perfect fit.

Prior to applying press-ons, make sure you properly prep your nails

You may have heard that dry nails can lead to cracked nails. However, too much moisture is bad for fake nails. Next, you need to dry out your nails. Edwards suggests that you remove any oil from your nails to make it easier for press-ons to adhere. Some fake nails kits, such as KISS’ Impress Manicure, come with an alcohol preppad. However, you can also use a cotton round soaked into alcohol.

Do not forget the glue

Double-sided tape is usually included in most press-on nail packs. Use glue if you want your nail press-ons to last longer. Edwards advises that glue is used if you’re worried about nails falling off.

Pro nail artist says that glued-on nails can last up to 10 days. However, to ensure that fake nails last for a long time, Edwards recommends not soaking your hands in warmwater for 24 hours after application. Edwards says to let the glue and nail set and mold to your nails.

They will look natural

It is very important to get your press-on nails to stay on. However, you should shape your fake nails’ tips for a natural look. Edwards prefers to shape press-on nails before applying them. She says, “This allows you to see the continuity of each nail before it is applied.”

It’s just as important to know how to remove press-on nails as how you apply them

Although press-on nails can be less likely to cause damage than gels and acrylics, it is still important to use care when taking them off.

What is not to do? Don’t pull off a fake nail if one side is coming out. Edwards says, “Never ever pull off a nail tip.” This will damage your nails.

Instead, you can soak your nails with an acetone-based nail treatment that is infused with baby oil. Edwards recommends a simple kit such as KISS Quick Soak Off Removal System. It comes with soak-off caps as well as nail-shaped pads. She says that baby oil can be added to the nail to lift it off and prevent dry skin.

You now know the basics of applying fake nails. Keep scrolling to find the best nail presses to buy.

Dashing Diva Magic Press Sunset Breeze Press On Gel Nails

These stick-on nails come in a square shape and can be applied with no glue. The peach ombre nail design is perfect for those who love the gradient trend. If glitter is your thing, the sparkly nail art will be a great alternative.

Static Nails French 75 Reusable Manicure Set

The French manicure is back, in case you didn’t know. This press-on nail set makes even the most basic white tips easy to achieve. You get 24 reusable nails in 12 sizes. You can even reshape and paint them if you wish to personalize your French. Rainbow tips anyone?

Bella Nails Holographic Longwear Nail Press

Are you looking for long stiletto nails with a holographic look? Yeah, seems like a manicure pipe dream. This kit will help you achieve your manicure dreams without the need for expensive acrylics or gel extensions. Bella Nails’ set includes 24 nail tips and one tube glue.

KISS Full of Roses imPRESS Manicure

There are many manicure options with three complementary colors. You can use one color on each nail or mix and match the colors by adding an accent nail. Or you can do a trendy rainbow manicure. This kit contains a file, a wooden stick, prep pads and pre-applied sticky tape.

KISS Gold Finger Gel Glam 24 Nails

If you are prone to getting your nails messed up during DIY manicures, then press-on nails may be the answer. This matte red nail design is a great way to get the coffin shape you want without having to commit to it and waiting for them to dry.

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