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How one data-driven brand is looking to personalize your acne routine

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Many people think of acne during puberty as a difficult time. It is like a semester in high school. When breakouts start occurring in adulthood, however, feelings about acne change. Katrina Moreno Lewis describes that this shift was her “flip the table” moment. It was when she began to think about a skin-care system that was rooted more in data science.

When it comes to adult acne, the causes are similar to the ones that cause zits to crop up during our teen years. Hormones are the main factor that causes breakouts. This includes excess oil production, bacteria and inflammation. Hormones can be likened to a rollercoaster, causing a variety of changes. This is especially true for the skin. Hormones can be combined with stress and other external factors such as topical products and, to have a significant impact on oil production and trigger acne.

However, for those dealing with adult acne, the methods of treatment used during the teenage years often prove insufficient past the age of 25. What can you do? Finding the right product for you can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is where the new system comes in. It actually manages adult acne. To learn more about this unique approach, we spoke to Katrina Moreno Lewis, founder of the company.

What Is Kura Skin?

Kura Skin’s experts can track your breakout journey and create a customized routine that works for you. They take the guesswork out because there is no one-size fits all solution to acne. It doesn’t matter if you have hormonal acne from stress or your menstrual cycle, or if you are using the wrong products. Knowing the factors that impact your skin is key to creating a regimen that works.

 The beauty of this system lies in the personalization which is determined through a balance of algorithmic data and logic. You start by taking a quiz that asks you general questions about skin care and a few more that might surprise you. The questionnaire asks you questions such as “What zip code do most of your daily activities occur in?” Lewis states that climate is a major factor in the products you use. “From temperature to humidity averages to climate, climate has so many to do with what type of products your use.” Kura Skin experts take all factors into account when curating products. This ensures that every bundle is tailored to your needs.

How Is Kura Skin Different?

What makes this system unique is the curation process. Each customer has a unique set of products that are carefully formulated to address their specific acne needs. This holistic approach to acne helps create balance and prevent flare-ups. It’s why we include a personal instruction card with every routine curation. Lewis states that this card outlines the order in which you should apply each product in your routine curation, as well as how often we recommend that you use them. These are important details that will make or break your success in acne treatments. It’s easy to get too obsessed with chemical exfoliants, which can lead to worse situations.

The goal is to develop a routine that treats and manages breakout-prone skin. Kura Skin experts began to consider the products as systems. The products will complement each other when used in the custom system. We wouldn’t match you with a cleanser or moisturizer that contains high levels of salicylic acid. Lewis states that your skin would panic. Instead, the team searches for products that match your skin’s unique characteristics.

Kura Skin exclusively carries cruelty-free and reef-safe skin-care products that are free of ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and octinoxate. Lewis has a background in environmental history and wanted to focus on formulas and practices that make a positive difference for both people and the environment. She says that there is very little regulation in cosmetics, so it’s important to pay attention to what you put on your skin. Because what you put on your skin can be absorbed into the body. All current products are free from cruelty, but Kura Skin is moving soon to a completely vegan product line. She tells me that customers aren’t only looking for skin care products that deliver real results, but also care about sustainability and the impact of ingredients. This thoughtful approach has allowed us to grow our customer base. Acne is a common problem, but we can rest assured that a more holistic and data-driven approach has been implemented.

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