woman in white shirt with blonde hair

The debate about hair washing is settled by professional stylists

woman in white shirt with blonde hair

There are some questions that have a clear answer. However, how often you should wash your hair isn’t one of those. This age-old beauty question is based on many factors. These include hair type, styling habits, lifestyle, and even where you live.

This is probably why many people get it wrong. Your chances of success are reduced if you ask how often you should wash your hair, and get a “how long is a piece” type of answer.

We can help you with a set of solid guidelines. Your personal hair washing habits will be determined by your individual circumstances. These clear, easy-to-follow instructions are from professional hair professionals.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

It’s not a one-size fits all situation. It varies according to hair type, says Ricky Walters, expert stylist and owner at Salon 64. “Thinker, dry and dehydrated hair should be washed only once per week.” A light shampoo should be sufficient for those with thin hair. It’s important to balance your hair’s natural oils. Over-washing may strip your hair of their natural oils, while under-washing your scalp can cause it to become dry and brittle. Your hair should be somewhere in the middle between thickness and natural hydration.

Think about your lifestyle, not just hair type. You might love to sweat or work in an active job. Or maybe you live near the ocean and enjoy a wild swim. If any of these apply to you, how often should your hair be washed? They should be washed a little more frequently than if they weren’t. It is important to listen to your hair. You can learn a lot from trial and error. See how you feel after a few days of not washing your hair. Walters says that clients often wash their hair because they are used to it, rather than out of habit.

Is it unhealthy to wash your hair every day?

Yes, it can. Jay Birmingham, Celebrity hairdresser, says that it is not advisable to wash your hair every single day. Over-washing your hair can cause damage to your scalp’s natural balance. It can cause your hair to feel sensitive and inflamed. Overwashing can cause hair to become dry and brittle at the ends.

Switch to a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates if you have oily hair or are unable to bear the thought of your hair being unwashed for more than a day. Sulfates can be harmful to your hair, not because they are extremely efficient at dissolving oil.

Do you have a tendency to overwash? Washing less can be a good idea. Over-washing the wrong type of hair can lead to severe problems. Walters explains that fine hair can become flat, static and flyaway, and it will struggle to maintain a style or blow-dry. “Thinker hair will be more difficult to manage, dryer, frizzy, and unmanageable.”

There is also a danger of washing your scalp too often, which can be dangerous for scalp health and anyone trying to eliminate dandruff. Finding the perfect balance is key. You need to find the right balance. While you don’t need to wash your hair every single day, it’s important to keep it clean. Birmingham recommends washing your hair two to three times per week.


If you are used to having fresh hair, it can be difficult to wash less. You must train your hair. Birmingham says that you must be patient and understand that your hair may feel greasy at first. She recommends using your best dry shampoo before going to bed. Apply the shampoo to your roots and work it in gently with your fingertips. Leave it on for at least one night and then wake up the next morning with a fresh head of hair.

Birmingham suggests double shampooing on wash days. “You can really clarify and remove any buildup of styling products. If your scalp is clean, it’s better to wait longer between washes. Walters also says that shampoo choice is important. “Oily hair needs a volume or shine range. There’s no need for moisture as it tends to be more heavy. For hair that is prone or greasey, the golden rule is to not use conditioner near the roots.

Unwashed hair can be styled with ponytails or hair ups. This will disguise oil and make your hair last longer. Dry styling is a great alternative to bouncy blow drying. Walters says you can curl your hair with a curling iron, or wand for day-old hair to refresh and refine the style. The best hair straighteners are made with day-two hair in the mind. This will help you keep up with your shiny, new, less frequent hair care routine.

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